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    ☀The Victini V-Wheel!☀

    Ta-daaa! It's Victini!

    If you feel like having some fun with your profile and trying on a new you for a change (maybe for Halloween?), why not give the V-Wheeeel a spin!? I'll tell you how it works, but first!

    Oh wow, yes, you win tokens JUST FOR SPINNING THE V-WHEEL! How easy is that!? That's like winning money for getting out of bed in the morning! But this is way more fun than that!

    Victini V-Wheel Bronze
    You've spun the V-Wheel at least once! Say it with me! V-Wheeeeeeel!

    Victini V-Wheel Gold
    Let's just skip silver and go straight to gold! Because we can! You've spun the V-Wheel twice because you know what's good in life and you wanted more! V-Wheeeeeeel!

    Victini V-Wheel Ultra Rainbow
    A prize worthy of a true V-Wheel enthusiast! Grab your biggest microphone, largest sound system, and scream it with me! V-WHEEEEEEL!!!

    Okay, I kind of lied. Fibbed more like it! The magic behind this new and improved V-Wheel is that it's actually three wheels working together! Because three is better than two which is better than one! It's a great way to spruce up your PXR profile with a new look, and new name, and other fun stuff! There's only one tiny little rule.

    You can only spin the V-Wheel once a week.

    Oh, I know, you'd love to spend all day spinning it! But everyone deserves a fair turn. Spin it once, enjoy the new look for a week, and then come back and spin again for a new getup! Just note that designing your new getup might take a tiny bit of time, so hang in there and please be patient!

    But now that the only rule that's out there is out of the way, here's how the whole thing works!

    The way the first wheel works is that when you take the V-Wheel for a spin, you pick your TOP FIVE Pokémon. Or any five Pokémon really (if you want, you can pick more, though it needs to be at least five)! Now, this is the only part of the wheel-spinning that you have some control over.

    The #1 Pokémon Wheel will select one of these five Pokémon you chose at random. You're going to become one of those five for a little while, so make them some good ones! So for example, if you wanted to go with starters:

    #1 Bulbasaur
    #2 Squirtle
    #3 Charmander
    #4 Pikachu
    #5 Eevee

    And the wheel landed on #4, you'd be a Pikachu! And now it's onto the next step!

    Now that we've got a Pokémon selected, wouldn't it be nice to give them a theme to go with!? Of course! Every movie and story has a theme! And that's where Wheel #2 comes in! We're going to give you and the Pokémon you're becoming a new theme! And you're getting an avatar and banner set to fit that!

    And here's what you might get depending on what the wheel lands on!

    #1 Action/Intense
    #2 Magical Fantasy
    #3 Horror
    #4 Futuristic and Sci-Fi
    #5 Sweet and Mellow
    #6 Grunge and Heavy Metal
    #7 Retro and Old School
    #8 Dark and Mysterious
    #9 Whimsical and Comical
    #10 Post-Apocalyptic
    #11 Black and White (Noir)
    #12 Loony and Cartoony

    So if the #2 Theme Wheel were to land on #5, why, you'd get a Sweet and Mellow Pikachu avatar and banner! Now that's nifty!

    And we're changing your name, too! For this, we're using the Springhole Nounverber Name Generator, which creates five nifty, sometimes silly, sometimes pretty cool names. It creates five names at once, which our third wheel will pick at random! So for example, if we got these five from the Springhole Generator:

    #1 Stormspotter
    #2 Earthweaver
    #3 Wrenchdropper
    #4 Sparkkicker
    #5 Cedarflyer

    And you got #4 from the wheel spin, why, you'd get "Sparkkicker Pikachu" as your new name with a Sweet and Mellow Pikachu avatar and banner to go along with that! See how nicely that fits!? Sure, you could end up with something totally goofy too, but if you're not crazy about what you got, spin it again next week and see if you get something better! There's an infinite number of fun combinations, so experiment and keep spinnin'!

    That's all there is to it!

    Can I just go back to my regular profile name?

    Once the week duration is up, sure! (because a lot of work goes into these avatars and banners, so I tend to not want it to just be thrown away instantly). But you're free to come back later if you'd like! The V-Wheel beckons for you!

    All you need to do for me to spin the V-Wheel for you is post here, say what five Pokémon you want for Wheel #1, and we'll see what happens! Endless surprises are in store for you!

    Submission Form:

    Yes, I'm spinning the V-Wheel, Victini!

    Pokémon Wheel Number #1 Choices:


    (And that's all there is to it!)

    These lovely ladies and gentlemen have been spinnin' and winnin'! Who will spin the most!? Maybe it'll be you!

    This is also a slightly helpful reference in case you need to check on who used to be who! >;P

    Sparkchaser Cinccino (Was Neo Emolga)

    Carrotsniffer Pichu [ULTRA RAINBOW: 5 Spins] (Was Chakramaster)
    Clutterwasher Pawniard [ULTRA RAINBOW: 4 Spins] (Was Noblejanobii)
    Bloodstabber Scraggy [ULTRA RAINBOW: 3 Spins] (Was Hypnotoad/Bulbasaur)
    Sparkwalker Chatot [GOLD: 2 Spins] (Is Pokemon Trainer Sarah)
    Penwiggler Solgaleo [BRONZE: 1 Spin] (Is VeloJello)
    Frosteaster Mimikyu [BRONZE: 1 Spin] (Was Coru)
    Shieldshredder Lucario [BRONZE: 1 Spin] (Was ARandomTool)
    Embersweeper Maractus [BRONZE: 1 Spin] (Was Suicune's Fire)
    Berrykiller Silvally [ULTRA RAINBOW: 3 Spins] (Was Shruikan)
    Cottonsnatcher Hydreigon [GOLD: 2 Spins] (Is Saraibre Ryu)
    Firewiggler Tyranitar [BRONZE: 1 Spin] (Was Caite-chan)
    Ropepicker Absol [ULTRA RAINBOW: 3 Spins] (Was Scytherwolf)
    Rainstuffer Banette [ULTRA RAINBOW: 3 Spins] (Was arnisd)
    Peppercutter Altaria [GOLD: 2 Spins] (Was Amewsing)

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