Take out your passport because our next destination will be Pokemon!

A brand new line has hit PokemonCenter.com to give fans the chance to travel around the Pokemon world. At least, give you some souvenirs from famous locations in the Pokemon world! This new line is called Destination Pokemon!
The Destination Pokemon line features travel accessories and décor featuring iconic locations and landmarks. These items includes posters, backpacks, tumblers and stickers featuring unique artistic renditions of locations from the Pokemon world.
The artwork for this line is amazing! Each location has retro look as if these things were made during the 1950s. Those vintage travel posters would look great in any home office to give you the feeling of returning from a vacation from Kanto, Unova, Alola and beyond! Why not get some stickers to slap on your luggage to show off where you have been? If not, grab that stylish backpack and tumbler to go on your own vacation to real world locations that inspired some Pokemon lands!
No matter what, make sure to get your hands on these items before you hit your favorite summer vacation spot! Click here to view and purchase items from the Destination Pokemon line from Pokemon Center.
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