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Thread: I feel that Pokémon is the new "Call of duty"

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    I feel that Pokémon is the new "Call of duty"

    A Saga that will be released every year without improvement just to squeeze the maximum money possible out of it.

    Because since X and Y, the target audience of Pokémon has been kids and casual people, and this kind of people doesn't worry if in the game we have 300 or 800 Pokémon (which is not bad, I'm not saying is their fault the actual situation of Pokémon).

    They said that Sword and Shield was a more traditional game just to get the attention of people who were disgusted with Let's go Pikachu and Eevee, and in general people that feel that since the 3D games, less and less effort has been put into making the next games.

    The community is not happy with the new games, because we don't have all Pokémon, because the graphics look like they were made with Unity by a 20 years old teenager who is starting to study 3D, and other many things.

    In general, because Shield and Sword look like a game that has been made fast "because is Pokémon and Pokémon always sell good".

    I can't believe that Pokémon, a franchise that has transcended into something more than just a videogame, but something that is nowadays culture almost, is being treated like a EA game.

    And I don't think that Game Freak isn't capable of making great games, I mean, they have done other things besides of Pokémon that are great, and "Town" also looks pretty good.

    But I just think that Pokémon, being something so significant and big, can't be treated this way.
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