Plenty of new Sword & Shield news! All at E3!
Today was the Nintendo Direct but right after the big Nintendo news was a Pokemon Treehouse event! This Treehouse Event featured game play and news involving Pokemon Sword & Shield. Though, there was plenty of reveals from the demo that Pokemon fans were able to play at E3!
Prepare to see news about a new Gym Leader from Galar, new Wifi features, Max Raid battles, Wild Area Pokemon, New Pokemon and the Pokeball Plus!
New Galar Gym Leader

Meet Nessa! She is the Water type gym leader from the Galar region! She has a calm and collected attitude but is pretty competitive and indomitable. Her battle strategy is to overwhelm her opponent with powerful Water type moves!

Nessa’s key Pokemon will be Drednaw. She will use this Pokemon to Dynamax. It will be pretty easy to overwhelm opponents once her Drewdnaw has Dynamax. Especially with Max powered Water attacks.

Based on the screen captures, Nessa is a confident Water type trainer. She has already gather quite the fan following.
Fun fact: The number 049 on Nessa’s shorts is a Japanese pun that translates to “To Swim”. It seems as if Nessa loves to swim and we can expect her to be near water.
New Wifi Feature

Want to keep track of your friends in Pokemon Sword & Shield? Then get ready to learn how to use the Y-Comm!
The Y-Comm is a new online feature will allow users to find other players to take part in Max Raid Battles. It will also be used to find battles and trades via the internet or local communication.

You can find the Y-Comm feature on the bottom left-hand part of your screen. You will see icons to let you know when a friend wish to battle, trade or Max Raid Battle. It looks as if you can expand the Y-Comm icon to make it open up similar to a social media feed to see who wish to interact.
Max Raid Battles

More information about Max Raid Battles has been revealed. Below is what has been revealed from E3.

  • You can only take one Pokemon into a Max Raid Battle.
  • If that Pokemon is knocked out, you can still cheer on your friends that are taking part in the Max Raid Battle. This could provide some sort of assistance to the other trainers.
  • To start a Max Raid Battle, you will need to find a Pokemon Den that can emit a beam of red light.
  • Wild Dynamax Pokemon can have the ability to attack multiple times in a single turn, neutralize the challenging Pokémon’s Abilities, or even remove all stat changes that have been put in place.
  • Wild Dynamax Pokemon can produce barriers that must be broken down by repeatedly attacking it.
  • If the trainers are victorious in a Max Raid Battle then all trainers will be given the chance to capture the Pokemon. They will also be rewarded with several items.

Wild Area Pokemon

Pokemon found in the Wild Area will constantly be on guard and quite powerful. This means that some Pokemon may chase after you if they see you. Because of how powerful they are, you may not be able to throw a Pokeball at them at the start of your journey.
The weather will have an effect of the Pokemon that you may see but also the battlefield. For example, a battle with a thunderstorm in the Wild Area will cause the rain weather condition and Electric Terrain. This will cause an increasing in the power of Water- and Electric-type moves. You may also see an increase of certain type of Pokemon depending on the weather.
New Pokemon!

Two new Pokemon were revealed through the demo at E3. These two Pokemon are called Yamper and Impidimp.

Yamper is a corgi based Pokemon that is an Electric type Pokemon. It knows moves such as Spark, Wild Charge and Play Rough. Yamper has the Ball Fetch ability which allows it to collects the first failed throw of a PokéBall if it has no item.

Impidimp is an imp-like Pokemon with the Dark/Fairy typing. It knows attacks such as Sucker Punch and Play Rough.
PokeBall Plus

It has been revealed that the Pokeball Plus can be used with Pokemon Sword & Shield. You will be able to transfer a Pokemon from Sword & Shield into the Pokeball Plus and take it with you on the go.
If your Pokeball Plus is new or still has the Mew within it then you can transfer your Mew from the Pokeball Plus into Sword & Shield.
Lastly, the Pokeball Plus does not act as a controller for Pokemon Sword & Shield.
Other Information

It was revealed at E3 that only Pokemon within the Galar PokeDex can be transfer from Pokemon Home to Sword & Shield.
What does that mean?
Let say that you want to transfer the Landorus-Therian that you caught in Pokemon Sun into Sword & Shield. Though, it turns out that Landorus-Therian isn’t part of the Galar PokeDex. Because of that, Landorus-Therian is unable to be transfer and used in Sword & Shield battles.
This limitation is due to development time and balancing. Some Pokemon fans are upset over this fact. Though, it is unsure if Game Freak will address this later with a patch. Only time will tell.
What do you think about today’s new Pokemon information from E3? Let us know in the comments!
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