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Thread: {RP} Ryme Chaos

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    The chaos and screaming was only growing more and more with each passing second. In reality, only a few minutes at most had passed, but it felt like an eternity. Shay was trying to track three different battles at once, and although her filming buddy was only trying to help, she was not a fan of back-seat battling. There wasn't time to argue about it. Whoever those two Cinccino were, they were incredibly stupid, or incredibly brave. She knew Havoc could handle the fight. Soon the sound of police sirens came behind her, and Shay looked away from the combat for a brief moment. People and more Pokemon... and someone with a lot more Pokemon on them than the Trainer thought should be with a Ryme City resident. Maybe they weren't from here? There wasn't time for questions, only action.

    Shay saw the additions to the fray, a bit thankful for the back up as these Pokemon were acting far out of their normal behaviours. Even enraged Pokemon in the sanctuary would have had a brief moment of pause by now. Shay grew up around Tyranitars and was there when the Lake of Rage had the Gyarados incident-

    Thats what it was. The incident at the Lake of Rage.

    It was a huge city with radio towers probably everywhere. The incident happened so long ago, no one would think it would resurface. Especially since that was a Team Rocket fiasco. Shay needed to make phone calls as soon as she could. A second glance at Havoc drew her attention away, as a thundering crash caught her attention. Shay stared in worry as there was a Pangoro, the two Cinccino, and a small crater in the ground. Havoc wasn't anywhere to be seen for one second too long. Instinctively Shay took one step towards the destruction, then stopped. She knew Havoc. Havoc trusted Shay. This had happened before. She had gotten back up before. Havoc always got back up...

    The trainer had to stop Choros from running into a fight she wasn't going to win. They needed her here, and all they could do was wait.

    VS Zoroark
    Watching the Decidueye, Cayci was glad to have a friend in the fight. Taking the opportunity, she lobbed a ball of Sticky Web at the closed claw of the Zoroark. It couldn't cut webs if it had no claws, and trying with fangs may leave it's mouth shut. The Galvantula sprung another Electro Ball into the fox's back before taking a chance and leaping onto it with all four legs. It was manageable with the archer owl keeping it's attention, but that attention snapped like a log in a Bewear's paws. Cayci began forming as many Electroweb's as she could, trying to slow this manic Zoroark down as much as possible. It was starting to work, but not at the pace she had hoped for. At least now the Zoroark was mostly stuck within a five by five foot square, but Cayci was taking a hit to the head for it. Yellow fur flew as dark claws raked across the top of her head. That Night Slash hurt, but between a Decidueye and a Galvantula, a Galvantula wasn't going to hurt as much from such a blow. Still, Cayci couldn't take another hit like that.

    The Galvantula looked up at her new combat partner. 'If you wanna hit 'em, don't worry 'bout me! I can still out sprint this guy!'

    It had to decide to take off the Galvantula backpack, or go for the easier target.

    VS Salamence
    Sonata was playing a dangerous game with the Salamence. Being more powerful meant more destruction, and the Noivern couldn't keep up with every flaming blast sent in the direction of civilians and onlookers. Her psychic abilities left much to be desired in terms of say, an Alakazam, but she was doing her best. Licks of flame had touched her fur and scales, and even the stray embers stung just a bit. The Noivern knew she couldn't take a hit from this Salamence, but so far, her flying skills were far superior. Perhaps it was now time to try a direct approach.

    Or so Sonata thought. In her head she felt that familiar instinct. The one where someone friendly nearby was going to attack, and she couldn't help but feel she was in the way. Looking down for a moment, she spotted more Pokemon as the Salamence redirected it's fury upon the ground once more: A Froslass, a Vaporeon and a small candle-no, a Litwick. She could see the energy coalesce, a light blue one that she knew too well. She hated that energy, but that was where her instinct was coming from. The Tailwind was still with her, and she had an idea. Doing a quick circle around, Sonata put all of her effort into making sure that Salamence was hit. That dragon could see that what he attempted to ignite before had to fight back, and was looking to easily dodge out of the way.

    That was until a Noivern slammed the dragon into both of the oncoming attacks. Sonata took a few seconds to gain airspace between her and the blue beast, knowing those claws and fangs weren't just for show. Sonata took the moment, looking at her two allies and thinking quickly at them. 'I'll be safe from your attacks. Keep going!' She wouldn't be safe from the Salamence's though, but it had a choice between the two of them now.

    VS Pangoro
    Havoc didn't expect two Cinccinos to suddenly appear, climbing up the Pangoro's back as they exchanged blows. The Haxorus didn't pay much mind to them, not wanting to alert the bear of their presence. That didn't stop one of them from being grabbed, and the second to become very upset by it. Still, while one of them was held, that meant that paw was being used. Purplish energy formed in the Haxorus' palm, striking in the softest bend of the elbow with Poison Jab. At this time, the Cinccino was going for the Pangoro's eye. A bit of a dirty tactic, but now wasn't a time for honour and Havoc had to respect that. The roar was nearly deafening in the dragon's ear, and yet, both of the small Pokemon ended up being flung. Havoc took the one second opportunity to get in a sweeping Low Kick with the half blinded menace in the state it was, bringing it down to one knee with a hefty strike. The bear screamed in rage once again, grabbing Havoc by her tail and throwing her as far as it could to the side. It wasn't enough to harm the Haxorus, but claws carved the pavement to prevent her from losing footing.

    The Pangoro still had one eye open, and Havoc could see, it was glaring at the one who caused it this problem in the first place. It's body began to glow slightly blue and with one eye open, head for the first Cinccino it could see. She couldn't let the small comrades be hit with that. She knew the power of that move... Superpower. The dragon sprinted with all the speed she could muster to get between the small Pokemon and the much larger force, and by the time her body was in the way, she felt a painful force crush her into the concrete.

    Havoc didn't see anything. There was only darkness. For a second, everything was calm. The weight from her back lifted, and the pain was becoming numb. She couldn't do much more. Her scale armoring was dented, maybe her tusks were chipped at this point, she wasn't sure, but there was an ease to being still. The dust around her had not settled yet, but the very distant sound of the chaos was beginning to filter in. Havoc thought, she could still hear that angry Pangoro... what about those Cinccino's? What about Choros? Was she safe? Was Shay safe? Did she win-no, she didn't win. Havoc remembered one point like this before. No, there wasn't leaving anything up to chance. This Pangoro was going to be stopped, and Havoc wouldn't stop until it was.

    She had to hold on so Shay wouldn't worry.

    The sound came back to Havoc's ears. It was only perhaps twenty seconds, but in a fight, that was plenty of time. Havoc's eyes flashed open, burning with adrenaline. There was no fight or flight in Havoc, there was only fight, and until it faded, she was going to do just that. As the panda went for another punch, Havoc sprung up what parts of her body she could, intercepting the clenched fist with her claws and digging in as hard as she could. Using that as a hold to bring herself back up, the Pangoro went for another strike- this time at Havoc. Havoc did the same thing, shaking with adrenaline and fury. All claws were dug into their positions, acting as an anchor to keep the Pangoro from thrashing. Havoc roared, hoping that the two Cinccino could hear her.

    'I've got the arms, go for his other eye, now! We end this fight.'

    There was one small advantage to this situation: neither of them could really use their arms or reach with fangs or feet, but a Pangoro didn't have greataxe-like tusks on their faces.

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    The task to neutralize the Pangoro was slightly working. Working in that it got the hulking panda Pokémon to focus its attention on its attackers as opposed to leveling as much of Ryme City as possible. The other silver lining was they managed to buy the civilians enough time to vacate the area before things got considerably worse.

    It meant anyone arriving on the scene was summoned to deal with the threat as opposed to trying to get away, and one such new arrival included a young woman in her early twenties wearing a gray sweatshirt and blue jeans and dark glasses. Out of the corner of his eye, Nathan had seen her, but decided not to pay her any mind because he had his attention on the Pangoro and setting up for the strike on the other eye.

    But his attention was seized for a moment once again when she summoned her ghostly Pokémon companions to deal with the wayward rogues. With his hearing improved significantly with his new form, he heard and could have sworn this new arrival was actually conversing with her Pokémon.

    He didn't believe it at first, but for a brief moment, it was confirmed. The words that came from her mouth were in fact the language of Pokémon. And he could only understand them because he was a Cinccino.

    How is that possible?

    But with the fight still at hand, he couldn't pursue it for that much longer, though the reality of it hit him that had he known about this, taking such a drastic measure and turning himself into a Pokémon was completely unnecessary if he consulted such a person first. This lady had the potential to speak to Pokémon and all the things he set up and aspired to do with the interview weren't even necessary.

    But he could worry about that later.

    In the meantime, the Haxorus had struck a heavy blow against the Pangoro, but was then flung away and then targeted Nathan himself, preparing to unleash a brutal Superpower attack against the former human. He quickly tried to get back to his feet before the Pangoro could unleash its assault, but there wasn't much to take cover behind. And when he least suspected it, the Haxorus had charged in and took the blow instead.

    For Nathan and Kano, it was hard to figure out to get the next strike in with the Haxorus and the Pangoro exchanging heavy and brutal blows with dangerous thrashing in all directions. Unlike before, trying to get on the Pangoro's back once again was providing to be risky and difficult and they had yet to see another good opportunity to give it another try. Any attempt to get in there came with a heavy risk of getting stomped on by either combatant or taking a serious blow from a stray attack.

    That was, until the Haxorus had locked the Pangoro into place, using as much physical brawn as she could to keep the savage panda suppressed.

    "I've got the arms, go for his other eye, now! We end this fight."

    He could understand the Haxorus's command, and both of them could now make their move.

    "Hold on, I've got it!" Kano acknowledged the Haxorus's decree.

    To Nathan, trying to get in there would only obstruct Kano from making his attack on the remaining Pangoro's eye. With his limited knowledge of Cinccino's attacks, he decided to implement another tactic. A nearby police car had been crushed by the Pangoro's assault just minutes ago, but there was enough room for a small Cinccino like himself to slip through the wreckage. He needed to find something, anything that might be useful in taking down this hulking juggernaut.

    And then, just besides the floor on the front passenger's side, he found a Voltx ONST Taser gun, jet black with a yellow dash marking on the side. He quickly grabbed it with the charge pack and headed back into the fray.

    He arrived just in time to witness Kano laying a furious Tail Slap attack on the Pangoro's remaining left eye striking five painful swipes and causing the hulking bear to roar with anger and madness over the full loss of his ability to see. The reckless flailing from the Pangoro caused him to break free of the Haxorus's grasp, but now him had no direction or pattern to its relentless rage. It forced Kano to have to fall back and take a defensive position to avoid becoming the victim of a stray attack.

    In Nathan's line of work, one couldn't be too careful. He had a similar taser gun in his possession at home, so he knew exactly how to lock in the charge pack, set the Voltx ONST to the highest electrical discharge he could get out of the incapacitating firearm, and then took aim. It all happened so fast that he didn't even stop to consider the wisdom of his sudden decisions.

    He then used his right paw to pull the trigger, launching the twin bared darts at the hulking panda and puncturing the Pangoro's skin. It was then followed by 75,000 volts surging into the panda's body, sending furious signals through the Pangoro's nerves. It was more than enough to drive massive pain to the hulking juggernaut while causing severe muscle contraction. He held the trigger down for a few additional seconds, knowing while most of these taser guns were meant for incapacitating humans, a hulking Pangoro was going to need more punishment to get it to be suppressed. If the Pangoro even managed to stay conscious after that kind of treatment, he would only remain up until the Haxorus made short work of him. With both of his eyes temporarily blinded, with his muscles contracted, his nerves shot, and now crippled with furious pain, it would be a cakewalk for the dragon to deliver the knock-out strike and finish this angry titan for good.

    He quickly tossed the expired taser gun aside, totally forgetting that he was supposed to be incognito as a Cinccino and not use human technologies. Only when it hit him did he suddenly become anxious, looking around and hoping no one saw him in the act. The others were fighting the Salamence or the Zoroark, and Kano and the Haxorus had been preoccupied with fighting the Pangoro. For a moment, Nathan took a sigh of relief...

    ...up until he noticed the Hoppip, filming the whole incident with a Go Pro camera for a news report.

    He knew you could train a Cinccino to do many things. Loading a taser gun quickly and precisely with the charge pack, configuring its settings, disengaging the safety lock mechanism, aiming with it, and discharging the barbs while holding down the trigger for additional electrical discharge was definitely not one of them. Even if the RCDP religiously trained Cinccino for tactical combat operations, which they totally did not, they would never get to that level of knowledge and technological expertise to ever use an incapacitation firearm like that.

    He was still for a moment and only then did the consequences of his actions occur to him, but he decided this was not the time to worry about it. Besides, trying to remove the camera from the Hoppip's possession would only make things worse. The last thing he needed to suggest was that he knew how cameras worked as well. Moreover, the Hoppip could fly and go well beyond his reach.

    Maybe... just maybe if he pretended it didn't happen, no one would notice or care. He focused on the Pangoro and the Haxorus, waiting to see if the Haxorus would be able to deliver that final strike. He knew he would do well to stay a safe distance at least until he made a confirmation if the battle-seasoned dragon made her move.

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    Sycorax Grimm
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    Mrs. Grimm made sure to make the appropriate gasp of shock when she saw the body.

    It was, in fact, less difficult than she thought to act. She had seen dead bodies before, but when the medical examiner told her that the the body wasn't pretty to look at, Grimm had merely assumed that the man she needed to identify had been murdered brutally.

    Instead, the man's body was papered in scars, lines of inflamed and bloody wounds, blacks and pinks surrounding them. They covered him like a bizzare painting, obscuring the very shape of his legs and arms. His face was barely more recognizable: it kept its geometry for the most part, but whoever did this took the liberty of stabbing both of his eyes and leaving nothing of his nose but some hideous burn scar.

    Grimm's mind flew at a mile a minute. Torture, at least when it was this intimate, was a lot more difficult to even attempt than most people realized. Only two types of people could even theoretically achieve the necessary state of mind to attack someone with the intent to cause them sustained pain: sociopaths who felt nothing for the victim, and people who had genuinely learned, first hand, what hatred was. Grimm's gut was betting on the second one. While Grimm couldn't precisely identify why that was, she would not have gotten as far as she had if she didn't know when to listen to her intuition.

    Aloud though, Grimm barely spoke loud enough for the ME to hear, "Yes, that's Joseph Cady." Grimm heard some commotion from upstairs, but ignored it.

    Dr. Ru Diao, the coroner, gave Grimm a look of sympathy. The ME was a very large woman, and Grimm could scarcely believe that Dr. Diao's large hands were delicate enough to wield a scalpel. Dr. Diao gently took off her gloves, washed her hands, and offered Sycorax a hug. Sycorax hesitated, but permitted it.

    When they broke apart, Ru said, "I would not have shown you this if I didn't need a positive ID on the body. Unfortunately, Professor Cady had no family, and the closest person who knew him whom I could reach was you. I don't know how to tell you this delicately, but when I had first seen these cuts, I had hoped the good professor had died before receiving them. Unfortunately, I have no reason to be optimistic, and plenty of reason to be pessimistic. So, I must ask, does Professor Cady have any enemies?"

    Grimm couldn't help but darkly observe, "Apparently, yes."

    "I am sorry, I should have clarified. What I meant was, does Professor Cady have any enemies that you know of?"

    Privately, Sycorax knew that a great deal of people could have wanted Cady dead. Slowly dead, at that. But she was actually being truthful when she said, "Nobody I can think of who would be capable of this."

    Upstairs, the commotion grew more intense. Mrs. Grimm pulled out a pair of Pokeballs, and Dr. Diao made a face. Grimm adjusted her tie and put a chagrined look on her face, "I know it's a bit crass, but I think there's something going on upstairs." Catbert and Taylor came out of their pokeballs. Grimm did not bother with subtlety, but did say, "Thank you very much, Dr. Diao. I hope your investigation bears fruit," before the Golurk scooped up both their trainer and their teammate and ascended with both of them through the ceiling.

    As Grimm got to the ground floor, she realized that while nobody going to be capable of telling her what was going on, nobody needed to either. The flurry of police officers, all rushing to a specific site, told Sycorax all that she needed to know: there was an attack going on. Grimm's tone communicated her rage quite nicely, "Taylor. The attack site. Immediately." She glared at the receptionist, as though daring him to stop her.

    Oh, she was going to find the unfortunate degenerate who caused this attack.


    As Taylor got closer to the attack site, Grimm decided that she was only going to kill the person responsible for this if she was feeling unusually merciful.

    Taylor threw both Catbert and Grimm forward, and Grimm caught her Luxray's mane in midair. He bounded forward gracefully, and she barely felt it when he hit the ground.

    She dismounted, and immediately began to give orders. "Catbert, Zoroark. Taylor, Salamence."

    Catbert gave a grin, and lightning crackled around him as he attempted to rush the Zoroark with Wild Charge. Grimm winced slightly, as while Catbert loved violence, he cared a bit less about avoiding harming his allies. She had to hope the Galvantula and Decidueye would have the good sense to get out of the way of his attack: it was a small blessing that they would both resist it if hit. Taylor watched the Salamence more carefully, waiting for their chance before attacking the dragon with a Shadow Punch; Grimm was far less worried there, as the move was a precision attack that would almost certainly only hit unintended targets if said targets deliberately got in the way.

    Grimm moved to throw another pokeball to deal with the Pangoro, but she hesitated as the Pangoro screamed in pain. She traced the darts of a taser to one of two Cinccinos, who was presently throwing the taser that fired those darts away.

    Grimm rubbed her eyes in disbelief, but turned away and focused on her Pokemon. This definitely bore thinking on--after she tested to make sure nobody slipped her a hallucinogen--but not with something so urgent at hand.

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    There was far too much going on, and Rain was having trouble keeping her thoughts straight. The number of different sounds in the area, from the screams, crackling flames, and the sounds of all three Pokemon battles was starting to get overwhelming. Around her, Azriel, Nuala, and Cerridwen were all relaying information about the fights to her. She’d heard Grace cry out for Ollie earlier, but Cerridwen assured her the Decidueye was back up and fighting again. Nuala informed her that Grace herself had launched a successful attack on the Salamence, alongside Liz’s Vaporeon.

    And then there was Azriel’s reports on the battle between the Haxorus and Cinccino pair and the Pangoro. She’d heard a loud commotion earlier, followed by silence before it sounded as though either the Haxorus or Pangoro had gotten back up. She assumed the fight was tense, because Azriel had stopped relaying information completely before there was a roar of pain from the massive panda Pokemon. “...Did that…? That Cinccino just—it looks like one of the Cinccino just tased the Pangoro. I...I admit, I was not aware they were trainable to that extent.”

    “It what?” Rain asked in surprised English, and beside her, Liz jolted. It was the first loud words Rain had spoken in several minutes, as well as the only thing she’d spoken in English after dispatching her team.

    /He’s informed her about the Cinccino,/ the mental voice of the Slowking beside her supplied, and she glanced down at the intelligent Psychic type she called Ein.

    /Is she really communicating with them? I mean, I know N Harmonia could speak to Pokemon, and psychic types can establish telepathic team bonds, but her whole team.../

    /Is composed of ghost types, yes. She’s communicating with them, and it appears she’s doing so as though she’s a native speaker of the language, but we have more pressing matters to face, don’t we?/ With a jolt, Liz realized that Ein was indeed correct, no matter how much she desperately wished for the time to speak to the other woman and understand what exactly was going on here--and there was a lot going on, she realized as what seemed to be yet another trainer joined the fray.

    “Ollie, move!” Cerridwen shouted as the Luxray barreled towards the Zoroark, and the bird Pokemon launched himself away from the fox while shouting to the Galvantula still attached to it much like one of those popular children’s backpacks.

    “Hey! Bail out!” he shouted, hoping the electric spider got out of the careless Luxray’s path before they were seriously hurt.

    Grace and Flicker, however, were too busy with the Salamence to allow themselves time to look over at the chaos that had interrupted Ollie and the Galvantula’s fight. Though the dragon hadn’t previously noticed the pair and their new Vaporeon friend before, their opening attacks had given their presence away, and it certainly noticed them now. As they watched, the Salamence’s attention snapped to the trio on the ground, and Grace knew they only had seconds to react as she spotted small embers of flame lick at the dragon’s opened mouth--it was readying for a flamethrower. “Move--” Splish started, but Grace cut her off abruptly.

    “Behind me, now!” she barked before tossing the tiny candle Pokemon she’d been holding into the air just as a torrent of flames exploded from the dragon’s mouth. Splish gave an instinctive cry of alarm that drew Liz’s attention, and Ein had to stop the woman from running forward to try to aid her second-oldest friend.

    But the flames never touched them. Instead, Flicker gave another yawn, opening his small mouth wide to swallow the flames. In response, the small fire atop his head grew absolutely massive in size before he returned the favor by spitting a massive Ember attack back at the dragon, which dodged out of the way--

    Straight into the Shadow Punch thrown by a Golurk that had just joined the fight.

    A Golurk that apparently one of their fellow teammates had warned Rain was now present, as the tiny woman screamed in English above the roaring of the dragon as its wings momentarily faltered, “Grace! Use Blizzard!” She didn’t have to be told twice. In fact, the Froslass smiled as she snatched Flicker easily out of the air and set him down beside Splish, who readied for another Aurora Beam assist. This attack took a bit longer to charge, and Grace felt the temperature of the air around her plummet as she focused on the Salamence, building up the ferocity of the storm she would unleash on it. This fight was ending, and it was ending now.

    "I'm so sorry," Grace whispered, and unleashed the move on the Salamence, an orb of vicious, frigid wind and ice exploding around it in the blink of an eye.

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    Shay didn't regret her decision to say. The bit of time it did take for officials to show up was too long for her liking. She was also of the opinion that they came under prepared for the situation. Be it because there were already people here handling the situation, or they simply didn't have the power to do so, it wasn't a good thing in her eyes. It looked like things were becoming more under control, and the eager Jangmo-o nearly nipping at her ankle knew it as well. Shay looked down and found Choros, claws dug into the concrete. All she had to do was nod and the dragon was off like a shot towards Havoc.

    Now Shay had to watch that Salamence. A one on one turned into a one versus... a handful. It was hard to say how many were actually in combat with the blue and red beast. It seemed confused between the anti-air tactics and the one well within it's melee range. In those moments of anger, two more attacks came for it. Sonata was apt at avoiding them, but Shay could tell, even she was having trouble with her ability to avoid them all. With her left Pokemonless at the moment, Shay turned to the person she had been talking to previously. First, there needed to be an idea given to Sonata. Shay whistled a sharp, loud whistle, catching the Noivern's attention. A quick glance towards her Trainer, and a few exchanged thoughts and she knew immediately what to do.

    Shay turned to the blogger. "Hey, what else does Cottonbloom know? I have an idea, and I know Ryme isn't much for battling, but I'm going to need your Hoppip's help..."

    Then she realized that there was another issue. "... what was your name? I might have missed it when the pavilion exploded into chaos."

    Now Havoc had met a lot of Pokemon with a lot of different skills. A taser was not something she expected, but she took whatever she could. As the electricity ran it's course, the tusks on her face began to glow with teal energy. Growling and swinging her head left to right, Dual Chop took it's toll as there was no dodging that in the position the Pangoro was in. When the Haxorus could, she shifted her weight forward, making sure to not crush her comrades and to force the Pangoro on it's back, should it still have the energy to get back up once more. The Pangoro struggled to stay up, a knee down on the street, still attempting to stay up once again. One arm broke free, and tried to raise up to get one final blow in, knowing it's opponent had only slightly more energy that it did.

    What happened next was almost comical. A small grey blur smacked headfirst into the Pangoro, making it flinch and knocking it over slowly onto the ground. Choros, a little dazed, landed on the ground next to the heavily beaten Havoc. The Pangoro remained still on the ground. Havoc and Choros waited a few seconds before determining a relaxing conclusion: it had finally been defeated. Havoc remained standing, though arms were limp, scales scuffed and dented, bruises beginning to form under her natural armor. There still was a job to do. She looked at the pair of Cinccino, breathing heavily but still concious.

    "Unorthodox... but well fought... where is safety for you two?"

    "Yeah, we or I can get you at least somewhere safe!" Choros chimed in. "Or at least part way. Return the favour for helping my big sis' Havoc."

    Suddenly there was a Golurk. Suddenly there was a Luxray. That Luxray was charging right at the Zoroark, and by extension, her. Cayci had a few options to consider: take a bit of the hit and make sure the Zoroark was hit, and not lose her grip and Sticky Web, or two, leap off at the last second, take no unnecessary damage and play the guessing game. Cayci decided the latter, waiting until the last moment to vault herself off of the illusion fox and onto a nearby pile of debris. It didn't leave time for the Zoroark to dodge the hit, as was evident by the sparks and electricity crackling in the air. The Galvantula frowned, well, as much as a spider could frown. Now she had to reassess her trappings, as some of them had been annihilated by the Wild Charge.

    Well if there was anything Cayci was good at, it was making webs. She could lob globs of sticky so that the Zoroark wouldn't be able to move. Of course, the Zoroark still had the rage and energy to break these pockets of web, but it would either have to do that, or fight the Luxray in front of it.

    She had to take a moment to keep track of all the players in this game. He head began to spin a bit, before she heard a sharp whistle from a familiar face. Sonata's attention drew to her trainer, and she hovered closer, temporarily blocking out all the other noise in her mind. The conversation was brief: all the cotton spores in play could help with the Salamence, and with Sonata's control of the wind, it may just bring the Salamence down. Sonata nodded, lowering her altitude and spiraling around the cloud of soft particles, sending them upwards towards the dragon quickly. A ping in Sonata's mind came as the air chilled to uncomfortable temperatures. Sonata had an idea.

    Moving fast she altered the wind currents and put the cotton in the path of the Blizzard attack. The moisture in the air would freeze around the cotton, essentially creating small packets of ice. Those would be thrown into the Salamence, hopefully adding to the sting of the assault. It was a bit of a dirty move, but there were lives on the line. The icy storm connected with it's intended target, and the Salamence roared in pain. Hopefully that would be enough to bring it down, but just in case, Sonata was ready with Psychic to catch it before it broke a few bones on impact.

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    As the chaos of the battle began to unfold around her, Cat saw reinforcements began to roll in. Finally the Ryme City police were here which meant they could handle the situation, right? Cat looked over at Shay commanding her Pokémon with such confidence. They'd both be in trouble soon if they didn't leave the scene, since battles were strictly forbidden in Ryme City. And even if Cat wasn't directly commanding Cottonbloom, she could still get in trouble. She couldn't afford a fine and jail time would cost her not only her part time job but also a lot of subscribers, so there would go her income. Still, Shay didn't seem to waver as the the police officers sent out their own Pokémon to help, so perhaps she could linger just a little longer.

    Cat turned her focus back on the Pangoro just in time to witness a very peculiar sight. As the beast was restrained by the Haxorus, one of the Ciccino got its paws on a taser. It quickly locked and loaded said taser gun, configuring the various settings before firing into the beast, unleashing thousands of volts into the Pangoro. With that large of a shock, the hulking panda was down an out. Cat zoomed in on the Cinccino. It seemed relieved until it spotted Cottonbloom filming from the skies. Pokémon expressions were hard to decipher at times, but the Cinccino seemed almost... unnerved. Almost like it was caught doing something it shouldn't have been doing. Cat began to zoom in further, trying to see if there was a collar or any other identifying features that could help her trace the Cinccino later. There didn't seem to be any, which was suspicious. The RCPD always marked their Pokémon in some form, which meant it wasn't an official police trained Pokémon. But it didn't have any sort of other markings either that would indicate it was someone's partner. So was it a stray then? Wild and stray Pokémon certainly weren't known to be able to fire tasers. This was all very suspicious.

    Cat was taken out of her thoughts on the Cinccino by Shay's voice calling out to her. "Hey, what else does Cottonbloom know? I have an idea, and I know Ryme isn't much for battling, but I'm going to need your Hoppip's help..." Shay paused for a moment before adding, "... what was your name? I might have missed it when the pavilion exploded into chaos."

    She smiled a little and said, "My name's Cat Ines, though most people know me as Cat Cast from Pokétube. As for what moves CB knows..." Cat furrowed her brow for a moment as she tried to recall Cottonbloom's moves. Shay was right, Ryme City was a big no battle zone. As a result, Cat was pretty sure CB only knew status moves. Ah no... didn't she know one attack? Or had she replaced that with a status move. Now was not really the time to forget these kinds of things! "I think she knows Stun Spore and Sleep Powder... then there's Cotton Spore and... I think her last move is either Rage Powder or Fairy Wind. I can't really remember since this," Cat gestured to the colliding titans around them, "doesn't exactly occur daily so I've only seen her use her moves a few times. And since I'm not a registered trainer I can't exactly readily check her status. Hopefully the moves she definitely knows will be enough for her plan right?"

    Cat wasn't exactly keen on using Rage Powder. On top of the fact that she wasn't 100 percent sure CB even knew the move, Rage Powder would make CB the center of everyone's attention, which meant all attacks would be directed at her. CB could be seriously hurt with all the fire and ice attacks going around. Even if knowing moves like Cotton Spore meant she was decently high in level, that didn't mean she could take too many hits before she was fatally injured. Cat wanted that to be a last resort. Her partner's life and health were her first priority here. And that's not even considering how much the Go Pro CB was holding cost. But Cat was willing to lose that, she wasn't willing to lose CB.
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    With nothing stopping the Haxorus now, she made her strike against the seemingly unstoppable panda juggernaut. But even under the influence of whatever concoction was driving it to fury, it could only take so much punishment. However, it seemed the Jangmo-o insisted on getting the last strike in, headbutting the Pangoro until it finally collapsed.

    Unorthodox... but well fought... where is safety for you two?"

    "Someone needed to step in." Nathan explained to the Haxorus. "Thankfully enough of us did."

    "Yeah, we or I can get you at least somewhere safe!" the Jangmo-o chimed in. "Or at least part way. Return the favour for helping my big sis' Havoc."

    For the time being, Nathan was still a bit concerned he had been seen using that taser gun. He could feel eyes were upon him, but he decided acting as natural as possible was the best course of action. He simply used his paw to pat the dirt and dust off of the white fur scarf around his neck and tried to act like he was always like this. He couldn't rewind back to that moment and consider possible alternatives, but the least he could do was move on and dismiss it as past. Besides, with Kano near him, it was even possible they might get mixed up with which of the two Cinccino had even used the taser gun in the first place if they took their eyes off of them for even just a second. There was extremely little to differentiate one Cinccino from the other.

    "You're right, we should go." Nathan agreed. "I don't think we could contend with that Salamence or that Zoroark."

    He felt things like that were left in more capable hands. The dragon trainer and the police were already on site, and at this point, Kano and himself might only get in the way. Besides, the Salamence could fly where they couldn't, and the Zoroark was very quick and sneaky. Trying to climb on its back would be much more daunting of a task and they were already worn out from contending with the Pangoro. After all, his original intention was just to speak to one of the rogues, not fight with them. But from what he knew now, there was a different situation at stake.

    The anger and rage of the rogues was not their own. It was artificially created and had to be triggered somehow, either by a chemical or some traumatic psychological means. For the rogues to completely lose all rationality and wanton disregard for their surroundings and anyone around them was far outside of their normal nature. While it was true that some Pokémon could become aggressive over territory or loss, there was no reasoning or rationale for this kind of violence.

    He offered to let the Jangmo-o lead the way away from the attack site. The sooner they left the scene, the less of a chance he'd have anyone asking him specifically about the whole taser gun incident. If he disappeared into the shadows, it wouldn't matter how many people and Pokémon saw it on television or whatever. As far as he knew, there was no distinguishing feature he had that would separate him from another Cinccino.

    But he had to be careful and not let something like that happen again. He couldn't let anyone figure his secret out...
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