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Thread: When Spoopiness TRULY Strikes You In The Hoo-ha: Discussion of Fears

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    When Spoopiness TRULY Strikes You In The Hoo-ha: Discussion of Fears

    So i made a blog post about my fear of Slendytubbies, but that low-key sucked so i blew it up. So, i made this thread to be more inclusive so people can share and discuss their fears and maybe funny stories about the fear i suppose XD

    PM me for the slendytubbies story i guess

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    this isn't a spooky fear more than it is a really dumb irrational fear. i have a really bad time with robots? more specifically people in robot mascot costumes. when i was at a festival when i was like 4 a guy in a transformers outfit like came up to me and it scared me so bad that i just want nothing to do with them.

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    For me, when it comes to spoopy stories/movies/fictional stuff, I don't usually get more than a little unsettled for a bit. But there are a few things I've read that really got to me for some reason. And what my brain decides is spoopy enough to cause actual problematic fear makes no sense. Murderers, kidnappers, real-life dangerous environments, "humans are the real monsters" type of stuff? My brain is just like "Heh, cool story." But (certain types of) bizarre, physically impossible, complete fantasy type of horror? My brain has just gone "oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no..." a few times.

    But I've found a very effective solution for me. Lucid dreaming. Spoopy thing appears in nightmare? Well, birch, I control this reality now, so it's on. Few things are more satisfying than finding that thing I'm afraid of in a dream (the only place it can exist in my life) and curbstomping it.

    So yeah, that's the tl;dr of my experience with spoopy fears.

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    Will I, at any point in my natural life, be anywhere near a black hole? Probably not. Will a black hole spontaneously appear and consume me, or the earth? Probably not. Do I have a big fear of black holes? Heck yeah I do. Just the concept of them and everything I learn about them is utterly terrifying to me.
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    I have this like really irrational fear of animatronic mascots. Like robots on their own are fine but I really don't like stuff like those at Chuck E Cheese. We visited one my senior year of high school and in all the pictures I'm just eyeing the robots anxiously.

    It's mostly due to the FNAF franchise since I have a tendency to watch playthroughs of the games at night before I go to bed and you'd think after like idk seven games or whatever I'd figure out not to do that but nahhhh I still do it like an idiot. The games themselves kinda freak me out too but I can take them in small doses.
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    For me I kinda have two laced together. Odd as they may be. Aliens and being abducted. I mean I know the odds of it happening to me out of the 7billion+ people on this planet is at odds, but it still has me with a slight fear of it. Mostly cause "what will they do with me" and "I'll never see home again" kind of thinking following it. I'm already pretty weak as it is. Don't have very much muscles. I mean I know there's a lot of good some aliens can do too, but the fear of those that do wrong doesn't help.

    See LKWayvern's yeah black holes can be pretty terrifying too. I remember learning about those in school many years ago and fearing those too. Still kinda gives me goosebumps.

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