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Thread: Daily Pokemon Opinions

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    Aegislash rating: 9/10

    Still one heck of a powerful Pokémon. Not to mention it’s shiny variant is awesome! If trained right it can be a powerful asset to the team. Not to mention this one only took me 6 eggs to get a shiny for it XD. So I really got lucky cause it took over 100+ for Greninja.

    Shedinja rating: 6/10

    It is pretty unique as only certain things will even hurt it. Like in PMD especially. Though items such as gravelrocks or sticks would be your most powerful allies. Every item has its uses in those games! Can’t say I’d ever use one though, but it your opponent uses one and you don’t have a move that will even affect it. You’re in for a tough time.

    The time is upon us...

    . Pika Pair with the yellow bundle of fluff Chibi Altaria..

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    The Pokemon of the day is...

    #198 Murkrow

    my rating: 7
    Murkrow is a neat little corvid, I like how the design incorporates wicked witch elements by making the crooked beat resemble the stereotypical warty witch nose, giving it a feather crest reminiscent of a witch's hat, and having a fluffy tail that looks like a witch's broom. Sadly, Murkrow is rather weak, but it did get an evolution in Gen 4, and later still it got blessed with the Prankster Ability, which allows it to become far more viable.


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