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Thread: General GCEA Discussion/Questions

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    @Rival Max

    Hey! Looks like theres some cool changes going on around here lately!
    I have a few questions;

    - Do you need help with achievements? Is it an old defunct thing, or still being created?
    - In achievements, it mentions battling your 'rival'. Do we self determine a rival who is a PC and someone in our group story? Or is a rival an NPC? Can it be either? WHO WANTS TO BE PALILAS RIVAL <3

    - Are journal posts and sketchbook posts once a week regardless of which character/story they are for, or are we able to do 2 if we had characters in 2 stories? I'm assuming its once a week no matter which character it is for, but I just wanna check.

    - Will team Galactic story still battle gyms? If they don't, how will I know what level my character can control pokemon up to?
    Im glad you like some of the updates. Ill try my best to respond below. If anything comes out unclear let me know.

    1 the achievements is an old thread that was only used for a brief time. However I am making updates and if you wanted to help me come up with some achievements or have suggestions the help would be welcome. Funny enough I was going to contact you to see if you might want to help.
    2. Rivals is a little more tricky. When we made the thread for x and y we actually had the pcs create rivals. As it stands now you could have a rival but you would need to work up one to add to sinnoh. The rivals in kanto work differently. I choose them awhile back.
    3. The wording of your journal question threw me off. If you have two characters you can post once a week for each of them. So you could do multiple a week but only one for a specific character.
    4. Your in a unique position. You will be able to control a higher level pokemon for a little while before the others catch up. Youll still be able to do the rank up battles though. SoThere will be tests but gyms will also be an option if she wants to choose those over the rank up battles. Will need to work this out

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