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Thread: Pokemon Platinum Randomizer Playthrough

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    Pokemon Platinum Randomizer Playthrough

    So, I am here starting a Randomizer playthrough on pokemon Platinum. I wasn't sure where to put it but here seemed to be the most logical as it's not going to be a Nuzlocke, it's gonna be a normal playthrough just with a randomizer.

    So first things first, I would like to ask you guys how I'm going to set it up. I have two randomizers installed (This is going to be through Emulator, but I've already got all 3 Sinnoh games so I feel like I have contributed my money for it to be fair). I will use both of them together. The first one is the Universal Randomizer and the second is the hue randomizer so I can have randomized colour palettes.

    So it is a more fun experience for everyone, I wanted to ask what you guys would want me to randomize for the game. The list of stuff is:

    Pokemon Traits

    • PKMN Base Stats
    • PKMN Abilities
    • PKMN types
    • PKMN evolutions (can be randomized completely or changed so trade evolutions etc evolve by level up)

    Starters, Static Pokemon and in-game trades

    • Starter PKMN
    • Static encounters (Keeping the status e.g. a static legendary would always be a random legendary. Or this could be completely random)
    • In-Game Trades (Nicknames, OT and Items can also be randomized)


    • Move data (Power, accuracy, PP and types)
    • Pokemon's movesets (completely random or prefer same type)


    • Random trainer PKMN
    • Random Trainer name & Class

    Wild Pokemon

    • Random wild PKMN
    • Type themed areas
    • Randomize held items

    TM/HM and tutors

    • Random TM moves
    • Full HM compatibility
    • Random Move tutor moves
    • Compatibility can be random, full or prefer type.

    Field items and Misc

    • Random field items
    • Randomize catching Tutorial

    Pokemon Colour Palette

    • Completely random (Colours may be wild and jarring, some shading might not look right)
    • Random Hue (Could look similar but could look very different. Shading and colour combinations might look better)
    • Slight Variation
    • Change one Colour
    • Colour by type (The pokemon will appear to have a colour that resembles it's type. e.g A grass type will appear green. This could work if I randomize the type)

    What do you guys think? When they have been decided I will make a little banner thing for this OP to show what has been randomized along with having sections for my team etc and then each chapter.

    I downloaded the colour randomizer today and checked it out and it seemed to love neon purple and blue/green together. They looked horrific lol.
    I also somehow got so lucky that I have Jirachi as a random starter AND in the grass at lake Verity there were wild Shaymin AND Lugia. Not sure what happened with that game haha.
    Some people who may be interested @Cleobel @Suicune's Fire @Pokemon Trainer Sarah



    Chapter 1: Let the journey begin [Intro & Tutorial]
    Chapter 2: Leaving Home [Up until Gym Badge One]
    Chapter 3: Enter Team Galactic [Up until Gym Badge Two]
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    @Coru Thank you for posting this! Here is what I would like you to randomize :

    Pokemon Traits

    PKMN Abilities
    PKMN evolutions (changed so trade evolutions etc evolve by level up)

    Starters, Static Pokemon and in-game trades

    Starter PKMN
    Static encounters (Keeping the status e.g. a static legendary would always be a random legendary.)
    In-Game Trades (+ Nicknames, OT and Items)


    Pokemon's movesets (prefer same type)


    Random trainer PKMN
    Random Trainer name & Class

    Wild Pokemon

    Random wild PKMN
    Randomize held items

    TM/HM and tutors

    Random Move tutor moves

    Field items and Misc

    Randomize catching Tutorial

    Pokemon Colour Palette

    Random Hue (Could look similar but could look very different. Shading and colour combinations might look better)

    Good luck with your adventure! o/

    Special thanks to Fate for this cute avatar and this cute banner! :D
    Special thanks to Deoxys for this awesome Chikorita GIF! :D

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    Hey Coru!

    For things like this I seem to have a somewhat rigid approach; I like things to be as balanced as they can be while still being random, and also, I never trust automatic recolours. xD They always look awful and sticking with regular colours or editing them yourself are the only two options I'd ever go with, ahaha.

    I also mostly disable legendaries for starters or trainer pokemon, but finding them in the wild can be fun. xD But randomising practically everything else could be fun. :3c Definitely things like item pickups. Types and abilities can get really tricky, but since you're not doin ga nuzlocke, I think a lot of these things won't be as bad as if you were. Because it can get hard. xD

    Whatever you decide, have fun! :D

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    I kinda like the random colours idea but I imagine most Pokemon will look completely awful, so I guess it just depends if you mind or not. XD

    Random moves on Pokemon sounds pretty fun. I always loved using Metronome in the early games haha. I probably wouldn't mess with stats or types as that could turn it more into just pressing random buttons and hoping for the best, if that makes sense, since you will have no idea what the opponent Pokemon actually is/can do.

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    Hi guys,
    Sorry it's been a while, been super busy due to graduation and job interviews etc so haven't had chance to start it. I already find adult life super stressful lol.

    So I basically went with the set that Cleobel suggested as you all seem to agree that it would be interesting. I also randomized abilities too, I thought that would make it quite fun and add a little twist to some battles.
    So the stuff that I randomized was:
    • Change trade evolutions
    • Pokemon abilities
    • Starter Pokemon
    • Static Pokemon
    • In game trades
    • Random moves (prefer same type)
    • Random catching tutorial
    • Random field items
    • Random TMs
    • Random Move tutors
    • Random wild pokemon
    • Random trainer pokemon
    • Random trainer name and class
    • Random hue

    I'll have a snazzy little Graphic for that in a while. I'll edit the first post with all the info needed. I'll also post a second post in the next half hour or so with the first section of the playthrough. I'm thinking of doing the tutorial section and end when I get to the first gym? What do you guys think? @Cleobel @Suicune's Fire @Pokemon Trainer Sarah

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    It was the night before Coru was to get his own starter pokemon. He was looking forward to choosing from the three Sinnoh starters, Piplup, Chimchar or Turtwig but still wasn't sure which to go with. He dreamt of pokemon all night, but a certain part stuck in his head more than the others. Professor Rowan was explaining the world of Pokemon to him and he showed him a real life Pokemon. It was a Buneary. This Buneary was strange. It wasn't the usual brown and creme, it was more of a purple and blue colour instead.

    "These are what we call Pokemon." He explained.
    "We live alongside them as friends and many form strong bonds with them."
    "Now, Coru, I understand that both you and your friend are to get your new pokemon soon. May I ask what your friend is called?" Rowan Asked.
    "He's called Nerd." Coru replied.
    Rowan chuckled and carried on explaining the world of pokemon. With a sudden loud buzz of his alarm, Coru jolted awake. Once he woke, the dream seemed strange but he thought nothing of it. He began to get ready for his first day at being a trainer, not realising the oddities that were to begin.

    When he woke, he was greeted by his mother. "Good Moring Coru! I'm sure you're excited but I need to talk to you first." She said
    Coru sat at the table, expecting a lecture about being safe and not going anywhere with loads of strangers. "I got a call this morning from the Professor." She started explaining.
    "He said that he has some pressing business that he and his assistant need to attend to. So that means that you probably won't be getting your pokemon today."
    Coru groaned. Sitting, sad, Coru watched the recent news and daydreamed. It was talking about the oddly coloured Red Gyarados spotted in the local lake. He wished that one day he would get his own Red Gyarados, but it seemed like he might not even get his own starter anyway.
    All of a sudden, Nerd, his best friend ran in, exclaiming about the news article. "Coru! Did you see that on the TV just?" He shouted.
    Before Coru even had time to react, Nerd grabbed him and led him out the house. "We are going to go and find it today! If we can't get our own starter, I'm getting that Gyarados!" He said. Nerd's enthusiasm and sense of urgency made Coru forget about his disappointment on getting his starter. They both then promptly left to spot the pokemon.
    Once they got near the lake, Nerd noticed how Coru was distracted. "What's the matter pal?" He asked.
    "I'm just a bit disappointed we haven't got our starters today." Coru explained.
    "I know, but that means we can go exploring today to practise being a trainer!" Nerd said enthusiastically.
    "Actually! If the professor won't come to us, lets go to him!" Nerd proposed.
    He went to walk into the tall grass and then from behind they both heard the sound of an older man clearing his throat. They stopped in their tracks, turned and became face to face with Professor Rowan.
    "The long grass is very dangerous if you don't have a pokemon, why were you about to walk into it?" The professor questions.
    "Luckily I was just leaving the lake after doing some tests or you could have been seriously hurt."
    Turns out he was conducting research at the lake. After minutes of him questioning and lecturing both Nerd and Coru, Professor Rowan had decided that they weren't ready for pokemon. "Pokemon trainers never put themselves or their pokemon in danger. Maybe you aren't ready to become a trainer yet." The professor explained.
    This is when Nerd turned on his charm and began convincing the Professor to let them have pokemon. It took him some time, but in the end he gave in. They could have a starter pokemon.

    Coru's mind started racing at the thought of his own Pokemon. What would he call it, who would he choose. The decisions were so hard. Rowan opened a briefcase with three Pokeballs in and told them both to choose a pokemon. Nerd allowed Coru to go first. He looked in and what he saw utterly confused him. Instead of the usual starters, what he found were three others in their place. These were, Numel, Slaking and Lombre. They were almost the same as the usual types he thought so that wasn't too odd. The only thing was, their colours were off. They didn't look like their usual colours, they looked eerily similar to the Buneary from his dream.

    The randomizer sometimes bugs so it shows the sprites for the starters instead of the actual pokemon.

    After some thought, Coru decides to choose Lombre, the Jolly pokemon.

    Nerd then chose his pokemon.
    "Now, you both need to make sure to take good care of your pokemon. From now on, you are responsible for them and it is your duty to make sure it stays healthy." The professor told them.
    "Now if you excuse me, I must be off to analyse my results."
    The professor leaves them, trailed shortly after by his assistant, who must not have been much older than Coru and Nerd themselves.
    "Now, Coru, Lets battle!" Nerd shouted.
    Coru accepted and the battle began. Their lives as trainers had begun.

    Battle with Nerd

    Turn 1: Lombre used Dive to hide underwater. Numel used Flare Blitz
    Turn 2: Lombre used Dive to attack Numel. It's super effective. Numel fainted. Lombre leveled up!

    After the battle, they both decide to go home and take a break, showing their parents their new friends.
    "He's so cute! Look at my boy, so grown up with his own pokemon." Coru's mom exclaimed.
    "Now, you must go over to the professor and say thank you. He has trusted you with this pokemon so you must show that he was right." She continues.
    Coru agrees and begins his small journey to the lab. As he makes his way out of town, Nerd spots him and stops him.
    "Coru, come with me! I'm going to catch more pokemon, if I can, get that red gyarados!" Nerd shouted.
    Coru knew that Nerd always had a small attention span so he agreed to the little detour, knowing it wouldn't delay him too much. His mother did say to come home before dark after all.
    As they got to the lakeside they spotted an odd man talking to himself whilst looking out to the island in the middle of the lake. They both got suspicious of him and tried to stay quiet. However, the man noticed them and fled. "Wow, what a weirdo.. I wonder what he was doing." Nerd said.
    "Probably nothing good." Coru added.
    "Maybe we should go and tell the professor. He was here earlier so maybe it has to do with that." Coru said.
    Nerd agrees and then runs off, thinking that if he gets there first, that gives him more time to catch pokemon, but Coru took his time. He wasn't as fast paced as Nerd was.
    On his way to the laboratory, Coru found many pokemon in the wild grass, all of them with weird colours. He found a Sandslash, Plusle, Spheal and Hippowdon. His Lombre also leveled up to level 8.

    When he got to the Lab, he was greeted by the Professor's assistant, Dawn. "Hello, you must be Coru, I'm Dawn, the professor's assistant. He said that he wanted me to keep an eye on you and Nerd. He said that theres a group that are starting to de....."
    Nerd suddenly burst out of the lab going on about how he was going to become the best trainer in the world. He then ran off. Coru and Losing her trail of thought Dawn didn't continue. "What a strange boy he is. So eager to go places." She lamented. Dawn continued into the lab. Coru followed her in and they began talking to the Professor. "Wow, your pokemon looks positively glowing. He must love you as his trainer. I definitely didn't make a mistake giving him to you. Would you like to give him a nickname. This sometimes helps the bonding process." The professor explained. This was when Coru decided to name it Colo. After this, Rowan got to the more pressing matters. The Pokedex. The professor wanted to entrust Coru with a pokedex that he would use to note down information on the pokemon that lived in the Sinnoh region. This was an honor that Coru was happy to accept. "Wow!" Dawn exclaims.
    "The professor must trust you. I only just got one too and I've been working for him for a while. He gave me one too so I could go out and explore and also act as a mentor for you and Nerd. How fun is that!" She explained.
    She then walked out, asking Coru to follow her.
    "Now, Coru. This adventure will take time, so make sure to go home and talk to your mother and make sure she is fine with it. When you're done, come and find me. I will be in the route next to the professor's lab."
    Dawn walks off. With that in mind, Coru makes his way home. On his way home, he spots a wild Venusaur.

    Coru returns home to his mother laying dinner out on the table. Over dinner they discuss Coru's new adventure and what they both think of it. "Wow Coru! That is amazing! The professor must see something special in you. Of course you can go. Just one thing though. Make sure you are ok and I will always be here for you. Don't you forget your mother while you are gone. And remember to call me!" She lectured on.
    "Here's a journal. Make sure to write in it regularly. When you come home, I would love to read it so I can see what fun you've been up to."
    All of a sudden, Nerd's mother burst in, asking where Nerd could be. "He came in raving about this pokedex thing and then left. I didn't even get to ask what on earth he was talking about. Please tell me you know, Coru." She asked.
    They invite her in for a drink and explain everything. Similarly to Coru's mother, she is delighted but also seems hesitant due to the possible dangers. Whilst she wished Nerd could have told her, she thanks Coru and his mother and asks for Coru to deliver a package for her son. Coru accepts and she leaves.
    It was getting dark, so Coru decided to have one last night at home and then leave in the morning. As he lay in bed, he thought about everything that had happened during the day. The odd starter pokemon, the weird colours, the random wild pokemon that shouldn't be there. It was as if he woke up in another world that looked almost the same as his, just a bit different. He was about to find out how different it really was.
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    @Coru Congratulations on your graduation and good luck with the job interviews!
    Thank you for posting the first part of your adventure! I love how the wild Spheal looks like a shiny, and how the wild Plusle looks like a Minun. xD
    I expected to see a summary with screenshots, but it's up to you whether or not you want to write a story.
    Good luck with your adventure! :)

    Special thanks to Fate for this cute avatar and this cute banner! :D
    Special thanks to Deoxys for this awesome Chikorita GIF! :D

    Special thanks to The Foogle for this beautiful pixel Necrozma Dusk Mane! :D
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    This looks awesome Coru! The story so far is pretty great! I'm excited for your next update!
    /// /
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    Hi guys, sorry for the long delay, I've started work and graduated and stuff in the last week or two so been super busy it's insane. I've got a few days off work this week so can get on top of this. when I start work full time on the 5th august I'll probably post an update every weekend or every 2nd weekend.

    I've updated the OP with some stuff and I'm working through doing the graphics for some other stuff too. I will have a banner for every chapter and I will create a graphic that will be updated each chapter with the team. Each chapter will have the team banner that is accurate for that part of the journey and the OP will have the most updated version. I'm also going to rewrite chapter one to be a better written version of itself. Do you guys think there's anything else missing?

    The second chapter which will go at least up to the first gym battle should be up later. :)
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    "Coru! Coru! Where are you?!" His mother exclaimed with a panicked voice.
    Nerd's mother rushes in. "What's all the noise for? What's going on?" She asked with a concerned look.
    Coru's mother runs to Nerd's mother and throws her arms around her. "He's gone. I can't find him." She cries.
    "Coru is gone."
    Coru's mom breaks down into tears, crying hysterically.

    All of a sudden, Coru is jolted awake by his mother. "Rise and shine. Today's your first day of your adventure." She says, beaming down at him.
    She leaves the room, placing a plate of pancakes on his desk for his breakfast. Coru then gets dressed, eats his pancakes and runs downstairs.
    "Now, don't go into dark alleys, be careful around water and ALWAYS make sure to stay away from these new gangs appearing. They are no good. I don't want you involved with them."
    Coru sighs and nods his head and his mother signals him to go. He then walks outside and begins his journey.

    On his way to meet Dawn, he bumps into a wild Venusaur and Plusle. Walking past the professor's lab he goes to find the route that Dawn said she would meet him at. Once he finds it, he spots her standing in the middle of some tall grass and he runs over to her.
    "Oh Coru! There you are! Good morning. Did your mom take the news well?" She asks.
    Coru nods.
    "That's great! Well, I wanted to show you how to catch a pokemon today. So just watch me." She says.
    After a few seconds of her walking around in the grass, a wild gyarados appears. Again the colours were strange. Ironically it was almost like the special gyarados in the lake. She began battling the gyarados with her chimchar and soon threw a pokeball at it and caught it.

    "Aha! There you go!" She shouts.
    "What you need to do is battle it until you get it's health down low enough so it's guard is down, and then throw a pokeball at it."
    "Here's a few pokeballs for you to try it yourself. Now if you excuse me, I need to catch up with Nerd. He ran off about an hour ago."
    Dawn then swiftly leaves.

    Staying on Route 202, Coru starts to explore and find some pokemon to catch. Whilst looking around he bumps into hoothoot, Venonat, Froslass and Floatzel.

    He manages to capture a Venonat and calls it Vernon.

    After a successful capture, he then ventures back to Route 201 and attempts to capture some pokemon from there too, hoping to get more pokemon to vary his team. After a while of encountering the usual pokemon and also finding new pokemon, such as a wild feraligatr, sunflora and yanmega, he gives up and tries by Lake Verity. At Lake Verity, he finds a Gible, Flaaffy, Seadra, Buizel, Dustox, Diglett and Chatot.

    Coru finally catches his third pokemon, a Gible, names it Gabby and moves on.

    Happy with his party of three, he continues on to find Nerd. All of a sudden he gets ambushed. IT'S A DIALGA!

    Coru get's the dialga down to it's last chunk of health and begins throwing pokeballs. He gets down to his last pokeball and throws. It fails. He has no choice but to defeat it. Moving on with disappointment, he continues his trail to find Nerd. On his way, he bumps into a sudowoodo and a roserade.

    On his way, he gets challenged by "Developer Jimmy".
    The battle begins

    Round 1: Developer Jimmy sends out a Dragonite. Coru sends out Vernon. Coru switches to Gabby. Dragonite uses chatter.
    Round 2: Dragonite uses heal block. Gabby uses outrage. Outrage misses.
    Round 3: Dragonite uses horn attack. Gabby faints.
    Round 4: Coru sends out Colo. Colo uses power whip. Dragonite uses Horn attack
    Round 5: Colo uses power whip. Dragonite faints.
    Coru Wins.

    Whilst training up his Gible, Coru find more wild pokemon such as a Croconaw, Machamp and a Vilepume.

    He also comes across a shiny Venonat. He has one pokeball left.... and it fails. He has no choice but to defeat it.

    Coru continues on with his day, wondering why he has been so unlucky and then gets challenged by another trainer, Operator Jo
    The battle begins

    Round 1: Operator Jo sends out Cacnea, Coru sends out Colo. Colo uses Power Whip. Cacnea faints.
    Coru wins.

    He walks a few more steps and gets challenged by another trainer. Developer Veronica
    Let the battle begin

    Round 1: Developer Veronica sent out Vileplume. Coru sent out Colo. Colo used Power Whip. Vileplume used Drain Punch
    Round 2: Colo used Power Whip. Vileplume used Drain Punch.
    Round 3: Colo used Power Whip. Vileplume fainted.
    Coru wins.

    Coru soon reaches Jubilife city where he bumps into Dawn.
    "Oh, Hi Coru!" Dawn exclaims delightfully.
    "How is it going? Caught any new pokemon?"
    He explains everything that has happened, including Dialga and the shiny.
    "Oh my, that sounds amazing. A shame that you couldn't catch them though. I'm sure you'll get them next time."
    "Anyway, whilst we are here, let me show you something. It's called the Pokemon School." She explains.
    As they are walking towards the school, Dawn spots a suspicious man lurking beside the Pokemon Centre.
    "What's he doing?" She asks curiously.
    As they observe him, he walks towards them.
    "How did you know who I was? That I was part of the secret police? You must be so smart." He exclaims.
    From the look on both Coru's and Dawn's faces he knew he'd made a mistake.
    "Oh.. uh.. Well. I suppose you know now. I'm Looker, from the international police taskforce." He explained.
    "I'm here investigating a rise in Pokemon thefts in the area. I'm wondering if you could help me?"
    They both nod nervously.
    "Well, if you use this device here, it will record every trainer you battle and send the data to me. I should be able to use that to figure out people that are stealing pokemon." he continues.
    "So what do you say?"
    Both Dawn and Coru agree and he passes them the Vs Recorder and leaves.
    "Well that was odd..." Says Dawn.
    "Well, the School is just here, so have a pop in. Who knows, you might learn something. I saw your friend Nerd go in there earlier too."
    She swiftly leaves and Coru enters the school.
    In there he sees many young trainers studying. At the blackboard he sees his friend Nerd.
    "Hey, Nerd!" He shouts.
    Nerd looks over and waves. Coru then approaches.
    "Did you come to study too, Coru?" Nerd asks.
    "I've been here a while. Trying to make sure I'm the best trainer in the world."
    "I was here looking for you actually, Nerd." Coru replies.
    "You left so fast that your mom didn't have time to give you this."
    Coru passes the parcel to Nerd, who opens it. Inside it contains two maps. Nerd keeps one and passes the other the Coru.
    "Thanks for that Pal. I guess I owe my mother an apology." He laughs.
    He looks at the map and marks the next place for his journey.
    "So, I'm off to Oreburgh then. See you soon pal." He exclaims as he runs off.
    Coru sticks around to learn a bit more about pokemon. In the corner of the room he finds a focus sash and puts it in his bag. He then goes to read some books. When he feels he knows enough, he ventures to the other side of the school to battle some of the other students.
    The battles begin.
    Developer Mallorie

    Round 1: Coru sends out Gabby, Mallorie sends out Wailmer. Gabby uses outrage. She misses. Wailmer uses splash.
    Round 2: Wailmer uses dive and hides underwater. Gabby uses outrage and misses.
    Round 3: Wailmer uses dive. Gabby uses outrage. Wailmer faints.
    Coru wins.

    Developer Kim

    Round 1: Coru sends out Gabby. Developer Kim sends out Phanpy. Gabby used outrage, she misses. Phanpy uses Earth Power.
    Round 2: Gabby uses outrage, she misses. Phanpy uses blizzard. Gabby faints.
    Round 3: Coru sends out Vernon. Vernon uses X-Scissor. Phanpy uses Dig
    Round 4: Vernon uses X-Scissor, he misses. Phanpy uses Dig
    Round 5: Vernon uses X-Scissor. Phanpy faints.
    Coru wins.

    With that, Coru leaves the School to venture to Oreburgh. When he leaves he gets stopped by a man in a suit.
    "Hello there. You look like a Pokemon Trainer but you have no Pokétch. You must have one. It's the must have gadget of the year. I invented them and it's your lucky day!" He explains.
    "I am running a promotion where if you can find all three of my promotional clowns, you get one for free. Yes, Free! Now, go ahead." He continues excitedly.
    Coru begins looking all over for the clowns, finding them and answering their questions. Once he finds all three, he returns to the man in the suit and presents the coupons given to him by the clowns.
    "Oh my, you found them. Here's what you were promised. One brand new Pokétch." He says.
    With that, he hands it to Coru and leaves. Now eager to catch up with Nerd, he leaves Jubilife on the way to Oreburgh. Whilst on his way he bumps into Nerd. "Coru! Have you gotten stronger? I know I have. So it's time to battle!
    Let the battle begin.

    Round 1:Coru sends out Gabby. Nerd sends out Slowking. Gabby uses outrage. Slowking uses gravity.
    Round 2: Gabby uses outrage. Slowking faints. Gabby becomes confused.
    Round 3: Nerd sends out Numel. Gabby uses outrage but hits itself in confusion. Numel uses Flare Blitz
    Round 4: Gabby snaps out of it's confusion and uses Outrage. Numel faints.
    Coru wins.

    "Wha.... How..." Nerd exclaims.
    He runs toward Oreburgh mumbling about getting stronger.
    Coru then continues taking a leisurely stroll to Oreburgh, encountering new pokemon whenever he goes into the grass. He encounters a Lombre, a Chingling, Delibird and Suicune.

    He also comes across some trainers.
    Let the Battles begin.
    Developer Stacey

    Round 1: Developer Stacey sends out Chikorita. Coru sends out Gabby. Gabby uses Outrage. Chikorita uses seismic toss.
    Round 2: Gabby uses Outrage. Chikorita faints.

    Round 3: Developer Stacey sends out Mawile. Gabby uses Outrage. Mawile uses Iron Head. Gabby faints.
    Round 4: Coru sends out Vernon. Vernon uses X-Scissor. Mawile uses Gyro Ball.
    Round 5: Vernon uses X-Scissor. Mawile uses Iron Head.
    Round 6: Vernon uses X-Scissor. Mawile faints.
    Coru wins.

    Developer Lawrence

    Round 1: Developer Lawrence sends out Blissey. Coru sends out Gabby. Gabby uses outrage. Blissey faints.
    Coru wins.

    Developer Leo

    Round 1: Developer Leo sends out Butterfree. Coru sends out Gabby. Gabby uses Outrage. Butterfree faints.
    Coru wins.

    Operator Joey

    Round 1: Operator Joey sends out Trapinch. Coru sends out Gabby. Gabby uses outrage. Trapinch faints.

    Round 2: Operator Joey sends out Azumarill. Gabby uses outrage. Azumarill faints.

    Round 3: Operator Joey sends out Groudon. Gabby uses outrage. Groudon faints.

    Round 4: Operator Joey sends out Magcargo. Gabby becomes confused. Gabby hits itself in confusion.
    Round 5: Gabby uses outrage. Magcargo faints.
    Coru wins.

    Whilst journeying to Oreburgh, Coru finds a Wave Incense. He then enters a cave and meets a trainer inside, who gives him a HM. The HM, Rock Smash.
    "This is used to break boulders standing in your way, however, you must defeat the Oreburgh gym before your pokemon may use it outside of battle." He explains.
    Coru thanks him and goes onward to Oreburgh City. Once he gets there, he makes his way to the Gym only to find that the Gym leader is not inside. He is in the mines.
    "Coru! You made it!" Nerd shouts.
    "The Gym leader is in the mine so if you want to battle him you better go and find him" Nerd says, pointing the the mines.
    Coru makes his way down to the mines. Whilst down there, he finds some pokemon. He bumps into a Mr Mime, a bulbasaur, a Pupitar and a Gardevoir.

    When down there, he finds the Gym leader experimenting with the HM Rock Smash.
    "Now, watch here the power of the HM Rock Smash. Look at this!" He exclaims.
    "Maybe you could try that, but you need to beat me first! Find me at my gym later and we can have a battle!"
    He then leaves, with Coru following him.
    Once Coru enters the gym he finds that there are trainers guarding the gym.
    Developer Marshall

    Round 1: Developer Marshall sends out Jolteon. Coru sends out Vernon. Jolteon uses Sucker Punch. Vernon uses X-Scissor.
    Round 2: Jolteon uses Sucker Punch. Vernon uses X-Scissor.
    Round 3: Jolteon uses Zap Cannon. Vernon faints.
    Round 4: Coru sends out Gabby. Jolteon uses Uproar. Gabby uses Outrage, Gabby misses.
    Round 5: Jolteon uses Uproar. Gabby uses Outrage. Jolteon faints.
    Coru wins.

    Developer Forrest

    Round 1: Developer Forrest sends out Dewgong. Coru sends out Vernon. Dewgong uses Water Gun. Vernon uses X-Scissor.
    Round 2: Dewgong uses Aqua Ring. Vernon uses X-Scissor. Dewgong fainted.

    Round 3: Developer Forrest sends out Wartortle. Vernon uses X-Scissor. Wartortle uses Barrier.
    Round 4: Vernon uses X-Scissor. Wartortle uses Water Spout
    Round 5: Vernon uses X-Scissor. Wartortle uses Barrier
    Round 6: Vernon uses X-Scissor.
    Coru wins.

    Schoolboy Bob

    Round 1: Schoolboy Bob sends out Weedle. Coru sends out Vernon. Vernon uses X-Scissor. Weedle uses String Shot.
    Round 2: Weedle uses Aurora Beam. Vernon uses X-Scissor. Vernon falls asleep

    Round 3: Schoolboy Bob sends out Zubat. Zubat's bad dreams hurt Vernon.
    Round 4: Zubat uses Toxic Spikes. Vernon is asleep
    Round 5: Zubat uses Air slash and misses. Vernon uses X-Scissor.
    Round 6: Zubat uses Air Slash. Vernon uses X-Scissor.
    Round 7: Zubat uses pluck. Vernon faints.
    Round 8: Coru sends out Gabby. Gabby is poisoned. Zubat uses Poison Spikes. Gabby uses Outrage . Zubat faints.
    Round 9: Schoolboy Bob sends out Weedle. Gabby uses Outrage. Weedle faints. Gabby becomes confused.

    Round 10: Schoolboy Bob sends out Koffing. Koffing uses Bide. Gabby hits itself in confusion.
    Round 11: Koffing is storing energy. Gabby used Outrage.
    Round 12: Koffing unleashed it's energy. Gabby faints.
    Round 13: Coru sent out Colo. Colo was poisoned. Colo uses Power Whip. Koffing faints.
    Coru wins.

    "Wow, this is embarrassing. I lost." Bob says.
    "But fair is fair. Here is you gym badge." He continues.
    He also gives Coru TM76.
    Once Schoolboy Bob is finished, Coru leaves the gym, goes to the Pokemon Centre to heal his pokemon finds a room for himself to sleep in. Today has been a long day for him and for him, a day of accomplishment.
    What will tomorrow hold?

    Current Team:
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