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Thread: Pokemon Feature Requests (Core Series)

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    Post Pokemon Feature Requests (Core Series)

    Pokémon: Ultra Sun & Moon introduced ride Pokémon, an enhanced daycare system, Pokémon pictures, an enhanced battle UI, and the removal of HMs.

    Pokémon: Let’s Go Pikachu & Evee introduced the ability to rename Pokémon nicknames, an enhanced PC Box, and the removal of random encounters.

    These features have significantly improved the playing experience Pokémon video games offer. However, there are a few more features the core-series needs to implement before it can once again be as dominant as it was during generations 1-3.

    You can read my full Feature Request List as a PDF on Google Drive.

    What are your thoughts?

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    Well we could always change nicknames you just had to go to the name rater for it. Though having your PC with you at all times I’d pretty handy. Overall I feel like USUM contributed bigger and better features though, especially given I doubt LGPE will have many lasting changes on the series.
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    Yeah having the name rater makes noooooo sense and it's an old, dead thing that needs to go. You should definitely be able to change your pokemon's names on the go. The PC box, however, I'm not so sure should stay LG:PE style. I think it kind of makes no sense and while it makes for a great and easier playing experience, how would trainers magically be able to access all their stored pokemon while out in the wild? Granted, a PC doesn't make a lot of sense either and neither does capturing pokemon and having them go magically to the PC box. XD But anyway, I agree with Noble that LG:PE is a unique game which won't really have permanent changes.

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    I know LGPE probably won't have a lot of changes, but I do hope at least some of them are kept, namely the ability to dress up your Pokemon (though I know this will most likely be restricted to just your starter if it stays), walking/following/ride Pokemon, Pokemon of variable sizes (seriously, this is so cool), and wild Pokemon in the overworld.


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