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Thread: Ambidextrous

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    Have you ever tried being ambidextrous with something?

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    I'm in a weird boat, because until I was 5 I was right-handed, but then all of a sudden I switched. My mum thinks it's because my brother was getting attention for being left-handed, so I wanted to prove I could do it too, or something like that. But because I used my right hand for those early years, I still use it when it comes to certain things, like using scissors for example. So I'm in a bit of a weird boat where my left hand is dominant for some things, but my right hand is dominant for just as many. :D

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    I tried to learn how to write with my left hand but that never went anywhere. I do eat and tie my shoes left handed in most cases though which is weird.
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    Yeah I'm fully ambidextrous, but I prefer different hands for different tasks. I favor my right hand for writing and using a screwdriver, and I favor my left hand for opening canned or bottled drinks, and eating (cutting food or holding the fork)

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    Tried, didn't go over too well. But then again, that was a long time ago and I didn't try it for that long.

    But yeah, I'm right-handed with pretty much everything.

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    I tried using my left hand too write when i broke my arm when I was 9. If I stuck with it, I would probably be able to do both hands now, but I didn't xD I eat left handed but other then that I am right handed. I think it's cool to be ambidextrous though!

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    Though I am predominately right-handed, I have trained myself to write with my left-hand. Granted, it's not perfect, but I would say my left-handed writing ability is above average, considering no one seems to inquire this (as if this were visibly noticeable), and I write left-handed on a regular basis while retaining my ability to write with my right-hand.

    As for everything else, I can use both hands just fine.
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    Ya I can rwrite with both hands, but I'm not super good on my left. Some utensils I can only do with right, or left, depending on the item tho.
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    I'm still trying. I'm not really good w/writing with my left hand. I definitely want to be able to become ambidextrous, though. It's an amazing skill to master.

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    I coulda swore i answered this thread, hm...weird. Anyways, ya i am ambidextrous, except with writing. If i even try to write with my left hand it looks like someone grabbed my wrist and started bashing it against the paper. But other than that, pool/billiards, darts, sports like football, basketball, baseball, tennis, table tennis, golf, all of that i am ambidextrous. Writing sucks

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