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Thread: Gotta Catch Em' All: Platinum Version (Open!)

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    Trainer Renny Thomas
    Team Status
    Valerie (20/20), Cornelius(20/20), Fiddle(10/10), Delta (14/14), Echo (9/9), Wilykit (15/15)

    Partner Pokemon:

    Arnny (f)(5/5)
    Egg: Growlithe (Steps to Hatch 37/40)

    Health Items

    Normal Pokeball: 2

    Points: 50(+1)

    Renny looked over Amy.

    "Renny?" She said confused as hell

    Renny nodded unsure of what to say.

    "Uh..yeah. Im not a medic but you should take your time" He said taking a step back as she began to get up. Renny focused on the trainer until she was up and seemed fine giving her, her space. Once she had her baring she asked him.

    "Well not yours but I can get yours if you want new clothes." Amy asked

    Renny showed up his cool top hat, gloves and new boots.
    " Thank you but no thanks. I just picked these up. " As he turned to go off to check out the footage he looked back.

    " Your pokemon is very brave. I dont know exactly what happened yet but I am happy you are safe and you have a great partner." He said attempting to show that he didnt slightly care about the others.

    "Arrny over here was worried." He said looking towards Tediursa.

    The little bear waved at Amy.

    Then Renny took his leave heading out of range of the others. His arms were swore. He found a spot to sit down and review the footage.

    While Sophie addressed the others Renny reviewed the footage. His hands shook a little as the adrenaline was gone and the realization that he just saw a kid murdered was hitting him. His hand trembled as the sound of a gun shot echoed over and over again. Why was he remembering a shooting? The image of a child screaming looped in his head. When he finally snapped out of it he watched the footage. To his horror the footage had been corrupted. What footage he did get of the Psychopath with the gun arm was unusable.

    Renny jumped up rewinding it over and playing it over and over. He was consumed by this getting caught in a loop pacing back and forth in circles.


    Drake Annan

    Grookey (15/15), Sunny(15/15), Throt (15/15), Barrel (15/15), Surge (15/15)

    Drake was happy that he had been able to help Kinnie make it safe. He tried to fight back tears but the death of Will was to much.
    " ...Why....why?" He asked himself

    "Why a kid?" He couldnt make sense.

    Sophie addressed the others suggesting the team split up. Drake looked over at Matthias

    "What about her?" He asked referring to the grunt.

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    Amy gave Palila a sad look when she tried to protest that they should go to the police. "W-Well... yes I do know police proceedings but... we could get in trouble if we file what they believe is a false police report." Amy frowned and sighed. "And we don't have any proof of the guy. As... as much as I want to go to the police, and trust me I really want to, I..." Amy shook her head in dismay. "I don't think they'd believe us. I agree with Sophie. I think... they'd arrest us instead." Amy wiped her eyes with her hands, preventing tears from welling. Why couldn't Theresa be here? She would know what to do. Amy took a breath in an attempt to compose herself. She could do this. Cry tonight when you can't sleep from the insomnia, she told herself, just hold off until then.

    Amy nearly jumped out of her skin when she heard Renny shout and glanced back at him. When nothing appeared to be wrong, she scanned over the others again. Looking back at Palila, she said, "Look, maybe you can go shopping with me. I'll need help gathering all the outfits anyway. And... I can um..." Amy rubbed the bridge of her nose. It was so hard to think. "I can book a room for four people. Yeah... yeah that math checks out." Amy looked at Sophie. "Does... that work?"
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