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Thread: K-Pop

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    Quote Originally Posted by Voltaire Magneton View Post
    That's Amber and her What The Pineapple channel!

    YES PLEASE DO LOL Just message me if you're looking for more songs that are similar to those that you like from the groups ^^
    Yeah that’s what I thought! I followed her on YouTube before I realized she was a member of f(x). XD
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    Quote Originally Posted by Noblejanobii View Post
    Exo and G Dragon are awesome ngl.
    While EXO is probably one of my favorites, i tend to listen to G Dragon more when i am in a KPOP mood. I guess because i have been leaning more towards rap lately, im not sure.

    I need to listen to more kpop

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    K-pop is pretty good. I'm not a huge fan, but here and there, I'll play Superstar Smtown for Shinee. I also sometimes listen Bts and other groups but not that often.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Voltaire Magneton View Post
    I have been summoned!

    Since y'all should know my stances on this topic by now LOL, I'll just go straight into music recommendations for Bulbasaur and others who are curious enough to try.

    Also since K-Pop is known for mix-and-matching different genres and the genre itself is better defined as a coverage of music in the Korean language than on its music itself, I'll be writing these based on groups and their establised sounds.

    DAY6 - (My favorite group as of now and) is actually a band than a dance group. Of note is that their songs are composed by themselves and that out of five members, four of them are vocalists (the other one, the drummer, has snippets of vocals in recent works). Their songs are great introductions to K-Rock, also their songs range from heavy to mellow-emotional and sometimes both.

    Song Recs:
    Days Gone By - Most recent release, they're going for a retro sound for this song and it shows!
    Shoot Me - Their heaviest title track yet.
    I Need Somebody - Starts out mellow but turns to rock by the end.
    You Were Beautiful - Ballad-esque, but the instrumentals are headbang-worthy imo
    All Alone - not-rock, pure vocals and the instruments this time around (xylophone, shakers) are bought from non-professional music stores to invoke a raw/amateur effect.

    They also do J-Rock, and they sound just like the genre!
    If ~Mata Aetara
    Stop The Rain - has an interesting structure!
    Breaking Down

    B-sides for recommendation are: Headache, 121U, Somehow, Hunt, and Colors.

    NCT 127 - Experimental sounds, definitely not general public-friendly. They are under a bigger group which is NCT itself, this sub-group is S Korea based (127 is Seoul's longitude coordinate), so there's more room for exploration!

    Song Recs:
    Simon Says
    Regular - Also has an English version!
    Touch - A deviation from their usual sound, softer this time.
    Cherry Bomb

    Monsta X - Intense/heavy rap and instrumentals and melodic vocals, still with cohesion imo. Their B-sides are more diverse in terms of genres.

    Song Recs:
    Beautiful - Their definitive sound, perfectly balanced (as it should be.)
    Shoot Out - Their recent release!
    Dramarama - Instrumentals are not as heavy as usual here, but everything's the same.
    Stuck - That rap verse? WOW.

    Red Velvet - A girl-group! Said to be in between public-friendly and experimental. In addition, their songs are divided into Red (poppy, energetic, fun) and Velvet (sultry, subtle, velvety???).

    Song Recs:
    Red Flavor - Red, summery
    Power Up - Red, summery
    Peek-a-Boo - Velvet, though is close to Red (think of a sliding scale)
    One of These Nights - Velvet, ballad
    Automatic - Velvet, sultry
    Russian Roulette - said to be in between Red and Velvet
    Dumb Dumb - one of their most defining songs in the Red category
    Bad Boy - Velvet, also has an English version!
    Really Bad Boy - recent release, Red, also their MOST POLARIZING song amongst the fandom, even I don't like it tbh

    f(x) - A girl-group, same company as above! Experimental AF especially in their B-sides, in which they shine. Their three albums, Pink Tape, Red Light, and 4 Walls, are considered as the Holy Trinity of K-Pop albums due to its content!

    Song Recs:
    4 Walls - often said to be fitting in an H&M store LMAO
    Diamond - of the Trap genre.
    Kick - infamous in the rhythm game community this song is featured in.
    Spit It Out - EDM territory
    Shadow - lowkey a FNAF soundtrack
    Airplane - if you know Zedd, the song's similar to his style
    Papi - will make you feel like a rich CEO LMAO


    Other groups tend to be more flexible in genres, but rather they have a distinctive sound, so I can't really expand on them. I can entertain questions and song recs if you are familiar with one or a few of their songs. ^^

    (yes i typed this all in one go)
    I don't know if that's enough. XD

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