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Thread: Forum FFA: Winter's Wrath Part 2 Boss Battle!

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    Forum FFA: Winter's Wrath Part 2 Boss Battle!

    In URPG’s first Boss Battle FFA, Articuno was slain. Even though it was defeated, Winter was still coming. This time it will be more powerful. Articuno’s army will be marching into town. Band with your friends in heated combat against these foes, this time bigger than ever!

    The battlefield will be harsher this time so bundle up for an epic battle!


    SM Private Full
    Hail Weather
    Snow Terrain
    No Helds
    Hit All –> Hit One
    Redirects On
    Evasion / Accuracy Clause
    Sleep moves (other than Rest), Ally Switch, Attract, Encore, Perish Song, Rage Powder, Imprison and Spotlight fail
    Curse fails when used by a Ghost-type Pokémon
    Acupressure, Aromatherapy, Aromatic Mist, Heal Bell, and Helping Hand select one other Pokémon
    Flame Burst’s secondary damage will hit surrounding Pokémon around the target
    Illusion selects a random Pokémon from the Pokédex
    Download, Imposter, Intimidate, and Trace select random participating Pokémon
    Exceeding the given send time limits or forfeiting results in player out at the start of the turn
    Moves can be purchased between turns until there are only 5 remaining

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~

    Special Rule: Winter's Wrath Part 2 Boss Battle!

    After pokemon are revealed, I will roll a random Water OR Ice type Legendary Pokemon Boss and 2 fully-evolved, Water or Ice-type pokemon minions. Pyukumuku will be rerolled.

    They can attack the human players. I will boost the Legendary boss's base HP, Speed, Sp.DEF, and Defence according to the formula: % raise = 50% + (n/2)x5%. Their attack and special attacks will be multiplied 1.5x their base.

    The two minions will have all of their base stats including HP raised to the formula: % raise = 10% + (n/2)x5%.

    Bosses will obey a pattern! Plan your attacks around them! Pattern was specified to Senior Refs

    These pokemon will have their full movesets unlocked and both will start with a substitute at 100% hp. Bosses are immune to the effects of endeavor, skill swap, pain split, power split, guard split, super fang, taunt, snatch and fixed damage moves like Seismic Toss. Players cannot transform into bosses. On the bosses only, PAR, BRN, PSN and TOX statuses are on a three-turn timer. Water type bosses are immune to hail damage. Bosses are immune to the effects of self-KO moves, but the user will faint if targeted at them.

    Pay will be $1000 less for the winner if the Bosses are the last ones left.

    Psych Up cannot be used by the players.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~

    Sign ups will be open for the next two weeks. Send to me via Forum PM (OR Discord PM, but mark it CLEARLY) by roughly midnight December 13th in EST.
    Each round will be open for sends for about 48 hours but this may vary by an hour or two each way, so please don't wait until the last minute.


    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~

    I guess I’ll continue the tradition of sending me pictures each round! We’ll host a competition for whoever gets enough Gingerbread House parts to make a Gingerbread House! Get 5 and you can say that you have a Gingerbread House from Julio’s FFA, sort of like a token of participation. These are purely cosmetic and will not actually affect the game.

    I’ll give you 1 Gingerbread House part each time you send me the requested image! You can still be KO-d and send me images. Those who send me the most can claim a gingerbread mansion at the end of the last round!

    Gingerbread Man Medal for 1 Picture Sent!

    Gingerbread House Medal for 5 Pictures Sent!

    Gingerbread Mansion Medal for the person with the most Pictures sent!
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    reserved for Boss Stats

    Main Boss: Suicune

    Type: Water
    Possible Abilities: Pressure, Inner Focus, Water Absorb,
    Gender: G
    HP: 848
    Attack: 373
    Defense: 690
    SP.Attack: 418
    Sp.Defence: 590
    Speed: 564

    Minion #1: Mantine

    Type: Water+Flying
    Possible Abilities: Swift Swim, Water Absorb, Water Veil
    Gender: F
    HP: 635
    Attack: 340
    Defense: 406
    SP.Attack: 440
    Sp.Defence: 644
    Speed: 406

    Minion #2: Clawitzer

    Type: Water
    Possible Abilities: Mega Launcher
    Gender: M
    HP: 588
    Attack: 416
    Defense: 467
    SP.Attack: 576
    Sp.Defence: 470
    Speed: 368

    [clawitzer sprite taken from SirWhibble's Gen VI gen 2 sprite pack on deviantart]
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    Death Log

    It was discussed and approved, you can claim your money early if you are knocked out. Here ya go! Link to this post for tracking if needed! PLEASE DO NOT ACTUALLY POST IN THIS THREAD.

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    So it appears that Articuno has decided to leave icy bretheren on standby, and called upon its brothers from the sea.
    A Suicune who happened to pass in the northern taige heard Articuno's plea for help, and went to the worlds oceans to call for help.

    Clawitzer with its power mega launcher and the graceful Mantine all heeded its call!

    They are ready to do Articuno's bidding, and as a thanks for its help, Articuno has granted its watery generals an immunity to the damaging effects of the ambient hail and more power than their normal bretheren.

    With no pokemon with abilities to whisk away the hail, the battlers are ready to brave the cold to fend off Articuno's army from doing mass destruction!

    If you wish to participate in my gingerbread medal competition, this is the first round it begins!
    Send me a picture to keep it thematic with a picture of my fav ice type: Froslass! We miss you DP.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Send for Round 1 by 12/16 @ 1 am EST

    It started hailing over the battlefield!

    Weavile's pressure activates
    Gardevoir traced Wormadam's anticipation!
    Gardevior Shuddered!
    Dusknoir's pressure activates
    Wormadam Shuddered!

    Arceus 100
    Avery the Empoleon 100
    BMT the Gallade 100
    Börk Björk the Dewgong 100
    Boss Suicune 100 [sub]
    Cornelia the Shiinotic 100
    Crabominable 100
    Dragonite 100
    Espeon 100
    Haqua the Vaporeon 100
    Iris the Rapidash 100
    Kang the Scrafty #2 100
    Luxray 100
    Minion Clawitzer 100 [sub]
    Minion Mantine 100 [sub]
    Olivia the Gardevior 100 [anticipation]
    Santa's Sea Sleigh the Lapras 100
    Serperior 100
    Steven Stone the Metagross 100
    Sumika the NUKEM Original Color Magearna 100
    Venusaur 100
    Wallflower the Cradily 100
    Weavile 100
    Wormadam-Trash Cloak 100
    µ Li the Ultimate NUKEM Mew 100
    1996 Grinch the Dusknoir 100



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