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    Kinnie Gutamen (Platinum)


    GCEA Version: Platinum
    Post count/points earned from posts: 53
    Other Points Earned (Events/Sketchpad/Journal/Jobs/in-game Bonuses): 206
    Total Points Acquired: 257
    Points Spent: 164
    Current Points: 95
    Trainer Name: Kindrea "Kinnie" Gutamen

    Character Info:
    Name: Kindrea "Kinnie" Gutamen

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female


    Medium skin toned, somewhat tall and slender. Short dark blue hair that has two strips framing her face. It spikes out at the sides. She wears black overalls over a bluey-green top, which is mostly obscured by a small shawl draped over her shoulders and chest. She wears boots and carries a red side bag. She has a small bracelet made of woven leather from her father.

    Height/Weight: 5'7", 130lbs

    Personality: Kinnie is reserved and untrusting, often questioning people's motives. She likes to make judgements based on small observations and body language, preferring not to engage in excessive conversation. However, around people she is comfortable with, Kinnie can be a bit more open. She has trouble understanding some humour, and rarely makes jokes of her own. Her smiles are rare. She has an innocent curiosity about her which sometimes distracts her, and is always eager to learn.


    1. Family: Kinnie is an only child and a product of a single father whose care for her was great and plentiful, but lacked a lot of emotion. He taught her many valuable life skills and often took her out camping and hiking, and tested her survival skills. She was educated less than the average child, as her father saw academia as less important than practical, useful skills. As a result she never made solid friendships and has been devoid of any close relationships. Her father smiled rarely, but whenever he smiled, so would Kinnie.

    2. Pokemon experience: Kinnie has only ever seen pokemon as a means to an end. A helping hand, a useful bodyguard, or an accessory. This is born not from a disregard for them, but more because that was how she was taught to see them. She has had one pokemon her whole life who she has always treated well, but similarly to how her father parented her, she raised her pokemon practically rather than emotionally, but never harmed or pushed them too hard.

    3. Past experience that has defined your character: Her upbringing mostly, and an absence of peer relationships has had an impact on her social skills--or lack thereof.

    4. Special Talents: Kinnie has had experience out in the wilderness and can pretty stealthily track other creatures, and is aware of basic survival necessities. She has basic archery training.

    Special Pokemon: The one pokemon Kinnie reared and kept was a meditite, who later evolved into a medicham.

    Personal Goals: Kinnie never really had personal goals. (Will probably develop these as time goes on.)

    Pet Peeves: Arrogance, unnecessary loud noises, cruelty, chatterboxes.

    Region: Alola

    Favorite Pokemon: N/A

    Favorite Type: No favourites, but partial to grass, dark and flying.

    Pokémon In Party: (6/6)

    Hannig ♂
    Points: 18

    Vilne ♂
    Points: 15

    Fiona ♀
    Points: 15

    Guinness ♂
    Points: 18

    Beluga ♀
    Points: 15

    Lonroch ♀
    Points: 14

    PokéDex Info

    Partner/Not Usable Pokémon:



    Grubbin | (10 posts) [x]

    National Dex - 5 ; Full dex count = 12 ; Captures = 6 ; Evolved = 5 ; Fully evolved = 0
    #246 Larvitar
    #387 Turtwig
    #388 Grotle
    #396 Starly
    #397 Staravia
    #399 Bidoof
    #400 Bibarel
    #401 Kricketot
    #402 Kricketune
    #403 Shinx
    #404 Luxio
    #736 Grubbin

    Event Pokémon:

    Birthday 2019:
    Larvitar (shiny) [x]
    Eevee [x]

    Boxed Pokémon: (1)

    Knack ♂
    Points: 10

    x 20

    Key Items:
    Journal, Sketchpad

    Misc. Expenses: (-5 Points)
    - Entered a tournament.

    Poké Mart (-33)
    33 - Oreburgh haul! 20 Poke balls, 2 potions and a net ball.

    Captures: (-34 points)

    8 - Vilne the Shinx
    3 - Bidoof capture
    6 - Kricketot
    5 - Starly
    12 - Budew

    Evolutions: x2 (-72)
    18 - Hannig the turtwig... Hannig the grotle!
    15 - Vilne the shinx... Vilne the luxio!
    10 - Knack the kricketot... Knack the kricketune!
    15 - Fiona the bidoof... Fiona the bibarel!
    14 - Lonroch the starly... Lonroch the staravia!

    Levelling Up: (-20)
    20 - Beruga the grubbin lv. 5 --> lv. 15

    Temporary/Traded Away/Deceased: (0)



    Misc. Jobs (excl. grading): (+10)
    Week 1: +5 (+31 for grading)
    Week 2: +5 (+38 for grading)

    Events/Bonus Points: +23
    +8 - Tournament winnings
    +5 - For battling with the battle simulator.
    +10 - Meme war.

    Event Log:
    - Obtained first pokémon, a turtwig. [x]
    - Caught first pokémon, a shinx. [x]
    - Entered a tournament on our way to Jubilife. [x]
    - Won the tournament and obtained an egg. [x]
    - Obtained a Pokétch from Dash Corp. [x]
    - Battled in a battle simulator and lost. [x] Rematch. [x]

    GCEA Journal: (+45)
    Kinnie's Journal #1 (+15), Kinnie's Journal #2 (+15), Kinnie's Journal #3 (+15)

    Journals Graded (8 points per grading): (+48)
    #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6,

    Total Points:

    GCEA Sketch Book:

    Sketchpad Entries Graded (5 points per grading): (+75)
    #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11, #12, #13, #14, #15, #16

    Total Points:
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