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Thread: Stalkers RPG Main Action and Team Status [SEASON 4]

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    Breaking this down into three posts.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lychee View Post
    "Not to sound paranoid ...but if we're going to be attacked, I've made quite a big scene in town lately, and I'm certainly not blending in. If they come after me, I will give them an ass kicking and ask who sent them!"
    Switch stance to FIGHT

    Lillian will take the obsidian dagger back from the team inventory, equip it, take the last enigma berry left in the team inventory to eat as breakfast. She heads outside the emissary HQ with a big basket of things to take to market.

    "There is no point having a million items we cant use or must waste time forging into not-very-useful equipment, while we are gonna start being on the precipice of death every day! Let's use berries to stay safe from everything!" She tells herself, trying to stay upbeat. It was time for some retail therapy.

    Shopping time!!

    10x padded strips (sells for about 10sp so it's about 100sp)

    1x rainbow gem (sells for about 350sp)
    1x yellow gem (sells for about 250sp)
    1x orange gem (sells for about 250sp)
    1x red gem (sells for about 250sp)

    5x enigma berry (at 100sp each, that's 500sp)

    Lillian quickly drops off all the money she made and all the enigma berries she bought back into team storage, trying to leave herself with 400sp left in her own personal pocket.
    "There, that should help the team when the night falls."

    She will go to investigate the recent murder of Krenta as a free action, confused about how a ghost pokemon could even possibly die!
    Lillian has avoided the followers of the Abyss...

    After waking up in the morning, you decide to take the Obsidian Dagger from the weapons cabinet and you munch on your Enigma Berry. Despite the recent feelings of being pursued, you decide you'd rather fight them down than run away scared. After prepping yourself for combat, you then collect a variety of gems and strips and head down to pawn them. You first head to Disaster Defence with the strips.

    You find Kannari the Rhydon working there as usual, and she looks upon the series of strips that you present before her. She keeps a poker face about her, making it hard to read what she thinks of your items for sale.

    "I'll give you $80SP$ for all those," Kinnari tells you. "I'd take it if I were you. I think I'd be the only one in town who will buy those."

    You shrug and decide to go along with it.

    [Padded Strips] x10 have been removed from the Team Inventory.
    $80SP$ has been added to Lillian's personal inventory.

    Afterword, you take the gems to the Starplace Gems, where Papritz is working there as usual, once again trying to keep the store incredibly tidy and organized. You present the four gems before him. He assesses them and you're not quite sure how to read his face and body language as he looks them over.

    "Hmm..." he hums in thought. "I think I can do $910SP$ for all of these. I'm being generous here! I can never be too sure if I'll be able to resell these!"

    You decide to go with it, and you hand over the four gets for the splinters.

    [Rainbow Gem], [Yellow Gem], [Orange Gem], and [Red Gem] have been removed from the Team Inventory.
    $910SP$ has been added to Lillian's personal inventory.

    With the new money that you've acquired, you decide to now go to the Berry House, which seems popular today and you end up having to wait on line for a bit while Balene the Cottonee processes orders. It seems like most of the customers there are for the squeezed drinks, but when you finally get up to the counter, you decide to lay the $500SP$ money down for five Enigma Berries.

    "Ooh, a fine choice!" Balene chimes in happily as she puts the five berries into a paper bag. "Enjoy and have a good day!"

    $500P$ has been removed from Lillian's personal inventory.
    [Enigma Berry] x5 has been added to Lillian's personal inventory.

    You bid her good day as well and you count the cash you've made. After selling the goods and making those purchases, you find yourself with $490SP$. Combined with the $550SP$ you started with, you now have $1040SP$.

    You head back to base to drop off the money to leave yourself with $400SP$.

    Lillian has deposited $640SP$ and [Enigma Berry] x5 into the Team Inventory.

    With all of that done, you then head out to see what exactly happened with Krenta's body over by Slippery Park. It takes you a bit of time to track down here the body was supposed to be, but something doesn't seem right. It's not there when you arrive at the spot that you felt for certain it would be.

    You find yourself oddly alone, but in the distance, you see what seems to be a purple-colored object lying on the ground. For a minute, you begin to think maybe someone moved the body, but part of you thinks perhaps maybe you just have the wrong spot after all.

    You go to the object and as you see, it's definitely Krenta. But something doesn't seem right.

    To your shock, Krenta gets up off the ground! You gasp, suddenly taken back. You could have sworn the report said he was dead!

    "Krenta!" you call out to him. "Are you... okay? Were you just sleeping?"

    He hears the sound of your voice, and then turns to face you.

    "No," he speaks. "Also..."



    For your battle audio pleasure

    Lillian, Medium, Normal type. 10HP, 30% dodge rate, 1d4 attack die. 135 Speed.
    Krenta, Medium, Ghost/Poison type. 10HP, 30% dodge rate, 1d4 attack die. 95 Speed.

    Lillian acts first! Due to Lillian being incapable of damaging Krenta, she must flee to escape!


    You're not sure what's going on with Krenta, or why he's attacking you. He takes an aggressive stance and prepares for deadly combat. You're baffled at first and can barely comprehend why a formerly peaceful civilian would be attacking you now.

    "Hey, what's the big idea!?" you shout out to him.

    But your words are nothing to him as he prepares to strike, gathering a buildup of sludge to hurl at you. You realize that while he can't hurt you with his ghostly powers, he certainly can with his toxic sludge and acidic capabilities.

    You decide to make a run for it after all, knowing your attacks are going to be hitting nothing but air against a ghost like this. Using your speed, you decide to make a sprint for it, dashing behind several trees to make your escape. The coverage is thick and your speed is fast, so it might just work.

    Lillian tries to run away... (Rolls 30%) ...and did!

    Your deft speed and dashing proves to be way more than what Krenta could keep up with. You dash through the park at breakneck speeds and you lose the ghostly pursuer as you weave your way through the trees. You're long gone to him now and you might as well be on the other side of the planet.

    Lillian has successfully escaped from the battle.

    Despite making a quick and successful escape, you still don't understand why he attacked you. Or why he was declared dead when he seems to be alive. Something doesn't seem right, but you figure someone who might have the technical experience can figure it out and somehow determine what's going on around here.

    Lillian the Lopunny (M: Normal)
    Health: 10/10 | Sanity: 8/8 | Purity: 10/10
    Battle Stance: Fight
    Perk: Diplomacy
    Trait: Lucky
    Equipment: [E: Obsidian Dagger], Enigma Berry [+2 DMG Resist] (until Day 9 Day Cycle)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lychee View Post
    She will go to Timpani the Kirlia.
    Give Timpani the care package from Kaskin
    Briefly mention the comedy show coming up
    (Neither of those mention we have to interview the pokemon to do them, so I'm going to assume I can interact in another way instead)
    Lillian also plonks down 200sp to do a friendly battle.
    "You're one of the town guard, right? If there was an arrest, could we trust you're strong enough to do it? Let's do a friendly battle to test! You can probably save for equipment upgrades if you win my money?"
    You decide to seek out Timpani, and you find the Kirlia on break at the Valley Wellness Center. It seems like it's been a long day already for her with therapy sessions and counseling, but she's managing to pull through it.

    When you find her, you present to her the care package that Kaskin requested you deliver to her.

    "Hey Timpani," she tell her with a smile. "Special delivery!"

    She looks at it, not sure what it is at first, but then makes the connection.

    "Oh, thanks!" she replies to you with a grateful smile. "Huh, was kind of expecting Kaskin to be delivering that himself, but guess he's busy or something."


    As she opens the box to ensure everything is there and accounting for, you decide to ask her about something else.

    "Say," you tell her. "You know Dimfred?"

    "Yeah, that Slowbro, right?" she asks, wondering why you would bring that up. "What about him?"

    "He's putting on a comedy show with Samba," you tell her. "I know, it sounds crazy at a time like this, but hey, it isn't such a bad idea come to think of it."

    She looks a little doubtful about the whole proposition, but she decides to hear you out.

    "I think it would be hard to get laughter going at a time like this," Timpani shrugs. "Guy's ever brave or nuts."

    "I hope he's nuts!" you laugh. "Who knows, there's a lot of untapped material out there. Makes me curious about what they're going to do. How about you?"

    "Oh, don't do that," she sighs, giggling. "Now you've got me wondering. And with the two of them... okay, fine, I'll nibble! I would hate myself if it ends up being good and I totally missed it."

    SIDE MISSION UPDATED: Spread the Word

    Then, feeling gutsy and confident, you decide to lay $200SP$ before her, and you smirk confidently.

    "You're one of the town guard, right?" you ask her. "If there was an arrest, could we trust you're strong enough to do it? Let's do a friendly battle to test! You can probably save for equipment upgrades if you win my money?"

    "We'll see about that," she tells you, smiling in return. "Out back. Can't be fighting in here, sorry."

    You both head toward the back lot of the building, giving you both a nice, open area to use. The ground is firm and arid, which makes it solid and dependable. You figure knowing this before you break into the fray will give you at least some of an edge.

    "You sure you wanna do this?" Timpani smirks at you. "Not too late to turn back!"

    "It's already over," you tell her, drawing your dagger. "Come at me!"

    For your battle audio pleasure

    Timpani, Medium, Psychic/Fairy type. 10HP, 30% dodge rate, 1d4 attack die. 50 Speed.
    Lillian, Medium, Normal type. 10HP, 30% dodge, +2 DMG RES. 1d4+2. 105 Speed.

    Lillian strikes first!


    You don't waste a second as you surge toward Timpani, wind surging through your fur and blowing back your ears like a hurricane. You ready your dagger and thrust in quickly, blade piercing through the air...

    Lillian rolls 90%, hit! 2 damage + 2 [Obsidian Dagger = 4 Damage!
    Timpani: 6HP Remaining.

    You jab her fiercely in the side, causing her to cry out in pain and panic. She quickly leaps away and then unleashes a psychic barrage at you, sending violet waves of psychic energy right at you.

    Timpani rolls 70%, hit! 1 damage - 2 (Enigma Berry damage resistance = 0!
    Lillian: 10HP Remaining.

    The attack strikes you, but the damage just isn't there as the Enigma Berry's effect eats away the pain. You quickly speed around Timpani, dancing with wind before attempting to strike her in the side. You surge forward, driving the blade at her in the back.

    Lillian rolls 52!, Hit! 2 damage + 2 [Obsidian Dagger] = 4 Damage!
    Timpani: 2HP Remaining.

    "Ow!" Timpani cries out, stumbling backward. "What the hell, how are you so fast!?"

    She looks very weak, but she's able to quickly compose herself, leap out of the way, and unleash a reprisal attack on you, focusing on her mental energies to unleash a psychic shockwave. The swirling waves of violent psychic energy weave and bed around you, and almost seem impossible to dodge.

    Timpani rolls 56%, hit! 3 damage - 2 (Enigma Berry damage resistance = 1!
    Lillian: 9HP Remaining.

    Though most of the damage is absorbed, some of the psychic shockwaves still break through and trigger the nerves in your mind, resulting in a painful headache for a few moments. However, it isn't nearly enough to slow you down, and you quickly leap forward, ready to finish this with a powerful, final blow.

    Lillian rolls 79%, hit! 3 damage + 2 [Obsidian Dagger] = 5 Damage!
    Timpani: -3HP Remaining.

    It strikes a heavy and overwhelming blow to her and she immediately gets thrown back onto the ground. After rolling over several times, she looks absolutely exhausted and it looks like it's going to be a while before she gets up.


    "Ugh..." she gasps, matted with dirt. "I didn't... think..."

    She passes out face-down in the dirt, completely unconsciousness. You imagine after a fight like that, she may need the rest, even if it's in the middle of nowhere.

    You decide to take your bet winnings from her pouch.

    $400SP$ has been added to Lillian's personal inventory.

    After a fight like that, you figure Salvage Keep might need to get their hands on some better guards...

    Lillian the Lopunny (M: Normal)
    Health: 10/10 | Sanity: 8/8 | Purity: 10/10
    Battle Stance: Fight
    Perk: Diplomacy
    Trait: Lucky
    Equipment: [E: Obsidian Dagger], Enigma Berry [+2 DMG Resist] (until Day 9 Day Cycle)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lychee View Post
    After hearing about Litas revelation, and noticing some emissaries not return home, Lillian will nervously consume her adrenalin orb and go talk to Yasha, using diplomacy, of course.
    "We have the staff, we've cleansed the ground, we decoded the blessing. The pokemon of stars and light have come down and told us we need to go to you, Yasha. Please, guide us through the sin purge ritual. If nothing else, show us how to destroy these wretched phylacteries!"
    She will show Yasha all the utopian instruments and decoded shreds of paper, in the hope that something will be done quickly.
    (Yasha's already Compliant, but it's all good. :3)

    Recommended Listening

    Tired from all the shopping and battling, you decide to use your Adrenaline Orb and take advantage of the few hours of afternoon light you still have. The orb refreshes your energy, feeling as if you just woke up from a good night's sleep and ready to start the day as if it were morning.

    You gather all the Utopian weapons, tools, and documents into a wooden crate, and the amount of light and radiance from it all is almost overwhelming. You feel as though you carry a beacon of true purity with you, and you're almost a little nervous about someone nefarious noticing it.

    You then head to the Sacred Temple. Things are quiet as the sun begins to set in the distance, and you decide to enter the beautiful temple that has successfully withstood the worst cataclysms Yaru has ever seen. Once inside, there, you find Yasha alone, standing before the main altar. As you softly approach, you realize she's praying, head bent down, whispering words into the silence. After patiently waiting for her to finish, you then gently approach her, and present to her all the relics and artifacts you have found.

    "We have the staff, we've cleansed the ground, we decoded the blessing," you inform her, presenting the box of holy Utopian relics. "The Pokémon of stars and light have come down and told us we need to go to you, Yasha. Please, guide us through the Sin Purge ritual. If nothing else, show us how to destroy these wretched Phylacteries!"

    In the meantime, the glow of the holy relics... it almost seems to radiate with a light that flows gracefully throughout the temple. As if there is hope in the air and that light can still shine in this house of worship.

    Yasha turns to you, and then looks inside the wooden crate you've been carrying. Her eyes open wide and she almost gasps at what she beholds. You can easily tell this is a sight she was never expecting to see in this lifetime.

    "Remarkable..." she manages to say after being speechless.

    But after a few seconds of admiration, she looks up and nods to you.

    "You're right, we need to take these to the Sacred Ground," she agrees with you. "The sooner we learn about what we need to do, the more lives we'll save."

    Traveling together, you make your way back to the outside of the temple, where the Sacred Ground is. After laying the wooden crate down, you pull out all the relics and Utopian transcriptions. She reads through them, and when she finishes, she sighs with relief, and closes her eyes for a moment in thought.

    "Now I understand," she tells you. "The Abyss is trying to adapt their infiltration strategy. They have been using dark conduit anchors called Phylacteries, and you've already found one of them. In order to stop the Stalkers, these Phylacteries have to be destroyed. Once these dark conduits are obliterated by the Sin Purge Ritual, it will leave the Enthraller it belongs to vulnerable. Once you discern what Pokémon they've possessed, it's up to you to fight them and eliminate them. It's the only way you're going to save the souls of those Pokémon that have been ensnared by these demonic spirits."

    "Moreover," she continues to explain. "Conventional assassination killing of these Stalkers won't solve anything. As I've read, it will only end the victim's life, and those Enthrallers will simply move on to another victim. Because of these adaptations they've learned, if we are to truly eliminate these infiltrators from the Abyss, we need to do it another way..."

    She then takes the Sacred Lands Blessing, and begins to read the words aloud. Even with the first few words she speaks, a wispy, white light soon appears, and it grows brighter and brighter. More soft, tendrils of white, holy energy come forward, and they soon illuminate the whole area, driving back the darkness and the shadows.

    {Sacred Ground: Sacred Lands Blessing}

    As you watch in awe and witness the whole area become rejuvinated with new life in the form of heavenly flowers and foliage, you see a stone slab that was once buried now revealed.

    However, after so many years of neglect, the altar itself, once pristine and ornate, has fallen into disrepair. What you see before you appears to be an ordinary stone slab, mattered with so much dirt and debris over the years that it has become a grey and dirty brown color.

    {Stone Slab: <Repair>} had been noted in the Team Records.

    So many of the carvings and details have worn out and the divine encryptions have almost completely faded away. As this point, it's almost impossible to even tell it was an altar in the first place. But as you brush away some of the dirt, you can still see them if you look hard enough.

    "It's not too late," Yasha tells you, looking over the stone slab. "We can restore it, but it will still be an intense restoration task. Thankfully, as long as one among you has the skill to perform the restoration on this forgotten altar, we can undo the effects of time on this altar, and make it whole again."

    "I have gone through what you and your friends have managed to acquire here," Yasha tells with an optimistic smile. "We almost have everything we need. But first, I need to explain what each of these relics are, and how they function."


    The [Communion Talisman], which you have made whole again, is a holy communication device that will link the Altar with Utopia, once the Altar has been restored. I'm sure it will give them reassurance that the mission they had once attempted here isn't lost, and that their work is being continued.

    The [Safeguard Seal] is a celestial medallion that will be inserted into the side of the Altar once the restoration task is completed. With this protective medal, the Abyss will be completely blind to anything that happens here. To them, these temple grounds will become nothing but a white, impenetrable void to them. Evil has no place here once this Seal has been activated.

    The [Holy Infuser] is a divine badge that holds an incalculable amount of celestial power. We will use this to power the Altar, and with it, we will be able to generate enough force to destroy these dark and almost indestructible Phylacteries.

    What we will need is a [Pure Cloth], which can be made by using Seinaru on a few pieces of Macro-weed Fibre. The demonic taint of an Enthraller Phylactery is strong, and it will try to penetrate the Altar. With this [Pure Cloth], we will be able to guard the Altar from the taint of these demonic conduits, and shield the Altar from the resulting detonation of the Phylacteries once the Phylactery Ritual is read.

    The [Starhail Staff] is the main driving force behind the Ritual. It will link and channel its power with the [Communion Talisman] and will be empowered with the [Holy Infuser]. Once the Phylactery Ritual is read, the [Starhail Staff] have enough power to create a divine energy field that will completely obliterate whatever dark Phylactery is prepared upon the Altar itself...

    The [Mystic Crystal] and the [Ancient Relic] are both components of the Altar. Once the [Starhail Staff] has been used to activate the Altar, these will stabilize and reinforce the holy energy field so that the [Starhail Staff] will not need to be used again for reactivating the field. This will then allow you to use the Staff it as a weapon.

    "We have most of the pieces," Yasha explains. "There are just a few things that need to be done..."

    1. Use Repair Upon the Stone Slab. This will restore it to its former glory and will give this priceless Utopian relic the rebirth it needs to become capable again.
    2. Create a [Pure Cloth]. We have most of the relics, but the one that the Emissaries will need to make themselves is this. But it can be done by taking Four Macro-weed Fibres from the Team Inventory and using Seinaru on them to weave them into this holy, protective fabric.
    3. Lastly, the Entire Altar can only be completed by the use of Forge. This will complete the artisan process behind linking all of the individual components together.

    "Steps 1 and 2 can be done in any order," Yasha tells you, assuring you that there isn't all that much left to complete. "Step 3 can only be done once Steps 1 and 2 are finished, however. But once this is done, the Altar will be complete, and will be capable of destroying any Phylactery. The one you have that belongs to Gravemeld is one of these seven Phylacteries. We're going to need to eradicate all of them."

    "But once we destroy a Phylactery, what happens next?" you ask Yasha.

    "These Stalkers will then need to be confronted in combat," Yasha explains. "Once you have destroyed their Phylactery, you then must track down and discern what Pokémon that Stalker is. To ensure their elimination, you will need to use a Vessel of Banishment, which can be equipped and wielded like any other weapon. These are holy weapons capable of inflicting permanent wounds upon the Enthrallers that possess the Pokémon victim's body. Right now, we know there are seven Stalkers, but we only have six Vessels of Banishment. A seventh one has to be out there somewhere..."

    The Vessels of Banishment are now Equippable as weapons, but can only be used in Hostile Battles against forces of the Abyss (Abyss Hunters, Abyss Minions, and the Enthrallers themselves)

    [E: Crusader Spear] (2d8+2 holy damage)
    [E: Starhail Staff] (2d12 holy damage)
    [E: Rod of Light] (2d4 & 1d6 holy damage)
    [E: Jadestone Sword] (1d12+3 holy damage)
    [E: Dragonstar Flair] (5d4 holy damage)
    [E: Thundercaller Relic] (1d20 holy damage)
    <7th Vessel Missing>

    "Enthrallers are very powerful," Yasha warns you. "So powerful that in order to destroy them, the Vessel of Banishment you smite them with will have to be sacrificed to fully and utterly obliterate the Enthraller, banishing them into nothingness. As such, though you can wound and inflict harm upon these Stalkers with conventional weaponry and attacks to weaken them, the final killing blow must be performed with a Vessel of Banishment."

    (NOTE: Which means you'll need to bring the Stalker/Enthraller down to 0HP or less and then have the Emissary equipped with the Vessel of Banishment nail them with the final killing blow (else you just keep dropping their negative HP further and further down until that happens). Because it's just more epic that way, that's why!)

    "Sounds tough," you sigh.

    "Prepare yourselves," Yasha recommends. "Remember, you are fighting in the War of Souls now. We're all soldiers in this war, and soldiers need to always be prepared to make sacrifices..."


    You can have UP TO THREE Emissaries engage in a Stalker battle once the Stalker's Phylactery has been destroyed and you know who the Stalker is and what Pokémon they're masquerading as. Mercenaries won't be counted in this 3-Emissary limitation, so load up on them (meaning with two mercenaries each, you can have a max party of nine Pokémon)! Also, one of the players will need to be armed with a Vessel of Banishment. You can only bring one of these into the battle because otherwise you'd wear out multiple Vessels on one Enthraller and you would end up running out of them before getting through every Stalker battle.

    Health Damage caused by a Vessel of Banishment NEVER heals, so it does damage to the Stalker's current and maximum Health. This means that even if you get wiped from the battle, the Stalker will only be able to heal up to their maximum health. So if they started with 50HP but you did 20 damage with a Vessel of Banishment before the whole Emissary team wiped, they would only have a max HP of 30 on the second round when you challenge them again. So even if things went badly during Round 1, don't give up hope, things will be easier on Round 2!)

    Good luck, everyone!

    Lillian the Lopunny (M: Normal)
    Health: 10/10 | Sanity: 8/8 | Purity: 10/10
    Battle Stance: Fight
    Perk: Diplomacy
    Trait: Lucky
    Equipment: [E: Obsidian Dagger], Enigma Berry [+2 DMG Resist] (until Day 9 Day Cycle)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arrow-Jolteon View Post
    I'll head over to (48) Crater Centre and try opening the Gate to the Underground
    The Abyss has Arrow in their sights...

    After heading to the Crater Center, you arrive and it takes a bit of time before you're able to find a slope upward that isn't too steep. After climbing all the way up, you see the terrain dip back down again with miniature craters within the large crater.

    Once you see the path laid out before you, you remember and heed Carly's warning. There are landmines everywhere. And from the blast marks and the bits of metallic debris and shrapnel, there's more than enough evidence to prove that.

    You tread carefully on the way down, keeping a sharp eye out for any patches of ground that look suspicious. If it looks like the dirt was displaced or discolored, you avoid it like all hell, knowing there's a good chance that direct was placed over a highly-explosive anti-personnel landmine.

    Areas where it looks like one already went off seem to be safe, although occasionally you find a Pokémon's appendage that looks like they have been rotting there for a long while. It's a bit unsettling, but at least you don't need to deal with the landmine that likely killed them.

    Finally, you arrive at the console and the kinetic energy generator. The generator is currently shut down and looks like it was forcefully powered off, but you release a high-voltage electrical thunderbolt discharge into it, and suddenly the motor kicks back into gear again and the generator hums to life once more.

    {Gate to the Underground: <Security>, +Electric Type+}

    Next, you decide to work your magic on the authorization input screen. The password prompt is not too complex and you see that the console was hard-wired to a explosive charge. However, you can tell that already went off and it's no longer a threat. But you can't help but think about the first poor soul that came to this machine and messed up trying to break into it.

    You hard-reset the console and then override the system startup to perform administrator bypass on the system's firmware. Typing away at the keyboard, you create your own update to the firmware.

    struct group_info init_administrator = { .usage = ACCESS_ONS(3) };
    struct group_reset system *groups_alloc(int usersetconfig){
    struct group_access *groups_logindata;
    access.root password = { .set = "bypass1"};
    if (!group_reset system)
    return NULL;
    struct group_confirm system;

    You then close the administrator console command prompt, reset the system, and then use your new access password "bypass1."

    {Gate to the Underground: <Security>, +Electric Type+}

    The console system accepts the password with a beep and a system message of "Access granted." The heavy metal gate soon slides open with a few rusty metallic squeaks.

    You carefully walk in, knowing while some poor soul took the first explosive charge so you wouldn't have to, you're the only one who has gotten this far before, so if there are any explosive booby traps inside, they're all fresh and undetonated.

    Carefully making sure every step falls soft in case of pressure plates or trip wires, you make your way down a long and dark metallic corridor. It's cold and eerily quiet down this hall, but thankfully you don't run into any additional traps. The odd thing about it is that it is impeccably clean. It seems highly unusual considering the outside is a mess, riddled with shrapnel and metallic bits among blown up corpses.

    However, at the end of the hall, you see a solid steel security door with another security computer console embedded into the wall besides it. At first, you're all too ready to deploy your hacking skills on it, but you're greeted with the disappointment that the only input device is through a touchscreen keyboard, and there's no way to administer the system override without pulling the whole computer out of the wall. And because it's within the steel wall itself, there's no way you're going to be able to get it out of there.

    But you look at the output screen prompt and its requesting something very peculiar...


    You have no idea what this "Sadistic Code" is and you're not about to try entering random things to see what happens. A gentle reminder of what happened to the last guy that tried something like that is just outside. And the answer to where he went when he found out his code was wrong is simple. Everywhere.

    {Electronic Panel: "ENTER SADISTIC CODE"} has been noted in the Team Records.

    You decide to turn around and head out, feeling it would be best and wise to only return when you're sure about what this code really is. Thankfully, you're confident this passageway doesn't have any traps after all, and the return trip is a little easier. However, through the minefield, once again you end up being on your guard, but your awareness of the danger and what to look out for is likely what easily saves your life in this case.

    Arrow the Jolteon (M: Electric)
    Health: 10/10 | Sanity: 6/8 | Purity: 8/10
    Battle Stance: Flee
    Perk: Security
    Trait: Nimble

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arrow-Jolteon View Post
    I'll head over to (48) Crater Centre and try opening the Gate to the Underground
    After coming over the crater's rim, you quickly realize someone had been watching you moving your way back out the minefield. Realizing it's one of the Abyss's sentries, you aren't surprised you were spotted considering the crater had virtually no place to hide.

    You sense the Vileplume that was watching you isn't normal, and you can see the evil in her eyes...

    For your battle audio pleasure

    Arrow, Jolteon (Medium), Electric type. 10 HP, 30% dodge rate, 1d4 attack die. 130 Speed.
    Vexi: Hunter of Netherfall, Vileplume (Medium), Grass/Poison type. 10 HP, 30% dodge rate, 1d4 attack die. 50 Speed.

    Arrow acts first and will be attempting to Flee.


    You decide to quickly make a break for it and dash away as quickly as you can from this demonic poison flower Pokémon. Your speed is your signature trait and you try to make the most of it.

    Arrow tries to run away... (Rolls 72%) ...but couldn't!

    And you quickly realize the problem isn't your speed, it's the steepness of the cliff. Breaking into a sprint anywhere on this cliff could easily send you tumbling down to your death, forcing you to have to tread slowly and carefully until you can find a safer path downward.

    You have a dark feeling this Vileplume was well aware of that and decided to use it to her advantage...

    "SSssSSssSLlAUgHTTER!" she screams

    She aggressively charges after you, opening her mouth to spray you with a corrosive sludge.

    Vexi rolls 63%, Hit! 2 damage!
    Arrow: 8HP

    You cannot grasp the true nature of this Abyssal force...
    Arrow suffers 1 point of Sanity Damage!
    Arrow suffers 1 points of Purity Damage!

    The corrosive sludge burns through your fur, but it has a horrendous after-effect at taking stabs at your mind and spirit. Growling, you try to break away and find a quick but reliable way back down the mountain to get away from this abomination.

    Arrow tries to run away... (Rolls 4%) ...and did!

    A few feet down from your position, you find a much safer and much more reliable, leveled slope that heads all the way back down the crater mountain. Quickly, you use the firm and leveled ground and make a furious sprint down the path, far outracing the Vileplume, giving her absolutely no chance to catch up with you.

    Arrow has successfully escaped from the battle.

    You're a little singed from the attack, but generally you're fine and happy to be out of there.

    Taking a sigh of relief, you head back home to Emissary base, pondering about what your next move will be tonight.

    Arrow the Jolteon (M: Electric)
    Health: 8/10 | Sanity: 5/8 | Purity: 7/10
    Battle Stance: Flee
    Perk: Security
    Trait: Nimble

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    The sun has set in Salvage Keep
    Submit your Day 8: Night Cycle actions now!

    Time Remaining:


    (13th November, 5AM AEST)

    You are not sure what the lament from beyond means... but it reminds you...

    Active Dark Event 2: Mission Disclosure has elevated to 10%...

    @Bulbasaur @Noblejanobii @EmeraldSky @Scytherwolf @Morzone @HorusMyDude @Arrow-Jolteon @Lychee @sammy0295 @Truly @ARandomTool @LKWayvern @Dragon Master Mike @arnisd @Shruikan @ShadowBolt25

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    I'm going to learn Forge--taking along an Enigma Berry just in case.

    Once I have the skill, I'd like to do the following:

    - [M: Clear Gem Dust] x2 -> [M: Clear Gem]
    - [M: Green Gem Dust] x2 -> [M: Green Gem]
    - [M: Blue Gem Dust] x2 -> [M: Blue Gem]
    - [M: Iron Ore] x6 -> [M: Iron Ingot] x3
    - [M: Titanium Ore] x4 -> [M: Titanium Ingot] x2

    2x [padded strip] and 2x [Green Gem] to make
    [E: Green Gemstone Headband] x2

    Set stance to Fight, equipping the Jadestone Sword.

    (I hope I'm doing this right...)
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    Everyone has a dream that fills their heart. A journey they must take. A destiny to fulfill. As close as your imagination exists a magical place, where wondrous creatures with incredible powers help make dreams come true. It's the world of Pokemon!!"

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    I'd like to revive Yris.
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    Lillian notices that a few pokemon didn't come home tonight, and gives Buzzswole a nod. It had been long enough that she was pretty sure Madder and Brass would need rescuing- just like she had, a few days ago!
    Desperately hoping that other pokemon could become organised to help too, she picks up $60 from the team inventory and sets out towards town for a quick shop before the mission.

    - 1x [titanium ore]

    Now that the team inventory had enough supplies to make an iron dagger, a titanium dagger, plus a couple of headbands as well as enough macroweed for the pure cloth, she figured that ought to be enough supplies for now.

    Next, she goes to Bixas.
    "Hey! Have you heard there is going to be a comedy show on, that Dimfred is running?" She tries to lighten the mood, but then gets down to it.
    "It seems there is more I can learn from you, Bixas. Would you teach me how to rescue others? I need to rescue a friend, tonight."
    Once she learns how to rescue, Lillian will set out with the intention to rescue Madder. Hopefully another pokemon with the skill will join in!

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    1. borrow 50 $Sp from the team wallet

    2. equip the Dragonstar Flail

    3. set my stance to Fight

    4. hire a mercenary for 50 $Sp ( a Hydreigon )

    5. go Learn Rescue/Escape from Bixas the Pinsir

    6. if a free action help with the rescue of Brass

    7. if the side quest is complete go turn in the quest to Dimfred the Slowbro

    8. if that is everything, head back to base for the night
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