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Thread: The Last Poster Wins! [v23]

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    Yeah which I can understand. SuMo's anime was more on the silly side, which the animation quality very much reflects that. But they did have their serious episodes. The first Litten episode in particular is probably one of the most serious episodes I think in the pokemon franchise as a whole.
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    will Ash see Serena again in the new Pokémon Anime ??

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    Yeah some episodes can get really dark for sure. Just like some of the games. It takes the concepts of Pokémon to a whole mother level that some people don't expect from a "kids" show/game. Yeah it's not just for kids and that's been proven over the years.

    I expect Ash will see all of his friends again.

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    Plus... some of us who started playing as kids grew up by now. XD

    But hey, Pokemon GO did shoot down the "only a kid's game" perception. There was a while everyone was playing it regardless of age.

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