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Thread: What aspect of Pokemon did you get into first?

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    Really obscure merchandise. Like, really obscure. It started off when I saw someone at a family party with a big Pikachu hat, then the next year me and my brother both got these weird binder things with calendars other stuff inside (as well as a Hamtaro one). Then a couple of years after that I got into the anime, just in time to get the first movie on video before we had DVDs. And then I got my GBA and started playing through Emerald; if I wasn't a fan before I got Emerald, I was 110% a fan after it. :D

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    I got a Gameboy Color and Pokemon Gold Version for my sixth birthday, but going back even further: I was at a friend's birthday party when I was five or so, and I got a pack of German-language Pokemon cards from the Team Rocket Expansion and I still have the very first Pokemon card that I got: Dunkles Flamara (Dark Flareon)
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    I believe I first got into it when my grandmother bought me Pokemon Yellow when I was 5 years old.


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