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Thread: Its my name,.. no really,..

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    Its my name,.. no really,..

    Hey all! My name is Keith Brockway, but everyone calls me Brock. I know, i know,... and no. i dont lean toward rock types, more of a dragon/ghost kinda guy,..

    im a big fan of pokemon, and a big fan of creative writing,.. i used to do it alot, so i may be rusty, but here i am. I got my pokemon, and im not sure what to do next,.. i think i need to post trainer stats? where/how do i do all that?

    either way,.. HI. nice to meet you all.

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    Hey, welcome! Hope to see your writing! :D

    As for URPG, yeah, you should definitely get your trainer stats up and running next! If you need further help I'd reach out to a URPG staff member.

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    Welcome! I'm also a writer, so I'd love to see your stories!

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    Welcome here, @brock! Have fun on PXR! :)

    Special thanks to Fate for this cute avatar and this cute banner! :D
    Special thanks to Deoxys for this awesome Chikorita GIF! :D

    Special thanks to The Foogle for this beautiful pixel Necrozma Dusk Mane! :D
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    Ooh another ghost type fan. While I prefer dark types, ghosts are definitely a close second. Welcome welcome!
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    Thanks for the warm welcome, guys! i appreciate it.

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    Heya @brock! Hope you find it enjoyable here and welcome to PXR! I’m not big on rock types either. While Pikachu is still my favorite. Fire, Electric, and Water types I can deal with primarily.

    Creative writing can be really fun and entertaining! If you ever pick it up here we’d love to see your work! If you ever wanna just chat and have any questions. Feel free to ask or PM one of us! Welcome to PXR once again!

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