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Thread: Stalkers RPG General Chat Thread (Emissary Clubhouse)

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    So, Repose, Gravemeld, Payload and Indulge have all had a kill.
    There are only three left to make obvious kills in the gameplay (assuming it's one per night and stalkers have a go one by one without doing two in a row)- Netherfall, Abatis and Epsilon.
    As far as we know, someone can spend the night restraining epsilon even though we havent made a cage.
    That leaves abatis and netherfall.
    Does anyone want to learn protect with me, and "protect" our stalker suspicions for the night? I'm suspicious of Kannari as abatis, and of marisha or aliema as netherfall. If we're right, and we guard them all night, they might not make a kill!

    Alternatively, I'll probably learn protect and go to Yasha with my first use of it, to guard her as well as drop off a bundle of utopian items and the scroll we unscrambled... and see if she gives us a list or instructions. If we feel like she's probably safe, i'll just interview her instead.
    @EmeraldSky could you use clairvoyance on the broken half of the holy talisman, to find where the other half is?

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    On my way to my next adventure!

    Okay, I'll do that unless I'm needed elsewhere
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