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Thread: Renny Thomas (Platinum)

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    Renny Thomas (Platinum)

    GCEA Version: Platinum
    Points Earned From Posting: 91
    Other points earned (Points from Sketch Book/Journal and In game Bonuses): 74
    Total Points Earned: 165
    Points Spent: 116
    Current Points: 49
    Trainer Name: Renny Thomas

    Character Info

    Story Version: (Diamon)
    Name: Renny (Lawrance Thomas)
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Renny wears glasses, and his clothing style is very casual. He wears cargo pants with pockets. He has dirty blond hair that is shaggy and falls right above his line of sight.
    Height/Weight: 6'2" inches tall, 200 points, not muscular
    Personality: Renny is a very laid back guy when it comes to stressful and high-pressure situations. Renny doesn't seem to affect by too much. This calming and relaxed nature has made it easy for him to coast by. Renny does lose focus when he hits a certain point of stress causing him to lash out.
    Personal Traits that describe your character: Calm, not easily excitable, friendly, but anti-social more at times preferring to read and film pokemon. He is incredibly talented in the arts but has never really expressed his passions with others.
    Backstory: Rennys life can be narrowed down to one point. The passing of his father when he was 3. Though he doesn't remember much about the event. The reaction to the event set his life down another path. Rennys mother sheltered him to the point of it being detrimental to his social IQ. She provided him with the best of everything, including a great education and access to technology.
    1. Family: His mother Karen and his Grandmother Ruth are his lifeline. His Meowth Denver and Tddiursa Arink are his closet friends.
    2. Pokemon experience: Rennys is knowledgeable about pokemon behavior and diet. In order to capture raw footage for his many short movies he had to learn about pokemon likes and dislikes. He has very limited battling experience. To him battling isnt a big deal and will find this part of training tough.
    3. Past experience that has defined your character: Renny has lived a sheltered life. The deaht of his father changed his family even before he was aware of it. Leaving the safety of his home will be his biggest test.
    4. Special Talents: Rennys talents lie an easing presents that makes pokemon universally comfortable around him. This skill has been document as he become the focus of his own documentary.
    Special Pokemon: Teddiursa known as Aarink was orininally a therapy pokemon who visited his mom. Eventually the pokemon warmed up to the young Renny and has helped him in situations where he cant control his emotions.
    Personal Goals: To become a world famous doctumentry film maker.
    Pet Peeves: Bullying and mistreatment of pokemon.
    Region: Alola is home region
    Favorite Pokemon: Mudsdale
    Favorite Type: Normal, Fairy

    What starter Pokemon: Turtwig
    Drawing or Writing: Drawing and Writing are both fine
    Contest Starter: Popplio

    Pokedex Info

    Pokemon In Party: (4/6) ♂ ♀

    Cornelius (M)(Fire)
    Points: 20

    Valerie (F)(Water)
    Points: 20

    Delta (F)(Flying/Normal)
    Points: 14

    Fiddle (M)(Bug)
    Points: 8

    Echo (F)(Flying/Poison)
    Points: 9

    Wilykit (F)(Electric)
    Points: 15

    Partner Pokemon
    Arrny (F)(Normal)

    (Sinnoh Dex=8)(Sinnoh Captures=5)(Sinnoh Evolved=3)(Sinnoh Fully Evolved=1)
    Monferno, Staravia, Kricketune, Zubat, Shinx

    (National Dex) (Full Dex=11)(Captures=7)(Evolved=4)(Fully Evolved=1)
    Brionne, Teddiursa

    Boxed Pokemon:()

    First Stage Pokemon
    - Shinx (Wilykit)(Lv 14)- In Party
    - Zubat (Echo)(f)(Lv 9)- In party

    Second Stage Pokemon
    - Monferno (Cornelius)(m)(Lv 20) - In party
    - Staravia (Delta)(f)(Lv 14) - In Party
    - Brionne (Valerie)(f)(Lv 20) - In party

    Final Stage
    -Kricketune (Fiddle)(Lv 10) - In Party

    Held Items

    - Entering first Tourny -3

    Captures: (Points spent:-28)
    - Kriketot (lv 6) - 6
    - Strarly (lv 5) -5
    - Zubat (lv 9) - 9
    - Shinx (lv 8) - 8

    Evolution: (Points spent:-8)
    - Chimchar to Monferno (- 10 Levling UP) = -4
    - Starly to Staravia (-10 levling up)= -4
    - Popplio to Bronne (- 10 leveling up)= -7
    - Kricketot to Kricketune (- 4 leveling up)= -6

    Leveling Up: (Points spent: -20)
    - Chimchar (lv 5 to lv 10)-10
    - Popplio (lv 5 to lv 10) -10
    - Kricketot (lv 6 to lv 8) - 4
    - Starly (lv 5 to lv 10) - 10
    - Brionne (lv 17 to lv 20) - 6
    - Monferno (lv 14 to lv 20) - 12
    - Shinx (lv 8 to lv 14) - 12

    Temporary/Traded Away/Deceased: (Points:0)

    [u]Unlocked Pokemon/Gift/Free Pokemon: (-0)
    _ Growlithe egg no cost

    Achievements (0)
    (Gym Badge or special unlocks )

    Jobs: (+60)
    (If you have a job)
    - +20 Week 2 Jobs

    Events/Bonus Cash: (+12)
    - Intro Tournament + 12

    Battle Points: (+0)

    Event Log:
    Day 2 - Sophie framed me! But hey got a job and new epiqument (Drooling)

    GCEA Journal:
    Entry:#1 Points: 14


    GCEA Sketch Book:
    Entry:# Points:
    -Entry: #1 - Points: 13
    -Entry: #2 - Points: 15

    Total: 28

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