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Thread: Just had a nostalgia burst!!!

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    Just had a nostalgia burst!!!

    o the first game I ever played was pokemon soulsilver and god I played that game. like I played it for 3 years up until black 2 and I could only play like an hour each weekend day and on trips but somehow still clocked in like 600 hours

    so as you normally do at 11 I decided to take the emulator I installed on my phone when I got it and lunch the emerald nuzlocke I had

    everything went pretty normally it felt just as with sun where I kinda don’t feel anything about it. rushed through the intro and the first road without pokeballs go to the center to buy some, remember that in the old games the shops and heal are separate buildings, go eat see that blue roof go to it, enter the building

    then I saw that classic old room design and bursted with some mix of joy and nostalgia so much that it overwhelmed me and I was just basically spasming on my bed FetLife
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    Wait, I'm confused. XD You were playing Emerald and had a nostalgia burst? Is that what you're saying? I can relate to that. B) I haven't had nostalgia for Pokemon in a long time, though. Although I think Pokemon Quest gave me a bit of nostalgia, because they had their original cries.

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