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Thread: Crossroads Comics #88-Exorcism by Flare Blitz

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    Crossroads Comics #88-Exorcism by Flare Blitz

    It’s Tuesday which means it’s time for Crossroads Comics!

    This week we’re taking a look at PMD: Adventures in Viraska. I just binged this comic this past weekend and loved it so much that I had to feature it. PMD: AIV is a long running PMD comic by Searingblight, also known as M.W on Smackjeeves. This comic, which has been running for five years, is the sequel to another comic called It follows Team Salvage, consisting of Stanely the Froakie, Rachel the Flareon, Ashley the Pikachu, and Keaton the Purrloin as they confront the rising of a group called the Radiant who are intent on finding an artifact that could bring war back to Viraska. The comic kicks off when Stanley notices his teammate’s disappearing one by one and he sets off to find them. In conjunction to this, we also see bits and pieces of the journey of a Snivy known as Lief, a great warrior who has been tasked with keeping a flute out of the clutches of evil. But when everything comes to pass, will good prevail?
    Obviously, since the comic has been running for four years now, the story is most of the way complete, with the story in its final arc. However, it is still well worth reading as the story is interesting especially as you get further into the comic. What’s most impressive to me though is the artistic improvement. There is a steady gradual increase in quality throughout the duration of the comic’s run, though my favorite example of the improvement is in the fight scenes. You can really see how much the author has learned about choreographing fight scenes in the later battles like in Chapter 12 and Chapter 14. The author attributes this to their experience with another short comic they ran called Clash of Poke-Characters, which just goes to show that if you study and practice, it really does pay off in the end. It’s really cool to see just how far this comic has come and how much the author has improved over these last five years.
    So as we reach the climax of PMD: AIV, be sure to give it a read. It’s a fun and silly story that is well worth reading if you’re looking for something good to binge this holiday season.
    We’re also welcoming a new comic to the Crossroads Comics lineup, Pokémon: Team Buckshot! It’s a more mature take on the Pokémon franchise and authored by our very own Neo Emolga. I had the pleasure of beta reading the first few pages of this comic and intend to formally review it once there’s more content up, but for now go ahead and subscribe to it because trust me it’s going to get good.
    So without further ado, let’s check out the rest of this week’s comics!
    Crossroads Comics
    PMD: Explorers of Life Patience, Sapphire.
    Pokémon: Team Buckshot The story begins!
    Shinka: The Last Eevee It’s time to move forward.
    Smackjeeves Comics
    Fault Lines Hopefully Lazuli is okay.
    PMD: Anamnesis What a heartwarming ending.
    PMD: Adventures in Viraska She’s unpossessed but now the beast is loose again! Look out!
    PMD: Fragmented Souls What a beautiful scene.
    PMD: Gleaming Hearts What an honor!
    PMD: Mitigation A valid question.
    Spacial Rend The beginnings of a beautiful friendship?
    Deviantart Comics
    Acceptance Whoosh he’s gone!
    Connected Destinies Poor Kate.
    Low Probability That’s the moral question isn’t it.
    Milos from Home Your voice echoes down the cavern, but there is not answer.
    Pokémon: Shadow of the Sun Name drop!
    Stupid Short Eevee Comic Well this is off to a great start.
    Truth or Dare Nuzlocke Man this is such a cool take on N as a character.
    Off-site Comics
    A Living Shell: A Heartgold Egglocke The egg is hatching!
    Cuttlesworth An impressive fort indeed!
    Dumb RWBY Blake no.
    Lil Char and the Gang Shhh don’t ruin his innocence just yet!
    SiberianLizard Ferrets! Ferrets everywhere!
    Strange Planet Special sustenance.
    The Glass Scientists You’re scaring me, Henry.
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