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Thread: Shruikan's White 2 Nuzlocke

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    Shruikan's White 2 Nuzlocke

    So, since I was doing this challenge for another forum, I though I'd share it here as well.

    Welcome to a perfectly normal Nuzlocke of Pokemon White 2.
    <insert canned applause here>

    1: If a pokemon faints, it is considered dead and must be perma-boxed.
    2: You may only catch the first pokemon encountered on each route.
    2.5: Dupes clause; if the first encounter is of an evolution line I already have, it may be skipped, up to three times per route.

    Update 1:

    Bianca had told us one of us would be getting a trainer today. I had hoped it would be me, but it was still a surprise when my pokeball was lifted out of the the briefcase.

    Upon the ball opening, I was greeted by a smiling face. Bianca told me she was my new trainer. The girl said she was called Yune, and gave me the name Edward. She seems nice, and I can’t wait to see what kind of adventures we can go on now.

    As we walked away, a young trainer and their Oshawott attacked us. Yune seemed to know this person, but they seemed pretty scary to me. I managed to defeat the Oshawott thanks to Yune’s help, but I got pretty beaten up in the process.

    Bianca showed us around a place with lots of red and white, where they used a strange machine to magically heal my injuries. Then Bianca lead Yune around a bit and showed her lots of things I didn’t understand.

    After Bianca left, we were attacked by a Purrloin. It was very weak though, and I fought it off very well. When I had almost scared it off, Yune caught it in a pokeball. I don’t know why she did that. Am I not good enough for her? Or is this something to do with this “pokedex” thing Bianca was showing her?

    Another day, another victim. Whenever the bespectacled blonde girl came by, a new trainer always followed. And new trainers were prime targets.
    As expected, this new girl came walking along, Tepig in tow. Both had the wide eyed clueless gaze of one who knew nothing of the real world. This would be almost too easy.

    I prowled out, putting on my best innocent face, and meowed at the new trainer, rubbing against her leg.
    The girl reached down and stroked my back. She was falling for it hook line and sinker. I maneuvered myself closer to her unprotected bag. Now, just a few moments more…
    The girl pulled away at the last moment. As I cursed my back luck, she said something to her Tepig, whose stance changed. My fur prickled, and I began to back away, but the Tepig charged me. I was knocked flat by that bag of lard. That pokemon was stronger than the other starters before it. I was going to have to call this a lost cause and flee.
    However, as I turned on my heels to bolt, something caught me in the side of the head. A moment later I was inside a strange spherical space.
    Today was just not my day.

    After a while, the walls fell away and I was back in the real world again.
    It seems the girl wasn’t as clueless as I first thought. She gave me a name, which was nice I guess. Wild pokemon don’t have names, they know who everyone of importance is, and anyone else doesn’t need to be spoken of. But I must admit, the name she gave me has a feeling, like it’s alway been mine, deep down; Lethe.
    Then that Tepig helped me in some fights. I suppose it’s nice to have someone looking out for me, though I could do without the accompanying idiotic personality.

    So after training Lethe a bit, (Yune put me in charge of that. She already trusts me that much!) we continued on our journey. I’m not quite sure where we’re going, but I trust Yune to lead us.
    Along the way, we saw a wild looking man fall from atop a cliff. I though for sure he was a gonner, but her was unharmed somehow. He showed her through some more buildings, then we went off again.

    As we left, a strange child attacked us. He had a Patrat, and Lethe couldn’t beat it alone, but it was no match for me. Then a girl and her Purrloin went after us. Why does everyone in this world hate us? But Lethe handled this one on her own. I’m kind proud of her, and of myself for teaching her so well.

    So I must admit, that Tepig does know how to fight. He already taught me a few new tricks. Of course, he was gullible enough to show me everything, so pretty soon I won’t need his help anymore.

    So, we were apparently heading to the nearby ranch, to give some guy a map or something. Everything seemed to be going fine, until trainer girl ground to a halt. I snickered as the Tepig didn’t notice and walking into her leg.

    The reason the girl had stopped was a Sunkern. It was just standing in the middle of the road. Staring with it’s big round eyes. There was something sinister about it, roots planted firmly into the ground, slowly growing bigger. It was really freaking me out, so I let the Tepig stand in front, so if it tried anything I wouldn’t be the first target.
    We had gone around it, but just when I though we were safe, the trainer girl then went and caught it!
    Really, why would she do that?!

    <The Sunkern looks at you with a blank expression>

    <It says nothing, but its eyes follow you>

    <You can sense an evil aura coming from the seed pokemon>

    <You make up an excuse and quickly leave>

    Mareep! Mar Mareep Mar! Eep! 0w0

    Hah, fooled you didn’t I ;) You though I could only talk in pokemon-speak!
    What!? You mean you knew I was faking it all along?! Q_Q Aww. You’re no fun.

    So I was just grazing in Floccesy Ranch like normal, bored out of my mind. Do you know how bland grass tastes? Blegh. Especially when eating it’s pretty much all there is to do. And today it’s even worse than normal, thanks to the snow. You’d think, hey snow can add some extra texture or flavour, but nope. Just wetness and coldness. Somehow it made the grass even blander! >_>

    So anyway, I was there having the time of my life [/s] when all of a sudden, BAM! this pokeball hits me right in the melon. No warning or introduction or anything, just now I’ve got a new trainer. -_-

    Ok ok, so I’m not exactly sad about that. I mean, trainers and adventure and stuff! So the girl said she’s called Yune, and gave me a name. I mean, I had one already. Mareep #43. Yay.[/s] But Yune gave me a better one. Ilyana! ^‿^
    So yeah, now I’m super exited to see what will happen. Yune’s other pokemon are pretty interesting. There’s a Tepig who’s very action-heroey, and a Purrloin that puts on a show of being kinda fed up, but I bet secretly likes us. :3 Oh and a strange Sunkern who I can’t get a good read on.

    So right of the bat I was called up. This guy wanted to fight Yune, so he sent out an Oshawott. And obs I can take them thanks to my awesome grass munching powers!

    Just kidding, though I did win against the Oshawott. And then a few other trainers wanted to battle. But Catty and Flameboi took them down easy-peasy. And then a guy all in black threw a disc at Yune. IDK, maybe he though she was a CD player or something???

    So it turns out we were traveling to give a map to the scary guy from before. But we met some new companions along the way, so it all turned out good.
    The cliff man came back and got Yune to help teach some kids about battling. I was really exited to get to fight, but Yune chose Lethe instead. I guess she wanted to go easy on the kids.
    Anyway, we were told about a guy called Jim who was a strong trainer, so we went back to fight him.
    We got there, but Jim wouldn’t fight us until we proved ourselves worthy. I think he was just scared of my awesome strength.

    Ok, let’s get this straight. First off, the guy was not called “Jim,” he was the leader of the GYM. And secondly, the Tepig was weaker than both me and the Mareep then. In fact, that Mareep was crazy strong. She may act a bit weird, but remind me not to get on her bad side.

    The other trainers were barely worth mentioning. They were pathetically weak, going down with ease, one to me and one to the Mareep. The Gym leader had no excuses then. I don’t know why Yune wanted to fight him though. I could easily have swiped one of his badges without anyone noticing. He just left them in an unlocked box on the table nearby, just asking for a quick paw to slide in and snatch a few for mementos. But that Tepig wouldn’t let me go, saying we might be needed in the battles and we had to stay close and blah blah blah.

    The battle wasn’t even that interesting. Essentially it was half an hour of a Lilipup and a Mareep growling at each other, with the occasional actual attack, then a return to the stare down. I was impressed with the girl’s patience. Perhaps I should give her more credit. I only stayed awake because I was forced to.

    OMG(Or should that be OMA?), I just won the most amazing battle! :D And I also kinda almost died, which wasn’t so great. :(

    So, Yune picked me to lead in her first Gym battle. Cause you know, they say to always leave the important things to the sheep you just met. :P
    So those guys were strong. And they kept getting bulkier. I managed to paralyze them, and then just growled at them. They did,t do much damage that way, I imagine they were kinda weirded out by a growling sheep. An adorable ball of candyfloss growling at you would make me wary too. I think I said growling too much there. Oh, I just did it again! >_<

    So yeah, there was a time when my concentration wandered, and the Lilipup hit me right in the chest. It felt like he broke a few ribs or something. I was really worried for a moment. But then Yune gave me a bottle of water, and somehow it’s refreshing magic healed my wounds.
    No, I’m not making this up. It really happened like that.
    Yes, it did. >:(
    Hmph, fine don’t believe me then. But either way, in the end I managed to wear him down with some electrical bolts and won, without even needing any backup! XD

    So then Yune got a cool badge and another CD. I guess she really is a music player! Maybe she’s a DJ? But anyway, that was such an awesome battle! I can’t wait to see what happens next. *‿*

    <The Sunkern looks at you with its creepy stare>

    <It is now wearing a Basic Badge attached to its sprout>

    <You decide not to ask how it got it>

    <You quickly walk away>

    Tepig♂ - Edward
    LV.12 Naughty Nature.
    Tail Whip
    Odor Sleuth

    Purrloin♀ - Lethe
    LV.13 Careful Nature.
    Fury Swipes

    Sunkern♀ - Micaiah
    LV.4 Hasty Nature.

    Mareep♀ - Ilyana
    LV.14 Quirky Nature.
    Thunder Wave
    Thunder Shock

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    @Shruikan Thank you for posting this Nuzlocke, and congratulations on your first gym badge! Good luck with your adventure! :)

    Special thanks to Fate for this cute avatar and this cute banner! :D
    Special thanks to N7 for this awesome Chikorita GIF! :D
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    Looking good so far! Got a good team going there! Can’t wait to see what else happens.
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    Peeeerrrrrrrfectly normal isn’t bad. Still fun to see any kind of run. Nuzlockes are fun and interesting experiences to play and watch! Should be something awesome to watch as it develops more!

    The time is upon us...

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    I like the way you've decided to document this! It's really unique hearing it through the perspective of the pokemon. I like how their perspectives are so different as well. Makes for a very entertaining journey. xD I loved this:

    "And then a guy all in black threw a disc at Yune. IDK, maybe he though she was a CD player or something???"

    XDDD Oh dear. That mareep. Anyway, it's awesome so far! Feel free to tag me in future updates. :D

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    This is a really great narrative style, very enjoyable to read. I'm looking forward to future updates!
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