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Thread: This game looks so weird...

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    This game looks so weird...

    ...after playing let's go! The trainers look so lanky xD I think they were a bit too realistic. And they're really pixelly on my 3ds xl too. I hope the next Pokemon game is in let's go style...

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    I'll be honest, I quite liked the style they went for in Gen VII compared to VI, but I definitely think a happy compromise could be made with what Let's Go brought to the table to make everything look the absolute best it can be. My main problem's more of a design one right now; I'm not big on the 'rabbit teeth' trainers are getting and the roundedness of them as well. :(

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    Gen VII proportions with LG quality graphics would be fantastic as far as I'm concerned. Gen 8 will be in Switch as well so it's totally in realm of possibility.


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