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Thread: Brandon "Knuckles" Smith (Galactic Diamond)

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    Brandon "Knuckles" Smith (Galactic Diamond)

    GCEA Version: Galactic
    Points Earned From Posting: 5
    Other points earned (Points from Sketch Book/Journal and In game Bonuses): 12
    Total Points: 17
    Points Spent: 0
    Current Points: 17
    Trainer Name: Brandon "Knuckles" Smith

    Character Info

    Story Version: Not sure what to put here
    Name: Brandon (Nickname Knuckles)
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Brown hair, blue eyes, when not in team galactic uniform he likes to wear a tshirt and sweat pants.
    Height/Weight: 6" weighs about 200 pounds
    Personality: Brandon is a tough witted know it all how who loves a good fight, he never backs down from a fight no matter how unlikely he is to win. He shows now mercy to his opponents and will do whatever it takes to win a fight or battle.
    Personal Traits that describe your character: Brazen, Bold, Smart Aleck, Mean, Manipulative and sneaky when he needs to be
    Backstory: In his previous life before being a grunt, he lived in he Kanto region. He was always manipulating people to get what he wanted and if they wouldn't give him what he wanted, he push them around or beat them until he got what he wanted. He was thrown out of every middle and high school he had ever been in, up until he dropped out of school and moved to Sinnoh two years ago to live with his uncle until he passed away a year ago. Now he is supposed to live in a foster home, but he never there cause he runs away all the time. His real family is Team Galactic now and he spends his time doing dirty work for Team Galactic and he enjoys every bit of it.

    1. Family: Mom and a sister who still in Sinnoh. Has one uncle who he lived with in Sinnoh until he died. He nows lives in a foster home in Sinnoh
    2. Pokemon experience: Just what he has acquired from stealing little kids pokemon in school and also what he has learned in his small amount of time with Galactic. Consider him beginner level still.
    3. Past experience that has defined your character: As mentioned before, Brandon was the local tough guy, he was the school bully since age 13. This is primarily the result of his Dad passing away when he was 12 and the year of grief that followed led him to fall in with the wrong crowd and become the bully he become.
    4. Special Talents: None
    Special Pokemon: None
    Personal Goals: To be the best fighter and team galactic grunt ever. Hopes to be promoted in the future.
    Pet Peeves: Weaklings and people who are treat their pokemon like their family or like pets. They are nothing more then a tool to be used to get what you want, nothing more, nothing less. Stop treating them like pets people!
    Region: Kanto
    Favorite Pokemon: Anything with fire!
    Favorite Type: FIRE!
    Starter pokemon: Chimchar

    Pokedex Info

    Pokemon In Party: (1/6) ♂ ♀

    1.) Chimchar (M)
    Nickname: Destroyer

    Points: 5






    Partner Pokemon
    Machop (M)
    Nickname: Intimidator

    Points: 5

    (Sinnoh Dex=)(Sinnoh Captures=0)(Sinnoh Evolved=0)(Sinnoh Fully Evolved=0)

    National Dex : (Full Dex=1)(Captures=0)(Evolved=0)(Fully Evolved=0)
    (Does not count towards your Kanto Dex info, So these are event. Only pokemon that are NOT included in the GCEA Sinnoh Dex belong here. )

    Boxed Pokemon:(0)

    First Stage Pokemon

    Second Stage Pokemon

    Final Stage

    Held Items

    (Anything you purchase such as Lotto Tickets, Berries or Pokemon Mart purchases)

    Captures: (Points spent:-117)

    Evolution: (Points spent:-)

    Leveling Up: (Points spent: -)

    Temporary/Traded Away/Deceased: (Points:0)

    [u]Unlocked Pokemon/Gift/Free Pokemon: (-0)

    Achievements (0)
    (Gym Badge or special unlocks )

    Jobs: (+)
    (If you have a job)

    Events/Bonus Cash: (+)
    (Any bonus that was not earned through a battle goes here)

    Battle Points: (+0)

    Event Log:
    (Keep Track of daily events or things you want to remember)

    GCEA Journal:
    Entry: Points: 12
    Total: 12

    GCEA Sketch Book:
    Entry:# Points:
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