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Thread: GCEA: Sinnoh "A Bond For The Ages" ( Opening week writing submission)

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    GCEA: Sinnoh "A Bond For The Ages" ( Opening week writing submission)

    GCEA: Sinnoh League
    Starter Pokemon Writing Submission

    Welcome to first official writing submission GCEA Sinnoh. Because this is an intro event we are going to keep things relaxed. The submission needs to meet the basic requirements below for a special starter to be unlocked in the story. If this story is not submitted by the deadline you may miss being able to use the pokemon for the official start of the story. These writing submissions don't happen to often so please take advantage of this one.

    The Rules.
    1. Your submission must align with the intro story to GCEA Sinnoh. How you obtained your pokemon and the lead up to that moment are completely up to you. Even to the point of the world going dark is up to you.
    2. The word count should fall in the 2,000 range but can be longer :)
    3. You can ONLY use a traditional start unless otherwise given permission
    4. You DO NOT need to have your character come from one of the game regions. You can pick one of the regions used in the other games as long as its an established region.
    5. What your character feels or how they take all of this is very important and I hope you express it freely. (If for some reason your character swears which I'm hoping won't be an issue please add graphic language warning to your story thread.
    6. All threads will have to be posted Here in the writer's desk. You will need to add a link to the story to your submission here.

    Submission form
    Pokemon Partner:
    Word Count:
    Link to Story:
    Link To Stats:

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    GCEA: Sinnoh League
    Starter Pokemon Writing Submission

    Submission form
    IGN: Matthias Grand
    Pokemon Partner: Squirtle
    Region: Kanto
    Word Count: 2069
    Link to Story: Ill gotten gains
    Link To Stats: Matthias Grand Trainer Card
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    IGN: Sophie Reed
    Pokemon Partner: Cyndaquil
    Region: Johto
    Word Count: 5718
    Link to Story:
    Link To Stats:

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    IGN: Becky
    Pokemon Partner: Totodile
    Region: Johto
    Word Count: 3,422 per MSWord
    Link to Story: Beating the Shadows
    Link To Stats: Trainer Card
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