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Thread: New Moves

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    New Moves

    Coro Coro recently released some information about a new move to be introduced in Pokemon Sword and Shield. They're hosting a contest to all Japanese residents to name the move, but other than the name all the other details of the movie itself (besides what pokemon can use it) have been released.

    Type: Steel
    Category: Special
    Damage: 140
    Effect: Does major damage but reduces user's Hit Points by 50%

    That is a heck of a recoil there if you ask me. Makes me wonder what pokemon will be getting access to this move. Do you think it'll be the new legendaries? And what other kind of new moves do you think we can expect to see in the new games.
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    That's a lot of recoil, and I think it might even be the first recoil move that's Special instead of Physical. I was thinking it might be related to Melmetal at first just because I saw Steel, but it already has Double Iron Bash, so it probably is meant for the new version legendaries, which given the names of the games might very well be Steel-types too.

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    Sounds like it’d be the Sword legendary if anything. With great offense you usually lack in defense, with great Defense you typically lack in offense. They say the best offense is a good defense and vice versa. So if the same goes for another name challenge we may see one that increases defense a hefty bit.

    Quite an interesting contest nonetheless.

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    Mind Blown does the same type of thing but it is Fire base.

    Metal...I like Metal. Reminds me of Metal Burst that is a Metal type Counter.
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    I forgot
    Sounds like instant doom desire with recoil.

    Doom Desire is my favorite move in the game aside from Sacred Fire. So thisll be cool.

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