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Thread: Interesting Team Builds

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    Interesting Team Builds

    What are some interesting and unique team builds you've gone for over the years, if you can remember? I mostly mean just for storyline playthroughs, as I've hardly ever played competitively, but they can be included too!

    I was inspired to ask this question when I decided to really go back to my own Pokémon roots. Playing on my 3DS Virtual Console version of Red, I thought to use a team constructed entirely from the first real item of Pokémon merchandise that I obtained; the Brushfire theme deck from the Base Set TCG.

    This means when challenging the Elite Four and the Champion, my team will be comprised of the six evolutionary lines found in that deck;

    Charizard, Ninetales, Arcanine, Beedrill, Nidoking, and Tangela.

    How about you guys; done anything similar, or just have an interesting build you want to share?
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    I have been in the Competitve field for a while now, back around the time Gen 2 came out i really got into the competitive mindset. Back then i would use broken stuff, i admit.

    But I like doing storyline sets too, though, i keep with the same theme. No stacking types. Which means I wouldn't have more than one of a type. Fire is a really good starting base, most fire starters are really well made (embroar suuuuuucks) even Gen 1 Charizard was decent and could do well in the E4. I would usually follow with a grass type to neutralize the weaknesses of the former type.

    So, for Gen 1 i would usually go Charizard, Victreebell, a swap up of Poliwrath/Starmie/Slowbro, Jolteon, Rhydon/Dugtrio/Marowak, Gengar.

    Jolteon and Gengar were my babies.

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    I'm still proud of my Sailor Moon theme team I first built back in the RBY days, and went with me to Johto in GSC:

    Serena the Persian (Moon)
    Amy the Dewgong (Mercury, the closest I've ever come to lv. 100)
    Raye the Ninetales (Mars)
    Lita the Pikachu (Jupiter-my favorite of the main five Sailors because she reminded me of Ash in many ways)
    Mina the Pidgeot (Venus)
    Trista the Kadabra (Pluto)
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    I generally just try to avoid using as many overlapping types as possible, unless I'm doing a monotype challenge or something similar. Though I also like building teams with a "theme", such as one time when I made a team in Platinum based on Legend of Zelda: Link the Gallade, Zelda the Gardevoir, Saria the Leafeon, Midna the Weavile, Epona the Rapidash, and Poe the Mismagius.

    I haven't done a "theme" team for the story mode in a while and I kinda wanna do that. Maybe for when I finally get Let's Go Eevee...

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