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Thread: I just can't part with it!

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    I just can't part with it!

    Are you a "packrat"? Do you have trouble getting rid of things?

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    I have a hard time getting rid of old things that bring back childhood memories. Especially the kinds of things that I know I'm never going to see again. You lose those memories, they're gone for good and they're no longer a part of you.

    And even if I don't look at it for like five or ten years, just knowing it's still there still brings comfort.

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    I still have some of those old Burger King Pokémon toys. Primarily the Pikachu one I can't get rid of. Even if it sits in a drawer under my bed and I don't look st it or even use it. Still feels odd even thinking about trying to get rid of it. Cause I remember how hard it was trying to even get it back then. Got it from a Burger King that used to be where a Stanton Optical is now xD.

    But yeah certain things I feel I can let go of easily. Though not so much that I'm a hoarder. I like to try and keep clean.

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    i don't hoard stuff but i DO collect POP! vinyls and my rarest is my sonic POP! and it's so rare cuz it's vaulted and they don't make them anymore

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    Everyone on my mum's side of the family is a bit of a hoarder, and I think I've inherited that trait. Even though a lot of toys I've had since I was a kid have just sat around for years, it actually hurts me to even think about letting them go. I'm sentimental at the best of times, but losing the things that brought me so much joy when I was a kid just sounds painful. I think when I'm older I'm going to have a playroom with all of those things in so my kids can play with them, and then hopefully they carry on the tradition. :D

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    art supplies haha. i dont even do traditional art but yet i still hoard them

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    Yeah, I hoard things. I try to find a use for everything I own rather then get rid of it. XD

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    I used to be really bad about this, but over time I've improved. I throw out a lot more and always ask myself "Honestly - do you or will you need this?"

    I purged a large amount of stuff a couple years ago and it felt fantastic.


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