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Thread: Gotta Catch Em' All: Decimation Blue (Open!)

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    Rose had almost forgotten how hungry she was until Morty mentioned food.

    "Th-thank you." Rose said before taking a bite of her food.

    "Do you want some too?" She asked Amirah, taking a forkful of food and holding it up for the tiny Pokemon. After eating, Rose rested for a while. Rose was still thinking about what she had remembered from the Pokemon tower. As she was considering talking to the others about it, she heard the doorbell ring. She watched as Morty went to the door.

    Rose was visibly startled when a trainer appeared out of thin air. People normally couldn't get that close without Rose sensing them. Something about meeting a person she couldn't detect made her feel uneasy. Rose stood close to Meghan, slightly on edge.

    The trainer introduced herself as Darci, and explained about her abilities. Rose listened, almost more interested in the types of powers that this world's Inquisitor gems had been giving people than in how the trainer was going to help them.

    "Share it with others?" Rose questioned. "You mean... you can make us invisible too?"
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    Morty said disguises wouldn't be enough and that they should wait for a friend who was coming to help them. He then made them lunch, which Brandon shoveled down his throat like he had never eaten a day in his life. In under a minute, he gobbled up a full plate food. Feeling tired and still in pain from the fight, Brandon decided to take a nap in a comfy looking recliner.

    He didn't want to leave his new energetic Rotom by himself while he slept though, so he took a pokeball out of his pack and said to Sparky "Alright you gotta hang out in here for a bit little buddy, I am tired and need some sleep". The little Rotom zapped its little wings and flew around him excitedly before letting out an understanding "ROO TOMM" and compliantly landing on top of the pokeball. It opened and sucked the pokemon into the ball. Brandon then placed the ball in a side pocket of his pack for safe keeping.

    He then leaned back in the recliner and drifted off to sleep.

    He was awoken by the sound of the doorbell. It snapped him awake and his hand instinctively went to Skipper's pokeball on his belt. When he didn't see any alarm on Morty's face as he got up to answer the door he retracted his hand from the ball and stood up to greet the newcomer. But when Morty answered the door. there was no one there! After a few seconds Morty started to walk back to the couch he had been on, when again the bell rang. He went back to the door and opened it again. At first, as before there was no one there. Then out of no where a voice said "At least one of you haven't lost your touch". This was followed by a trainer appearing literally out of thin air.

    Brandon's jaw dropped when he saw the trainer (who was introduced as Darci) appear and he just stood there for a few seconds to process what he just saw. He rubbed his eyes and pinched himself to make sure he wasn't dreaming. When he was satisfied this was reality, his brain immediately began to race trying to figure out how it was possible for a human to go invisible at will. It defied all logic and should be IMPOSSIBLE. The thinking immediately gave him a massive migraine, that made him sink back into the recliner.

    When the trainer started talking about her 'gift' Brandon shouted out "INVISIBLE... BUT... THATS IMPOSSIBLE! IT DEFIES ALL LOGIC". Brandon's head was really hurting now and he couldn't bare to think anymore, his head felt like it was gonna explode. There had been way too much impossible stuff that had happened to him today, it was all too much for him to take in.

    He put his hand on his forehead as he continued to stare at Darci in shock at what he had just witnessed.
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    Disguises wouldn't be enough? Kyo supposed this was true in some regard, but it wouldn't hurt to get a change in appearance either way if they could help it. Her stomach rumbled at the mention of food and Kyo suddenly remembered how exhausted she was. With all the adrenaline of the situation Kyo had somehow managed to completely forget. She graciously accepted the food and tried her best not to scarf it down. After a bit, she sat down and leaned up against a wall, resting her eyes. She wasn't sleeping per say, but she needed whatever rest should could get. She held her Meowstic and Light Rotom close, both seeming to need rest as well.

    Then the person of the hour arrived. She introduced herself as Darci and explained that her power wasn't invisibility per say, but something akin to that. She explained herself as someone "who got to close to a magic rock and changed". That was interesting. Kyo wondered exactly what that meant. Still, she explained that her gift could be shared with others. That could be useful. Kyo stood up to speak, lifting Meowstic into her arms. But Brandon and Rose beat her to it. Brandon began to claim invisibility was impossible, causing Kyo to raise her eyebrows. He did realize they were in an alternate dimension right?

    "So you're here to help us. How's this going to work?" she asked.
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