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Thread: A Wild Shiny Poipole Appears ( GameStop Code giveaway)

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    A Wild Shiny Poipole Appears ( GameStop Code giveaway)

    Hey everyone, so my GameStop friend hooked it up with some extra Shiny Poipole Codes. For those of you interested in getting one, I'm going to be doing a drawing. I will base the giveaway on the number of entries. So if there isnt many entries all of you will get one ( and if you request two you might get two if the interest is low) . If for some reason lots of peopel sign up Ill probably be giveaway around 10

    Entry form.
    Favorite Shiny:
    Favorite Ultra Beast:

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    I never really worked on catching any of the Ultra Beasts myself. So this would be pretty awesome! Let’s give this some more hype. So I’ll be the first to sign up for this awesome drawing/giveaway!

    Name: Chakra/Chakramaster/Eric
    Favorite Shiny: Still is Charizard. Others come close, but Charizard takes the gold
    Favorite Ultra Beast: Poipole mainly for the fact I didn’t really catch any xD.

    The time is upon us...

    . Pika Pair with the yellow bundle of fluff Chibi Altaria..

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    Ooh nice.

    Name: Caunadan/Matdo
    Favorite Shiny: Steelix or Ho-oh, probably
    Favorite Ultra beast: Celesteela

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    @Rival Max

    When are you planning the draw, if I may ask? I certainly am still interested.

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    Name: Blaquaza (though I think I'm something else in-game)
    Favorite Shiny: Rayquaza/Swellow/Politoed
    Favorite Ultra Beast: Naganadel

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