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Thread: Hiya! Glad to be here ^^

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    Hiya! Glad to be here ^^

    Hiya. My name is Addison. But you can call me Andie.

    I'm currently doing a personal playthrough of Gen 6 and then I'll be moving onto Gen 7. I got bashed pretty badly over at PokeCommunity for announcing that I liked Gen 6 and I just wanted to find an overall more welcoming community. -_-'

    So, yeah. I've played pretty much every Pokemon Game. I don't watch the current anime much anymore, but I've seen the previous episodes including the XY/Z series. If anyone wants to talk about Pokemon, or just be friends, hit me up!

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    Welcome welcome! Sorry to hear about that but we've got a pretty welcoming community here and I know we still have people that play Gen 6. Heck, I'm doing an egglocke of Y at the moment.
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    Welcome to PXR, Andie! No need to worry. We’ve got a nice friendly community here. We’re fans of all types and we don’t judge anyone for what they play or like. Personally, I like Gen 6 more than 7. Gen 7 just didn’t stoke me as well as the others did. My favorite it Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky. Yet it’s one of those that is still vastly overlooked.

    I don’t really watch the anime anymore. I got back into it for X and Y, but the Sun and Moon series the way it is kinda turned me away. Either way it’s always nice to welcome in more fans here. If you have any questions feel free to ask! Same here, if you’d just like to talk or about anything then feel from to VM one of us! =D

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    Gen 6 is my favorite modern gen tbh, unless they reremake johto. There are a few good sheep (*badumtiss*) in pokecommunity but we are a more close knit and warm community here. Back in Slateport/EGC, i would say welcome to the oasis, because, we are small and refreshing like that.

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    Yikes about the PokeCommunity thing. I don't understand what they're talking about; I really enjoyed Gen 6.

    Welcome! Everyone here is really friendly so I'm sure you'll have a great time.

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    Sorry to hear things went a little sour at PC, but hey, welcome to PXR! We're a fun and delightfully crazy bunch, so I think you'll enjoy it here. :3

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    Welcome here, @AndieFlare! Sorry to hear that you got bashed pretty badly over for liking gen 6. :/ Good luck with your playthrough, and have fun on PXR! :)

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