Don’t we all have a favorite?
Maybe it is a favorite toy as a child. Perhaps you have a favorite song that you love blasting from your headphones. There is also favorites when it comes to the snacks you eat. The thing that I am trying to say is that we all have favorites! Especially when it comes to our Pokemon! And if you have a favorite Pokemon then we have the Podcast for you!
My Favorite Pokemon podcast is being added to the Podcast Central lineup! Join Janine and Locke as they talk about everybody’s favorite Pokemon! We are not talking about a general favorite Pokemon. We are talking about the favorite Pokemon of the various guests that come on their podcast. Each episode features a new guest and their favorite Pokemon. Janine and Locke ask them a series of questions about their favorite Pokemon and what they would do together. It is a fun show to listen and will surely become one of your favorite podcasts!
But we all have favorites so lets start with listening to some favorite podcasts! Don’t touch that Totodile! It is podcast listening time!
Podcast Spotlight

My Favorite Pokemon: Shannon and Quagsire– Janine and Locke have Shannon who is a professional mom friend to talk about her favorite Pokemon. Quagsire! Listen why this Pokemon is so amazing and worth being your favorite! After all, how can you not love that wonderful smile!
Postcards from Pearl: Save the Combees, pt. I– Things are buzzing at the honey farm and Pearl is on the case! Though, she may bug out with all the creepy crawlies! An amazing episode to listen filled with ice cream!
I Chews You: Gen 1 Finale– The ICY Boys are bringing you a potluck feast with plenty of Pokemon to munch on! They have all your favorites from Squirtle Soup to a Porygon who can taste like anything! All with the help of a Mr. Mime that won’t be cooked.
General Pokemon Podcasts

PKMNcast: Pokémon Sword & Shield Info Dump– Steve has the A-Team back together to tackle all the new news there was! And plenty of reasons to love Impidimp!
P.U.C.L. Podcast: Game Informer POKEMON Sword and Shield Interview– Thatch is about to go on vacation but he has time for one more show to talk about why 18 gyms is a lot of gyms.
Blast Burn Radio: Farewell, Johto!– It is time to bid Johto farewell as the BBR Crew walk into the sunset. They speak their dislikes and likes about HGSS. Plenty of thoughts to be told about a region that has took so much time.
Luke Loves Pokemon: Lapras– Luke goes over Lapras’s long history within the Pokemon lore from being near extinct to now overpopulating bodies of water.
Victory Road: Generation 5 Appreciation– Doug and Kyle take on the latest news from Galar but also take some time to talk about some love for Generation 5. From experiences to the Pokemon!
The Science of Pokemon: It’s Not Easy Being Green– You don’t have to be a geek to know about Greek! Especially to know about how Greek myths have made their way into Pokemon!
Pokemon World Tour: The Bright And Shiny City Of Fun Pt.2– The tour bus is broken down due to all the changes and things in Mauville City. Get ready for this long pit-stop to be long!
Anime Podcasts

Poke Press: Diancie Movie Music/John Loeffler Part 2″– If you love music and movies then you are in luck! Steven and Anne have you cover with talk about the Diancie movie! There is even an interview with John Loeffler who did the music for the first two Pokemon movies.
Battling Podcasts

Pokemon Champions Podcast: Challenge Runs: Nuzlockes, plus some news (feat. Jolly By Nature)– There is some news to hear but the real meat is the talk about Nuzlockes. With Jolly! Hear this episode out if you want to know about the joy and tears of Nuzlockes.
Pokemon GO Podcasts

GOCast: A Little Long in the Fang- There is plenty to take a bite here with all this news. That is because Pokemon GO has plenty of new moves to help your Pokemon take a bite into battle!
Pokemon GO Radio: New Team Rocket Event is Coming!- A Rocket takeover is coming! And they are going to be out for blood. That is if you are asking the PGR Bros.
Pokemon GO Podcast: “Crave the Snow, Crave the Joe”– Plenty of small things coming to the game but one big glitch for those using a certain phone. Nothing to snow about when listening to this episode.
Pokemon GO FM: 99 Problems– Plenty of problems coming from the changing of spawn points and these guys will let you know why.
Lured Up Podcast: Girls That PvP– If you love girls who kick butt then you will love this episode!
Table Top Podcasts

Pokemon Rollout!: Gothorita Novella! (or, I WANT YOU TO PAY ATTENTION TO ME!) I hope you love drama because there is plenty to be have here. From a Gothorita to family pains. But worry not! This episode has an explosive ending!
Critical Ditto: Frenzy Plant #5 – Part 1– Get ready for an episode filled with passion, strong bonds between men and fierce battles! And all of this was in the first five minutes! A perfect start to a two parter!
Adventures in the Millennium: A Dirty Job– If you love to get messy then you will love the mess that our role playing heroes have gotten themselves into. Also, Grimer doing exercise.
Do you feel as if you have fall in love with these podcasts? Then hit up Apple Podcasts and leaf them a review!
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