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Thread: Best of Pokemon 2018

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    Best of Pokemon 2018

    Hello everybody on PXR Forums!

    I am going to do an article going over the best and favorite parts of Pokemon in 2018! The catch is that it will all be fan submitted!

    So I want to hear your best and favorite moments regarding Pokemon in 2018. It can be anything from the fandom, the games, anime and even the forums! I would love to hear any favorite moments regarding the forums. Let me know and I will put them all into the Best of Pokemon 2018!

    And if you are on Twitter then make sure to retweet and hashtag #BestofPokemon2018!

    Please have all your submissions in by Sunday!

    Can't wait to hear what you guys love about Pokemon in 2018!

    By Neo Emolga

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    The trailer for let's go showing viridian forest for the first time... It looked just like I imagined it as a kid :) I think the let's go graphics and feel are absolutely perfect and I really hope the next games look just like them!

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    Nappy's year of darkness has reignited my love for pokemon.

    Im waiting for the sinnoh remakes

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