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Thread: Gotta Catch Em' All: Team Galactic Diamond

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    Palila listened to knuckles explanation, wondering what it would be like to have a mugshot taken. It sounded like the old west or something! When he explained about the interview, Palila tilted her head slightly. Maybe he wasn't the best person to be taking advice from, actually.

    "Being in prison a lot isnt exactly something to brag about, Mankey-brains." She snipped back at him, crossing her arms- unafraid because he was chained to the floor. Since the big guy was so happy to mention names, she figured the coast must have been clear enough to talk more freely.
    "Besides, your precious suave leader 'Oberon' SENT me to make a distraction, so, if you're going to get mad at anyone get mad at him." She flung one leg over another huffily and looked up at the ceiling
    "I technically did what was asked of me."

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    Knuckles was a little annoyed with both of Pat's answers. He wasn't bragging, just informing them that he had experience in here. He replied "I am not bragging, nor am I proud of it, but the fact is I was sent to Juvi a lot as a kid for getting into fights and beating people up, and so like it or not, I have experience in here that will be helpful at this moment. This isn't kindergarden, saying the wrong thing to someone in here can get you sent to the hospital. So you would be wise to listen to my advice while your in here."

    Knuckles paused and then addressed the distraction issue "I don't believe what you did was what Oberon had in mind at all, Oberon likes to do things discreetly, what you tried to do is the opposite of that. So don't try and tell me you were following orders when you hatched your ridiculous plan.... and I am still trying to decide what miss ranger girl (referring to Pat) was thinking charging at Police Officers... Did you think good things would happen from that? And yes me punching a cop wasn't smart at all, but I do dumb things when I am pissed off, and I did warn you guys not to piss me off didn't I?"
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    Somewhere along the line Luke and Isaac had gotten separated. Luke could barely make out what was going on through the sandstorm, but from what he could tell, the other three had gotten arrested. He felt a bit bad for ditching them, but there was nothing he could do to help. He wasn't going to risk getting arrested for people he hadn't even known a full day. Luke jumped as he saw a Pokemon approach him before realizing it was one of Oberon's.

    "Thank Arceus." He mumbled, annoyed at the whole situation. The rock type led Luke back to Oberon and Isaac. Luke listened impatiently as Oberon explained the situation.

    "Those three seem like more of a liability than actual help." Luke commented as Oberon finished talking. "Breaking them out sounds like a lot of effort. Effort that would be wasted if knuckles decides to punch another Police Officer the second he's free. They caused this, why don't we just let them sort it out?" he finished tiredly. Luke knew very well that the others would most likely not be able to break out without any external help, but he didn't care enough to want to help them. Luke also knew though that Oberon would most likely not give him much choice in the matter.


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