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Thread: [PXFIRE] Humor and Nonsense

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    Hello everybody! Here is my entry for this week :

    Though the parting hurts… The rest is in your hands!

    As Chloro the Chikorita and Bubble the Piplup were going to the Temporal Tower using the Rainbow Stoneship, they were still thinking about Grovyle’s last words. Of course, they missed their awesome friend, but they had to continue their adventure in order to avoid the Planet’s Paralysis.
    "For Grovyle, we must make it to the top of the Temporal Tower! Let’s go, Chloro!", Bubble declared, when they reached the Temporal Tower.

    In the tower, they had to battle against some powerful Pokemon. Suddenly, Chloro walked on a Grimy Trap, which turned one of the team’s Apples into a Grimy Food. As soon as the Chikorita touched that Grimy Food, his Dimensional Scream activated. He heard a voice saying : "When Bubble and you reach the top of the Temporal Tower, you will need a good strategy…". He also saw Grovyle, a Grimy Food and Primal Dialga. After emerging from the Dimensional Scream, Chloro told his partner about what he had seen and heard.
    "Let me think about that… Oh, I know which strategy we could use! I think it makes sense!", Bubble assured.
    Then, the Piplup whispered his idea to his partner, so that the wild Pokemon could not hear the plan.
    "That’s a brilliant idea! Bubble, you’re a genius! So, I have to keep walking on the Grimy Trap until all our Apples turn into Grimy Food, and then we will share and eat the Grimy Food just before we go to the next floor, in order to avoid the side effects of Grimy Food. Is that correct?", Chloro whispered to Bubble.
    "Yes, exactly. Thank you for giving me this idea through your Dimensional Scream!", Bubble replied in the same tone.

    After obtaining, sharing and eating all the Grimy Food, and after battling against very strong Pokemon in the Temporal Tower and the Temporal Spire, Chloro and Bubble finally made it to the top of the Temporal Tower. The tower was shaking, which meant that the Planet’s Paralysis was getting closer and closer.
    Suddenly, Primal Dialga appeared. They accused the Exploration Team of wanting to destroy the Temporal Tower. This is when Chloro and Bubble used the strategy that Bubble had figured out previously :
    "Please, Dialga, listen to us for one minute.", Bubble began.
    "Grr…", Primal Dialga growled.
    "Though the farting hurts…", Chloro continued.
    "THE REST IS IN YOUR GUT!!!", the partners screamed together.
    Then, Chloro and Bubble farted together very loudly. Their farts smelled terrible because of all the Grimy Food they had eaten. The smell was so awful that Primal Dialga ran to the inside of the Temporal Tower in order to avoid it. This allowed the Exploration Team to put the Time Gears where they belonged. Bubble’s idea worked and the planet was saved!

    Soon after that, the tower stopped shaking. Dialga, who was no longer Primal, thanked Chloro and Bubble : "Thank you for preventing the Temporal Tower from collapsing and the planet from getting paralyzed. Thank you for your courage. You managed to reach the top of the tower and you found a way to put the Time Gears in the slots while I was out of control. You are heroes. Thank you very much".
    Then, the legendary Pokemon added : "Now, I’m going to work on repairing the damaged Temporal Tower. However, I still can’t Bayleef that a Chikorita and his partner saved the world of Pokemon with their farts…".
    Chloro and Bubble laughed very hard, but the Piplup didn’t know that his partner was about to disappear…

    @Neo Emolga

    Special thanks to Fate for this cute avatar and this cute banner! :D
    Special thanks to N7 for this awesome Chikorita GIF! :D
    Part of the Sinjoh Duo with N7! :D

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    The best I got from mobile. :eyes:
    Me, replaying Explorer's of Sky or Red Rescue Team: I won't cry at the ending this time, I'm stronger than that now.
    Me, twenty hours later, at the ending:

    Also, in tune with the memes of today:
    *slaps Wigglytuff*
    This bad boy can fit so much unholy rage in it

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    YesssSSss, more victims people participated! You have earned your Overcoming Shyness badge!

    Results for Week #2 will be up later today, but it's time to get cracking on Week #3! This is your final week of humor, so we're going all out this time!

    WEEK #3 (JULY 9 - JULY 15)

    Very easy rules. Your entry, whatever silly format you want it to be, has to feature Pokémon PLUS ANY THREE OF THE FOLLOWING BITS OF NONSENSE devised by me. These bits of nonsense include:

    • Poisoned TV dinners
    • A game of musical chairs
    • Carnivorous plants that can also sing
    • Slimy aliens
    • Kung fu
    • Defending the farmstead from an angry, mutant group of screaming children with rabies
    • Millions Trillions of squirrels
    • Ridiculously high level mathematics
    • Exploding coffee
    • New innovative uses for silly string
    • Disney Princesses
    • Weaponized musical instruments

    Make me proud with your insanity!

    Making it double with Caite-Chan!

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    There was chaos abound and guess what!? We took one of Pokémon's best spin-off series and poked extra fun at it. Because we can do that and do it well when we put on our mischief caps!

    So let's go already! The laughing face of madness awaits!


    Anorith! That's wonderful! How badly did Hailey mess up on the personality test?

    I'm just shocked Thyeo suggests going to the hospital to fix Hailey's amnesia instead of going for ice cream. Thyeo, that's a party foul.

    I love the colossal FACEBREAKER UPPERCUT that our beloved hero Shayla the Typhlosion gives to little Hailey. What a great example of problem resolution for the children! And as if that's not enough, Alain wants a piece too, but unfortunately we don't get to see that happen. I swear if there's a sequel, we'd better see that! Nothing gets jollies on like a berserker Togetic pounding a Anorith with a rocket launcher to the tune of heavy thrash metal. You do have a suggestion box I can put that in, right?

    This lovely episode has earned you a delightful 18 POINTS! And a $5 dollars off coupon to Olive Garden. Discover it in your next week's mail!


    What divine authority inspired you to make this!? I love how you introduce us to the amazing five sticks, but you surprise us and give us a sixth because you're a generous god. I love these guys so much that they inspired me to grab some of those fruit flavored Pop Ice things that everyone's selling during the summer and at no time else! This is what love and inspiration is all about. This is what caused all the animals in the forest to join in song and dance and accompany a random Disney Princess.

    I also like how they use pickup lines on each other. This means such a thing as stick dating exists and this is exactly what the world needs to settle the missile crisis and too much air in our snack bags. And the arrows and irregularly shaped panels return! That's wonderful! As in going back in time to prevent the creation of the Star Wars prequels kind of wonderful!

    18 POINTS are now yours to fling about wherever you want! They're tasty! Use them to trick your dog into taking his medication!


    I really need to tell my interns to stop messing around with my titles. They're supposed to be managing my Twitter, gosh darn it! That's what I get for only paying them with experience!

    I adore these silly, crazy, wacky doodles of doom. These will bring humanity back to the light and one day they may play a vital role in the quest to exterminate the blasphemy that is crocs and wearing socks and sandals together.

    I love the picture with all the starters. It's like a yearbook and I love how Turtwig just shows the head plant thingy and nothing else. I paid attention and I didn't drink any alcohol tonight. I'm just naturally screwy, officer.

    The picture with Pikachu getting dropped on her head is delightful. You even added a cute and innocent carnation flower right next to the anarchy. That's adorable.

    24 POINTS have been added to your account. Operative "Midnight" will give you your next mission assignment at 0700 hours. Don't be late!


    This reminds me so much of some of the most ridiculous Dungeons and Dragons adventures I've had. Like the one where my friend and I got turned into pixies and he had to save me. This really happened. I swear, your honor!

    The random nature of it is lovely and silly like an all you can eat buffet in a bouncy castle, but what happened to the Pokémon!? You had Pokémon references early on in the beginning but then they kind of disappeared! I missed them dearly. ;_;

    It was cute though. PMD D&D would be pretty nifty, really!

    14 POINTS have been laid upon you. May they guide you home. Or at least to the nearest Burger King where OMG YOU CAN GET AN APPLE PIE WITH THAT!


    Wow, that's impressive to take the downright saddest thing ever to happen in PMD and poke fun at it. It's almost evil. I like it. Let the evil flow through you and we will rule the galaxy as masters of the dark side.

    "Though the farting hurts..."

    My goodness, I know this feeling. Your gut is making whale call imitations and you run to the bathroom and suddenly it's like your butt is all 'HA HA TEAM ROCKET'S BLASTING OFF AGAIN!!" Next time you're in a public restroom and you hear someone let loose a monstrous fart like that, give them a round of applause! Don't worry, they can't chase you! Ha ha ha! Who knows, maybe a fart like that will save the world, too!?

    I would have liked extra fun and silly jollies throughout your lovely tale, but the party hearty farty was adorable.

    17 POINTS have been adopted into your loving family.


    I know this feeling. My hands tremble at these endings. I feel weak. Weak... from the feels.

    You know, I've never played Majora's Mask, but that's silly moon is such a reference! Looking up and always seeing that would drive me a little crazy. Just a little. Maybe he just needs to have a bedtime story read to him. I'd suggest If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, but halfway through I would start making stuff up and finish it with my own ending. Like how the mouse would be given a time machine to battle the Nazis with a battle Mech and give him an addiction for chewing gum.

    It was funny, but sadly on the short side with some text bits and just one picture. I wanted MORE! Aww, so much more! It would have been so sweet, but I hope next time you'll add more to the shower of nonsense though this was a good entryway into what I hope will entail an epic journey of your insanity into the humor section. It's a lovely thing to do and feel free to invite all your friends and family to come along! Cook hot dogs too! Wear something out of style! Do limbo! Sing a silly song!

    Your efforts have earned you 9 POINTS! Have you chosen a silly song yet!?


    Agents of the Shadows gets 35 points in total!
    Bulbasaur - 18
    Cleobel - 17

    Avalon Apostles gets 27 points in total!
    Noblejanobii - 18
    K'sariya - 9

    The Sabotage Squadron gets 24 points in total!
    arnisd - 24

    The Order of the Sun gets 14 points in total!
    evanfardreamer - 14

    Making it double with Caite-Chan!

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    Quick question, Are we limited to only three of the pieces of nonsense? Cause Honestly I want to mix in as many as I can.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Morzone View Post
    Quick question, Are we limited to only three of the pieces of nonsense? Cause Honestly I want to mix in as many as I can.
    Nah, no limit! Just as long as you have three of those puppies!

    But if one of you crazies manages to get ALL OF THOSE in there, free banner and avatar request on the house for your brilliance.

    Making it double with Caite-Chan!

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    Once upon a time, there were plants.

    That's not the time we're talking about, though. At the time we're talking about, there were carnivorous plants with vocal talent. Wow! So random and not taking from a prompt!

    There was a group of ten of these plants that had a fraternity party. They were having a good time, doing what singing carnivorous plants do. Don't ask me what that would be; I'm not sure. Probably singing Cannibal Corpse songs or some other death metal music.

    Suddenly, one of the plants (one named Jim) had an idea!

    "Let's be vegetarians!" Jim said. Then he eliminated everyone's life with a random violin, ate them, and watched professional musical chairs on YouTube.

    Just kidding. I'm not gonna slack off with this challenge like that.

    "Let's play musical chairs... of death!" Jim exclaimed. The other plants looked at each other. They agreed this would be an extreme way to have fun, and you always need to be extreme at a fraternity party.

    Jim, along with his friends Bob and Ed, went out to to Walmart to buy nine chairs. Another plant, named Evan, hired a Jigglypuff choir to play the music for them. The six other plants waited eagerly to play what they referred to as "a lit game of musical chairs".

    A Jigglypuff choir showed up about thirty minutes later to sing for the happy (and probably drunk) plants with chairs. The Jigglypuff sang the latest hit some from their repertoire, and the plants joined in:

    Jig, jiggly-jigglepuff!
    Puff, jig-puff, jig-puff!
    Puff, ji-

    And as the Jigglypuff choir stopped singing, the plants rushed to claim a chair. Jim was the last plant standing, since he was the one that planned this stupid thing. KARMA!

    Now, here's where the twist came with musical chairs. Every plant that was eliminated had to play a musical instrument with the Jigglypuff choir. However, these musical instruments would possess you if you played badly or out of tune! Don't ask me how they got these, but my guess is this: Not at Walmart.

    So Jim picked up a trumpet. Luckily, he was a good trumpet player in his school's ensemble, so he played in tune with the choir and the other plants for round two.

    -jig-puff, jig-puff!

    Sorry, my memory sucks. Jim actually got possessed. Oh crap, the Jigglypuff weren't actually done yet! My bad; keep it going!


    So the plants scrambled again. James was the last plant standing, but he refused to play instruments. So in protest, he went over to a Jigglypuff and ate it, causing it to respawn at its house. The other Jigglypuff left in fright.

    "So I guess we're done with musical chairs."


    ☄♥ Happily paired with ninjaskarmory ♥☄
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    Have some sillyness


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    Hello everybody! Here is my entry for this week :

    It was a beautiful July day. Pachirisu and Goomy, who were best friends with each other, were spending time together at Goomy’s place :
    "I love summer, but I also love the holiday season!", Pachirisu chatted.
    "Me too! I wish we could move to that giant island in the other hemisphere, so we could experience summer and the holiday season at the same time!", Goomy wished.
    "Actually, we don’t need to move to the other hemisphere, because we can still celebrate Christmas in July.", Pachirisu suggested.
    Then, they made plans to celebrate Christmas together at Pachirisu’s place a few days later.

    When the day of their Christmas celebration came, they exchanged presents. Goomy got a few slimy aliens from Pachirisu, while Pachirisu got trillions of squirrels and a litter box from Goomy. They were both very happy with the gifts they got, until the trillions of squirrels started running all over the place.
    "Ew, these squirrels are going to pee and poop everywhere!", Pachirisu cringed.
    "Don’t worry, Pachirisu, they are all litter box trained.", Goomy reassured.
    "There is only one litter box for trillions of squirrels, so I will still have to clean up after them! You should only have given a few squirrels to me, not trillions of them! Also, I hope they can’t breed and produce trillions of baby squirrels!", Pachirisu raged.
    "They will breed and produce trillions of baby squirrels because they are not all of the same gender and none of them has been fixed.", Goomy explained.
    "Look, they have started to destroy my possessions! We need to attack them in order to stop them!", Pachirisu ordered.

    As for the slimy aliens, they were slower, less destructive and much fewer in numbers than the squirrels. Goomy and Pachirisu were not afraid of them until these two friends started attacking the squirrels with Dragon Pulse and Thunderbolt : this is when the aliens protected the squirrels by attacking the Pokemon with beams.
    As there were so many squirrels, Pachirisu and Goomy quickly got tired due to battling against them and being attacked by the slimy aliens. As a result, they decided to take a coffee break. It was a terrible idea because the coffee they drank had been expired for so long that it exploded in their throats.
    The explosion killed both Pokemon and all the squirrels. However, the slimy aliens survived because they were not affected by the explosion. In addition to this, they got a free house, although it had been damaged, and plenty of fresh meat.

    @Neo Emolga

    Special thanks to Fate for this cute avatar and this cute banner! :D
    Special thanks to N7 for this awesome Chikorita GIF! :D
    Part of the Sinjoh Duo with N7! :D

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    A Farmer's day of Defense

    Time: 0900.
    Location: Berry farmers and Breeders Union (BFBU) Mega-farm Headquarters. - Sports center

    The day was perfect. Well, almost. The music was in horrible taste today. And that was bad. We were two rounds into the semifinals of the grand super mega all star musical chairs competition. It was an extremely important event for the Union, And I was competing to represent the defense sector's title -we'd won last year. Now you have to understand that this was a very serious event. About a hundred berry farmers, pokemon breeders, and defense specialists sat in raised benches seriously watching A group of grown men and women sprint around a tiny circle of chairs, devolving into a mobfest every time the DJ put the pause on the Music. So of course, when I speed into a chair and send this skinny breeder guy flying across the room doing somersaults, no one laughs. Well, maybe I do but only because I'm happy I got the chair.

    Time: 0915
    Location: BFBU Mega Farm Headquarters. - Sports Center/Main gates.

    I was so close when the Alarm went off. There were only three left and Billy Joel's "Pressure" was blaring out of the speakers. Unfortunate,y instead of the music going off, the Intruder alarms went on. Talk about bad timing. Now I was going to have to compete through the whole tournament again! Talk about inconsiderate timing. Oh well. As a defense specialist is was my job to go out and oversee the problem. All the farmers and breeders are running off to their farms. The BFBU is famous for having the best berries in the entire world, nay the whole galaxy! Which made us a fairly large target for what we call "the pie makers" Just random people who don't understand the beauty of a berry and want to actually cook them. What a waste.

    A few minutes later I arrive out at the front Entrance, Calling out for a status report. One of my interns run up to my, clearly glad I finally showed up. "Thank Arceus you're here! You see this ship-" I cut him off and walk outside myself. Who has time for status reports anyway? I mean come on, just cause I ask for one doesn't mean I actually want it! Sheesh. Anyway, Some silver space-ship saucer thing had landed out in a field in front of the main gates. A small group of what appeared to be aliens were walking toward us, slowly and deliberately. The tension was palpable as the out of this world invaders walked slowly, one slow step at a time... dramatically inching their way toward us.... Oh wait. They were trying to pass through the Grimer pits. Now wonder they were so slow. Talk about an entrance.

    Eventually, one of the aliens finally makes it up to us. His friends gave up at some point and turned around, slowly sloshing back through grimer slime to their ship. Clearly having to wade through mucky slime to get here wasn't worth it. Not that I could blame them. The one that did make it through though, was almost impressively slimy. It was like the alian had swam through the slime rather than walk through it. A weird one for sure.

    "I have come for your berries and your best quality pokemon. Step aside, Or I will be required to use force!" The Alien declared, purple slime ooze flicking off as he spoke. I just laughed and walked up to him, motioning for the lucario defense team to stand back watch. "I'll fight you off right here if you don't leave now." I declared in response, to which the slimy alien merely took a fighting stance. Now I close my eyes for a second, take a steadying breath and smile. This poor alien had no idea how many times I had seen the movie "Kung Fu Pangoro." Why, I was a Kung Fu master by now! I could see my victory now: I leap forward spectacularly, faking a kick then hitting his head, I follow up by sweeping out his feet and hitting him with precisely aimed uppercut to flip him over as he falls. Yes, Perfect. I open my eyes and leap forward, my leg flails out, my arm goes for the head, the other sweeps backward and my other arm comes for the final hit. A glorious combination of masterful kung fu. The Alien meanwhile, sidesteps and allows me to perform my masterful skills mid air, complete with the epic finish of crashing down into the trail of slime from the Alien's trek up here.

    Taking a moment to stand back up -the grimer slime is known for sticking to you for as long as possible- I look back at my target. He's on the ground! Defeated! There's also a Lucario standing over him looking triumphantly victorious, but that must be coincidence. Clearly he's just happy about how awesome my kung fu was. The Alien meanwhile, struggles to his feet and takes off for his ship. "You'll regret this!" He screams, sloshing back through the grimer pits. "You'll be invaded by the worst enemy you farmers can possibly imagine! Millions, no, Trillions of them!" My intern looks at me fearfully. Poor guys only been here a week or two. "What's coming?"

    "The absolute worst." I reply, taking a pair of magically appearing sunglasses out of my pocket and putting them on while staring into the distance, "Rabid baby squirrels."

    Time: 13:00
    Location: BFBU defense control tower.

    I stared out at the silver ships hanging in the distant sky. They were beginning to release their payload: great masses of baby pachirisus, each of them slightly mutated to be extremely rabid. "Baby pachirisus on the horizon!" I call out, alarming the others that the attack on the farms were starting.

    "Pachirisu - the electric squirrel pokemon.It makes electric fur balls and-"

    "Turn that pokedex off already!" I snap at the intern. We didn't have time for the details. I needed to watch if our defenses were going to hold up against this onslaught. The first ones to go off would be a two part trap. Yes, I could see them now. As the rabid baby squirrel ran over each other toward the headquarters, large cut outs of Disney princesses, each equipped with a music box playing an overly catchy Disney tune, popped out of the ground. This was the perfect distraction. Even if they were rabid squirrels, the baby inside of them could never resist the pull of a disney princess. The small animals massed over the cutouts, triggering the second part of the trap: an explosion of liquid. To be specific, coffee. Black, no sugar added coffee. The extreme change from the disney princesses to the hot, bitter drink for working adults would easily knock out the babies, yes I could see many of them fainting now from the very smell of the coffee as it exploded outward like a bitter brown water balloon. Hopefully the lingering smell would deter some others as well.

    Still, as effective as the disney-coffee combo was, we needed more. It was time to send out the music mayhem squadrons. Releasing the signal, several groups of people and pokemon headed out of the main gate. Each group was separated into its own "band." It was quite the spectacle. One of the groups, the heavy metal band, headed out with guitars so large I was surprised they could even carry them. The unrelenting screeching that they called music seemed particularly effective on the babies squirrels. Though occasionally the band would take a break from playing and just wack a few with the instruments themselves. Or maybe they were practicing smashing the guitars for the stage. Well, whatever works. Another group -made up of carnivines and weepinbells- were singing lullabies, lulling the babies to sleep. It took quite a while to set this group up, Apparently there'd been a fair number of injuries reported on the singing teachers who worked with the plant pokemon. I never really under stood why though- oh. Oh the plants were taking a break and eating the baby squirrels whole. They seemed to quite like the taste too because it took them several minutes to stop eating and go back to singing the babies to sleep. well... whatever works.

    "They're attacking from the sky!" A report came in.

    "Lieutenant what's going on?" I call out.



    ... "Lieutenant?"

    "Oh... sorry boss I just have a really bad stomach ache. Urgh... I think it was something I ate. Anyway, uh, There's a multitude of emolgas falling from the sky."

    [i]"Emolga, the electric flying squirrel pokemon-"

    I shut off the pokedex with an annoyed sigh and send out a message to the rocket squad. "Launch the silly missiles!" I command, and look back out of the window at the squirrels now raining from the sky. They'd be hard to deal with if they landed successfully, so we'd knock them out of the sky first. Once the rockets go off... any minute now.. aaaannyyyy minute noooowww....

    "Rocket squad where are my missiles??"

    "Hold on boss, we gotta do the math! Come on, what's the derivative? No, you gotta use this equation and put it into that one. Don't forget to adjust for the wind." And the height. "how many variables do we have accounted for? Oh right don't forget to square the speed of their sideways movement as well as the explosion force... Yes there we go, now just double check it all real quick-"

    "JUST LAUNCH!" I yell over the walkie-talkie.

    A moment later several rainbow can-like missiles launched into the sky. As they neared the falling squirrels the cans exploded, throwing a large net-like mesh of silly string all over the squirrels, tying them up and knocking them out of the sky before they could land properly. I'd have to assign a crew to clean up the rainbow silly string rain that fell from the explosions. Hopefully we can keep the pokemon from trying to eat them this time.

    Time: 1800
    Location: Guard tower mess hall

    With the rabid baby squirrels finally defeated by our combination of princess coffee bombs, metal mashing bands, singing/squirrel eating plants, and silly string missiles, I was finally able to take a break and grab something to eat. My lieutenant had hobbled off to the infirmary still clutching his stomach, leaving his half finish microwave lunch in the mess hall. Just the sight of it got me hungry for something simple myself, so I ordered the same oran berry mash and sat down in front of the cafeteria tv to eat. It was fairly nice to reminisce on today's success. Though of course the musical chairs tournament would have to be redone, but oh well. It was a good day.

    Time: 2200
    Location: Infirmary

    At least, it was a good day until I found out the microwave dinner had given me food poisoning. It was going to be a long night, and there wasn't even going to be any squirrels this time.

    Got all 12 in there! This was great!


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