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Thread: So hey

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    Welcome to the forum! :D Great to see you here. I hope you enjoy all we have to offer. :3

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    Hey there, welcome to PXR! We're a cool and friendly bunch and we've got plenty of great and talented writers and artists here.

    Thanks for joining and hope to see you around! :3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rival Max View Post
    The pub, what country are you from ?? Just curious.

    What games are playing these days ? Did you play lets go pikachu/eevee?
    I’m from England. And you? I haven’t played let’s go pikachu/eevee though I would really like too. I’ve been playing the relaunched Spyro the dragon a lot at the moment and I’m looking to get RDR2 soon as well

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    Hey! Glad to have you aboard. :D

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