Hi everyone! We will be accepting applications to become a staff member on our PXR Discord server. :]

You will be expected to fulfill a few roles as a Discord staff member.

First off, you should be able to watch and participate in the server a fair amount. We don't expect you to be on all the time; we know the PXR Discord is small right now, and everyone has a life and things to do. However, you should be able to at least monitor it fairly regularly, and make an attempt to participate in conversations.

As stated before, the server is fairly small; we're just under 100 members. Our goal right now is to get that number up and have more active members in the community. You will be expected to help achieve that goal, whether it's by brainstorming ways to improve the server, helping to put ideas into action, or participating in events that serve the purpose of helping the server grow.

Lastly, the server stems from the PXR forum. That being said, we want to support the forum and try to increase the number of people that join it as well as the Discord server. Think of the forum and the Discord server as being linked. We want to see you being involved on the forum in addition to the Discord server.

We only have one set requirement: you must be a member of PXR. However, your chances of being selected will be much larger if you we see you being active, having a positive attitude, and proving that you can do what is expected of a Discord staff member.

If you are a PXR member and think you can do all of this, you can fill out the application below and post it in this thread, or send it to ME through a private message on PXR! :]
The deadline is Saturday, August 17th at noon EST.

What is your PXR forum name? (Ex. Bulbasaur):
What is your Discord username? (Ex. Eric#4304):
How often do you post in the forum?:
How much will you be able to monitor the server?:
Why do you think you would be a good fit as a Discord Staff member?:
Is there anything else you would like to mention?: