The Pokemon of the day is...

#813, #814, and #815; the Scorbunny line

my rating: 5.5
Sorry, I didn't have time to post this yesterday. Much like with Grookey, I got lots of mixed feelings for the Scorbunny line; Scorbunny itself is quite the cutie and probably one of the better rabbit Pokemon designs in the game, and Raboot is probably my favorite one of the line if only because I have a huge soft spot for floppy-eared bunnies, Cinderace is just... I mean, it's not a BAD design by any means, but I'm getting really sick and tired of Fire-type starters being so humanoid all the dang time, especially because with the exception of Delphox they're always athletic humanoids and that makes their designs all feel predictable and samey, so really, GameFreak only stopped the Fire/Fighting cliche on a technicality but clearly continues it in spirit. Even beyond all of this, Cinderace has by far the ugliest color scheme out of all the Starters so far; that blue goes awful with the mustard-yellow, and it bothers me how the arms are so tiny and nubby. It only really needs a few tweaks; change the blue for gray like what Raboot has, maybe change the yellow to a softer shade, make the arms a little longer and also maybe the legs a little less humanlike. Oh, and also let it keep Raboot's floppy ears because those are cute (yes, I know it's Gigantamax form has floppy ears, but I'd much rather that not be restricted to a temporary form change). Now, Cinderace does deserve credit for having two really cool signature moves in Pyro Ball and Court Change, the former which is a potentially more useful a STAB than Flare Blitz thanks to not causing recoil (although it has slightly worse accuracy so be careful) and the latter throws the opponent for a loop by reversing field effects like Sneaky Pebbles and Slow-you-Down Web back on them (though keep in mind that the same goes for your side of the field so you do need to time your use of this move wisely if you're running Screens and/or Tailwind on your team), and it has a re-skinned Protean as its Hidden Ability, which is also great. It's not my cup of tea, but I can see how some people would like it, especially if you're a rabbit lover.