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Thread: What Type Am I?

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    What Type Am I?

    There’s a couple trends going around Twitter right now, one involving artists asking their followers what Pokémon type they think the artist is, and the other involving artist making pokesonas except they’re fakemon! I want to participate in both but I’m undecided as to what I want my fakemon sona to be like. So we’re starting with the typing since that’s the other trend!

    What Pokémon type do you guys think I am?
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    I said it in the Discord, but I still see you as the Fire/Grass type. Able to show your kindness towards others and be there to help, but if anyone ever gets on your bad side you can get back at them turning up the heat pretty easily.

    So I'd still say Grass/Fire

    The time is upon us...

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    You’re Grass/Dark, no question about it. Don’t really have a way to justify it, but yeah.

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