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Thread: The Last Poster Wins! [v23]

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    Twenty One Pilots' new album actually isn't bad.

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    /looks around

    WHERE AM I?! Have i started a cult?

    Edit: im caught up, im still going with the cult thing. Gather round my cult people persons

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    Quote Originally Posted by Victini View Post
    Oooh, how did you perform the dastardly deed this time? >:3
    A friend of mine tipped me off about her 10 AM class this morning so I walked in before the class started and chased her through the aisles. She got caught on a chair and I grabbed her.

    We're down to the final 11 now. There was a bloodbath leaving Student Senate tonight where three people got taken out. My "team" currently has the most remaining members, with 4 of us still standing. But we'll be knocked down to three by Wednesday because one of our members has another member of our "team" as an assigned target, so either he takes her out, or he lets the deadline elapse and gets out. Currently I have a similar situation, but for now I should be fine since I've already committed a murder for this deadline.
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