Time to go out and find some Legendary Pokemon!
Some Pokemon are going to come to Pokemon GO. Both of them are coming for a short time depending on what you define as short . Get ready to see Deoxys and Rayquaza!
Defense Form Deoxys

There is going to be a change coming to EX Raid Battles starting on March 25. That is because Deoxys is going from Attack Form to Defense Form.
You can expect a long battle once Defense Form Deoxys enters EX Raid Battles. This Pokemon has impressive defenses and can take several power attacks. Make sure to bring Pokemon that can do Super Effective damage to Deoxys. If it can be done quickly then that would be even better! Best of luck in getting that EX Raid Pass!
Rayquaza Weekend

Rayquaza is coming back to Level 5 Raids for this weekend only. This weekend, starting on Friday, March 15 to Monday, March 18.
This weekend is going to be different compare to when Rayquaza was first introduced into Raid Battles. There are plenty of powerful Ice type Pokemon in the game such as Mamoswine and Weavile.
Please note that Shiny Rayquaza will not be making an appearance at raids.
Happy raiding!
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