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Thread: Mystery Dungeon DX (Red/Blue remake)!

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    Mystery Dungeon DX (Red/Blue remake)!

    This was announced in the Direct this morning. I think it looks really great! I would kind of liked to have a new story instead (just because I already know this one and the PMD stories were so good (not sure about the newer ones tho)). But I'm loving the graphics and looking forward to playing it on switch! I also noticed there are Megas so I'm really happy they haven't just decided Megas no longer exist!!

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    I've been playing the demo and I just LOVE IT. Even if it's just a remaster I'm so excited.
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    I've already played it twice (on both my profiles). I'm am LOVING every bit of this. Remake or not, it's Pokémon Mystery Dungeon no less. It proves to everyone that it is not forgotten like some people thought. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon will continue its beloved legacy!

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