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Thread: Does anyone still play Gen 6?

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    Does anyone still play Gen 6?

    Cause I'd really like to know ._.

    Like, really. I've recently started over my Gen 6 files cause I'm too stubborn like that. : P

    Anyone else find them frequently starting over their save? How do you get attached to your Pokemon? The only file I won't start over is my Ultra Sun game because I have event Pokemon on there. But my other games, why not?

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    I haven't started over my save or anything, but I still hunt shinies in Gen 6 from time to time. ^^

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    As a shiny hunter, I mainly play the game(s) I'm currently shiny hunting in, and I haven't shiny hunted in the gen 6 games since April 2017.
    I am very attached to some of my Pokemon (especially my Pokemon teams, some Pokemon I got from trades, my shinies and my event Pokemon) : before starting over my save, I send these Pokemon to another game, so I don't lose them.

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    I haven’t played it in a good year, but I prefer the Gen 6 games to 7. From shiny hunting to EV training to even breeding. It was just all far easier and better in my opinion. I just had a much better time with Kalos myself.

    Unless I have a backup game. I never usually delete my save files. I have pretty much every event Pokémon and more on my main copy. I’d rather not lose those and the shinies that I have. Cause once they’re gone. They’re gone forever. I’d rather not lose it all forever xD.

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    I still have only a Nintendo ds lite (dont get much time for video games anymore and most of the time I play on my phone now), so the only game I still have and play sometimes is Platinum which generation 4.

    I don't know what the newer games are like, are they improvements over the older games like Diamond, Soul silver, etc?
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    The only reason i dont play is because i broke my old 2ds and am too broke to buy a new one or repair this one. I do replay all my old gba and gbc ones tho, and i use a lot of emulators.

    X is my favorite out of the New Gens. Didnt care for ORAS even though i loved the music, and dislike SuMo even though i love the Hawaiian theme.

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    I'm actually playing an egglocke on Pokémon Y at the moment!
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    I still play Gen 1. XD I restart saves a lot, TBH.

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