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Thread: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Performers of Harmony

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    Act 20: The Hero of Three Colors (part 4)

    Later, Shaymin and the forest Pokemon watched as a Luxray playing the role of the king announced "Be it known that whoever can find the three knights that have captured the realm's imagination and bring them here will be handsomely rewarded with them!"

    As the Luxray turned away from the balcony, Lita hurried into the hallway set. "Father, please! I love Tristan more than I ever would love his master!" she pleaded.

    "He is the son of the richest ruler in the world." the Luxray replied. "It will be a fine match, and I do not wish to be disappointed."

    Lita trudged away over a sad theme from the orchestra and the lights went down. "And so, the wedding of Princess Lilly and the servant went on as planned." Brenna narrated. "But just as the priestess asked if there were any objections to the union, something amazing happened..."

    The forest Pokemon gasped in awe over the majestic shrine set, where a crowd of extras watched as Lita and the Litten stood before a Sylveon. "If there is any reason these two should not enter into the holy union of marriage, may they speak now, or forever hold their peace." the Sylveon told the gathered crowd.

    Just then, three voices called "WE OBJECT!!!!" from offstage, causing the crowd to murmur in confusion.

    Ruby, Rio, and the Treecko arrived in the scene moments later, each of them wearing their versions of the colorful armor from before. They hurried past the Litten and bowed low before Lita.

    "Why do you not honor my son-in-law?" the Luxray asked, gesturing to the Litten.

    "Alas! your majesty, we do not see him." the Treecko replied.

    At that moment, Charlotte entered the scene; now wearing a black velvet costume and a matching hat covered with black plumes." She gasped as Ruby and Rio led her before the Luxray. "What in the..." she stammered as Ruby, Rio, and the Treecko knelt before her.

    "Here is the true Prince Rowan!" Ruby made a grand gesture to Charlotte, making her black costume become her royal outfit from before.

    "He is the bravest fighter and the most merciful person in the world." Rio explained. "It was he who borrowed our armor and overthrew the warriors that took part in the tournament."

    "So, the three heroes were one and the same?" the Luxray asked.

    "Yet he was kind and merciful to his treacherous servant, who you have compelled your daughter to marry!" the Treecko announced, causing the crowd of extras to gasp in horror.

    The Litten burst into feigned tears. "I confess! I confess! I robbed Prince Rowan of his rights and compelled him to take a sacred vow never to tell! Please...have mercy on me!"

    The Luxray thought for a moment. "Guards! Take this deceiver and fraud to the dungeon! No one steals anyone's identity in my realm!"

    As the Litten was led away, Ruby, Rio, and the Treecko looked at each other, nodded, then each sang three gibberish melodies:

    Jao wiisha nes chiel com yutuul...

    Imultaos, ame no hao bakezo...

    Karuto, iichiida shou...

    "WOW!!!" Shaymin was the most impressed by the ornate angel costumes that Ruby, Rio, and the Treecko now wore.

    "I don't believe it..." Charlotte was equally amazed. "The knights I freed from the dungeon in my father's palace were not knights, but three angels from heaven!"

    She hurried to hug Ruby. "Thank you..."

    "It's like we said good deed goes unrewarded." Rio smiled as he embraced Charlotte.

    "Just as you helped us in our hour of need, we helped you in return." the Treecko agreed as she hugged Charlotte. "Now, go meet your rightful bride."

    The Luxray smiled as Charlotte and Lita met each other. "It seems that Arceus wanted the two of you to be together." he smiled. "You have my heartiest blessings for a long and happy marriage."

    "By the power vested within me, and before these witnesses, and especially these divine messengers..." the Sylveon smiled as she nodded at Ruby, Rio, and the Treecko. "I hereby pronounce Prince Rowan and Princess Lilly husband and wife."

    Cheers went up as the lights went down, save for Brenna in her nook. "And so it was that a simple act of kindness led a prince to his destiny." Brenna concluded. "The wedding festivities lasted six months in all, with every day being better than the one before."

    Shaymin's applause was the loudest as the lights came up for the curtain call. "Bravo! That was an amazing tale!" she raved as one by one, each of the Moonlight Players took a bow.

    But just as Charlotte and Lita took their bow, a bright ray of sunlight shone down into the clearing, startling the troupe of actors and the forest Pokemon. "No way..." Charlotte gasped when she saw a familiar white kirin like Pokemon step onto a cloud to look down on the grove.

    "Arceus was watching our show???" Lita was just as amazed as all the Pokemon present, including Shaymin, bowed before the beautiful kirin Pokemon.

    Arceus chuckled--a gentle laugh that made everything else want to laugh with him. Yes...I was indeed watching your performance from my heavenly had just the right amount of excitement, romance, and heart.

    "Did we at least get the angel costumes to look right, milord?" Ruby asked, still shocked that the Creator of All Things had come to comment on their show.

    They look beautiful--appearances need not be the most flashiest or ornate. Arceus assured Ruby. Your performances are the same way--the most mistake filled performance can be beautiful if you put your hearts into it.

    He turned business-like again. But back to why I have come to you...millions of theater troupes perform across this world every year, but only a select few earn the right to perform before Me in the divine realm. I believe you may have the potential to give me such a show.

    "But what about our journey to Luminous City and the Beacon Theater?" Lita asked. "And how do we know if we are worthy to perform before You, the Creator of All Things?"

    Shaymin looked up at Arceus. "Permission to bestow a reward on this troupe for a fine show?"

    Permission heartily granted. Arceus smiled.

    Shaymin manifested an emerald before the group. "As thanks for giving us a wonderful show, I give you the Emerald of Luck, a Divine Treasure. Your plays will very rarely fail, and even the box office bombs will benefit you."

    As you journey across the world to Luminous City, don't forget to perform for the Legendaries as well. Arceus explained. If you put on a play that pleases them, they will grant you a Divine Treasure. Reach Luminous City with enough Divine Treasures, and I will allow you to come to the divine realm, and perform for Me and the other Legendaries.

    "Leave it to us, milord!" Ruby smiled. Charlotte nodded in agreement.

    "We will do everything we can to please the Legendaries, and perform before You!" Lita agreed.

    In the meantime, continue honing and practicing your art. Arceus replied. I too look forward to the day you come to the divine masters and mistresses of the stage!

    To Be Continued...
    Everyone has a dream that fills their heart. A journey they must take. A destiny to fulfill. As close as your imagination exists a magical place, where wondrous creatures with incredible powers help make dreams come true. It's the world of Pokemon!!"

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    Act 21: A Show in Silver (part 1)

    "I can't believe it! Arceus was watching us perform for Shaymin!" Lita gasped, skipping down the road ahead of the caravan of wagons.

    "Now we really have to make it to Luminous City." Ruby agreed. "So we can come to the divine realm."

    "What kind of show would the Creator of all Things like?" Charlotte wondered as the caravan approached the top of the hill. Silver Town was off in the distance--a shiny beacon of civilization for travelers to rest after their trek through Jade Forest.

    "We'll have plenty of time to worry about that as we travel across the continent." Lita smiled. "For now, let's focus on our performance in Silver Town."

    She motioned for her friends to follow her. "Last one there's a rotten Exeggcute!"

    "Hey, wait for us!" Ruby, Charlotte, and the caravan were not far behind as the the shining gray rooftops of Silver Town came into view...


    The Diamond Theater rang with applause as Shimmer departed the stage. Brenna appeared in a spotlight at stage right. "There was once a king and queen, who had three daughters." she began over the orchestra's overture. "The two eldest were twins—Homura and Sora—and their parents loved them dearly. They were beautiful and intelligent to be sure, but they were not very good in heart. The third princess was named Kiiro, and was three years younger than her sisters. She was beautiful, wise, and as kind as she was beautiful."

    Intrigued murmurs filled the theater as Brenna continued over the orchestra "The light fairy Hikari was Kiiro's godmother, and this made her two sisters, Homura and Sora, very jealous. Some days after Kiiro was born, the king and queen sent her to the country, on a farm, to be nursed. Kiiro lived there happily for fifteen years without her parents coming, not even once, to see her. Every year they sent a little money to the farmer to pay for Kiiro's expenses, and asked some questions pertaining to her health and well-being, but they never came to see her nor cared about her education."

    The murmurs in the audience started to turn angry, but Brenna assured the audience "Kiiro would indeed have been very rude and ignorant if her good godmother, the fairy Hikari, had not sent her teachers to teach her everything a princess needed to know. Kiiro learned to read, write, do math and build things. She also became an accomplished musician, knew how to draw, and spoke several languages. In fact, some said Kiiro was the most beautiful, attractive, friendly, and excellent princess in the world. She had never disobeyed her nurse or godmother, and therefore never needed to be disciplined. She did not regret her father and mother, as she did not know them, and she did not desire any other home than the farm where she had been so happy."

    She intoned as the long overture finished "It is there that our story begins..."

    The lights came up on Lita, in the role of Kiiro, sitting on a bench before the door of a farmhouse set, reading a novel. After a few tense moments, a Treecko in a laced hat and coat approached her. "Pardon me, good lady, but may I speak to the princess Kiiro?"

    Lita looked up from the book. "I am her, and she is me."

    "Then, princess, be graciously pleased to receive this letter, which the king your father has charged me to deliver to you." the Treecko replied as he handed Lita a fancy prop envelope.

    Lita took the letter, carefully opened it, and read "Dearest Kiiro: Your sisters are now eighteen years old and it is time they were married. I have invited princes and princesses from all the kingdoms of the world to come join us for a festival, which I intend to give in order to choose husbands for Homura and Sora. You are now fifteen years old and can properly appear at this festival. You may come and spend three days with me. I will send for you in eight days. I cannot send you any money for your room as I have spent plenty for your sisters; besides, no one will look at you. Come, therefore, in any clothes you wish. Regards, The King Your Father."

    After folding up the prop paper, Lita hurried into the house, where Charlotte, as the nurse, was tidying the kitchen area of the set. "I've received a letter from the castle--the king wishes me present at a great festival." she explained as she set the letter on the table.

    "Do you wish to go to this festival?" Charlotte asked as she set down before Lita at the table.

    Lita nodded. "Yes, my good nurse, I am delighted and honored to be invited. I will enjoy myself and get to know my father, mother and my sisters, and then I will return to you."

    "But what will you wear?" Charlotte asked.

    "The beautiful robe of white satin that I always wear on holidays and festival days." Lita smiled.

    "That robe is suitable for the country, but would appear miserably plain at a party of kings and princes." Charlotte mused.

    "Why does it matter? My father himself has said that no one will look at me. This thought will make me much more at ease. I will see all and no one will see me." Lita assured Charlotte.

    The lights blinked over to Brenna as Charlotte pantomimed sewing and ironing a white gown. "The nurse sighed, but started to mend, whiten and smooth Kiiro's white robe. The day before the king was to send for her, the nurse called her and said..."

    "Here is your dress for the royal festival." Charlotte began as she delivered the gown to Lita. "Be very careful with it, as I will not be there to whiten and smooth it for you."

    "Thank you so much." Lita smiled as she watched Charlotte pack the satin robe and white skirt, a pair of cotton stockings, black shoes, and a little bouquet of flowers as a hair accessory.

    Moments before Charlotte closed the trunk, a light appeared in the window as the harpist started a familiar melody, revealing a Dedenne in a sparkly yellow fairy's costume. "Hikari!" Charlotte gasped.

    "You are going, then, to your father's court?" the Dedenne asked Lita.

    "Yes, Hikari, but only for three days." Lita replied.

    "But what dress have you prepared for those three days?" the Dedenne asked

    "Look here!" Lita proudly showed the Dedenne the white gown.

    The Dedenne "flew" down to the gown. and laid her paws on it. "I wish that my dear Kiiro will create a sensation with her dress. This is unworthy of her."

    With that, she sang Jao wiisha nes chiel com yutuul... making the gown and its accessories seemly transform into junk.

    Laughter went up at Lita's and Charlotte's shocked reactions. "In this manner do I wish my Kiiro to appear. You must dress yourself in all this, and to complete your ensemble, here is a necklace of nuts, a hairband of burrs, and bracelets of dried beans."

    More laughter went up as the Dedenne gave the confused Lita a hug, and disappeared in a flash of light and a harp flourish. "Alas! it was not worth my while to go to all the trouble of preparing this poor robe." Charlotte cried through feigned tears. "Oh, my poor Kiiro! Don't go to this festival. Say you're sick, or something!"

    Giggles went up at Charlotte's melodramatic pose. "No, that would displease my godmother Hikari." Lita replied. "I am sure that she knows what is best for me, as she is much wiser than I am. I will go and I will wear all that my godmother has brought me."

    The lights went down as Brenna continued "Kiiro had hardly arranged her hair and dressed herself the next morning when Hikari's coach came for her. She embraced her nurse, took her little trunk and departed..."

    To Be Continued...
    Everyone has a dream that fills their heart. A journey they must take. A destiny to fulfill. As close as your imagination exists a magical place, where wondrous creatures with incredible powers help make dreams come true. It's the world of Pokemon!!"

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    Act 22: A Show in Silver (part 2)

    As the orchestra concluded a traveling interlude, Brenna narrated from her nook "It only took them two hours to get there, since the royal city was only thirty miles away from the farm. When Kiiro arrived, she was surprised to see that she had to descend in a tiny dirty courtyard, where a page attended her."

    Nervous laughter filled the air as the lights came up on a dingy out of the way corner of a castle. More nervous laughter went up as Lita winced at the imagined dust on the ground. "Come, princess, I am instructed to show you to your chamber." a Riolu playing a page smiled as he arrived to meet Lita.

    "Can I not see the queen my mother?" Lita asked as she brushed the imagined dust from her costume.

    "In a few hours, princess--when they are assembled for dinner, you will see her." the Riolu assured Lita. "In the meantime you can get ready."

    The lights went down, save for a spotlight on Brenna. "Kiiro followed the page, who led her through a long corridor with a narrow staircase at the end of it. She climbed, slowly, and after what felt like an eternity, arrived at another corridor where she entered the chamber reserved for her--in one of the servants' rooms."

    Giggles went up as the lights came up on Lita and the Riolu arriving in a simply furnished servants' quarters. "A thousand pardons, princess, for having led you into this chamber, so unworthy of you." the Riolu begged as he set the prop truck in a corner. "The queen has reserved all the other apartments for her guests, the kings, queens, princes and princesses. There was no other room vacant and--!"

    "I do not blame you. Besides, this is comfortable enough." Lita assured the Riolu.

    "I will come for you, princess, to lead you to Their Majesties at the proper time." the Riolu replied as he started for stage left.

    "I will be ready." Lita called back.

    Once the Riolu had left, she retrieved the prop trunk and set it on the bed with a sigh.

    "Kiiro took out her robe of coarse cloth and the other pieces of her outfit." Brenna narrated from her nook, hiding Lita changing costumes. "But imagine her amazement when she saw that it was made of gold brocade, embroidered with rubies that glowed like little flames. Her shoes were now white satin, adorned with ruby buckles; her stockings were of silk and as fine as a Spinarak's web; her necklace was of rubies surrounded with large sapphires, emeralds, and diamonds; her bracelets of diamonds and pearls."

    'Wow's and applause filled the theater as the lights came up on Lita in the outfit Brenna described. "Kiiro ran to the mirror and saw that the Pidgey feather had become a magnificent locket, and the pendant was a ruby of such beauty and brilliancy that a fairy or deity alone could possess it." Brenna continued, trying oh-so-hard not to laugh at Lita's reaction of feigned shock.

    "Oh, wow! Wow, wow wow!" Lita cried as she danced around the set in the new costume. "Thank you, Lady of Light, for rewarding my faithfulness to you!"

    A knock from offstage startled Lita. "Come in?" she asked.

    The Riolu balked when he saw Lita's new costume. "Oh, Arceus in heaven; that looks beautiful! I know not where you acquired that outfit, but it is worthy for a princess like you."

    He composed himself, and offered a paw to Lita. "Come...Their Majesties await."

    The orchestra started a majestic interlude before the lights went down. When they came up again, Lita and the Riolu arrived on a set of an elegant ballroom, filled with extras playing kings, queens and nobles. A pair of Raichus and two more Pikachu in elegant royal garb watched them approach from stage left.

    The Riolu made a grand gesture to the Raichus. "Princess, behold the queen your mother and the king!"

    There was an awkward silence before the male Raichu spoke. "Madam, be graciously pleased to tell me your name. You are no doubt some great queen or still greater deity whose unexpected presence is an honor and a happiness for us."

    "Sire, I am neither a great queen nor a powerful deity, but your daughter Kiiro, for whom you were kind enough to send." Lita replied.

    "Kiiro! Kiiro clothed more magnificently than I have ever been! Who, then, miss, has given you all these beautiful things?" the female Raichu asked.

    "My godmother, madam." Lita replied. "Graciously permit me to kiss your hand and present me to my sisters."

    The female Raichu nodded, and gestured to the other Pikachus. "There are your sisters."

    Laughter filled the air as the red clad Pikachu and the blue clad Pikachu reared back from Lita's attempted embrace. "Don't come any closer, I just had my makeup done!" the red clad Pikachu protested.

    "What if you have some disease, or something?" the blue clad Pikachu protested. "Arceus forbid I spend the whole festival sick in bed because of you!"

    A crowd of extras approached Lita as she trudged away from the throne area. "Don't mind them, milady--they're far too concerned about their looks than the true treasure." a Grovyle extra assured her.

    The extras and Lita pantomimed talking, feigned amazement, and laughing as Brenna narrated "As Kiiro conversed with the guests and spoke several languages upon request, she charmed all those who approached her. Homura and Sora were beyond jealous. The king and queen were furious that Kiiro absorbed all the attention and no one paid any attention to the sisters."

    The orchestra started another song as the lights went down, revealing a majestic royal dining room set. The red clad Pikachu was pantomime playing a prop harp near stage left, pantomiming singing with the blue clad Pikachu along with the orchestra.

    It was only when the orchestra finished playing did the red and blue clad Pikachus actually sing. All at once, everything looks different, now that I see you...

    The gathered extras and Lita politely applauded the imagined song's end. "Thank you..." the blue clad Pikachu smiled as she took a bow.

    "Now that we've sang, it's our little sister's turn." the red clad Pikachu began as she got up from the prop harp.

    "What?" Lita gasped. "I-I'm sorry, but I don't really have anything prepared to perform...perhaps I can sing tomorrow night, when I have had time to rehearse?"

    "No!" the blue clad Pikachu snapped back.

    "You're just saying that because you probably sound awful!" the red clad Pikachu agreed as both of them approached Lita.

    "I'm speaking the truth--I don't have anything prepared!" Lita pleaded.

    "Kiiro, I command you to sing!" the female Raichu demanded. "NOW!!!"

    Lita sighed as she got up from the table, and walked out onto center stage. "Very well, Your Majesty. I will apologize in advance for any mistakes."

    With that, the orchestra's harpist started the introduction to a lighthearted love song. Oh, the summertime has come... Lita sang over the harp.
    And the leaves are sweetly blooming,
    And the wild mountain thyme
    Grows around the blooming heather....

    Will ye go, laddie, go?
    And we'll all go together,
    To pull wild mountain thyme
    All around the blooming heather....
    Will ye go, laddie, go?

    I will build my love a bower
    By yon crystal fountain...
    And on it I will pile
    All the flowers of the mountain...

    Will ye go, laddie, go?
    And we'll all go together,
    To pull wild mountain thyme
    All around the blooming heather....
    Will ye go, laddie, go?

    If my true love, he were gone...
    I would surely find another,
    Where wild mountain thyme
    Grows around the blooming heather...

    Will ye go, laddie, go?
    And we'll all go together,
    To pull wild mountain thyme
    All around the blooming heather....
    Will ye go, laddie, go?

    A tin whistle joined in with the harp and some of the strings as Lita swayed and danced to the song. Even Brenna couldn't help smiling. Maybe we are in fact ready for a musical...

    Oh, the summertime has come.... Lita sang again.
    And the leaves are sweetly blooming,
    And the wild mountain thyme
    Grows around the blooming heather....

    Will ye go, laddie, go?
    And we'll all go together,
    To pull wild mountain thyme
    All around the blooming heather....
    Will ye go, laddie, go?

    Will ye go, laddie, go?

    The extras and the audience roared with applause as the song ended and Lita took a bow. Just then, a Luxio in royal garb approached Lita. "Princess, I have never heard so beautiful a voice." he began. "May I have the honor of hearing you again?"

    Lita looked around. "Forgive me milord, but it has been a long day, and I am tired."

    The Luxio nodded. "All least allow me to escort you back to your room, and see that you are comfortable for the night..."

    "Please do." Lita replied as the lights went down...

    To Be Continued...
    Everyone has a dream that fills their heart. A journey they must take. A destiny to fulfill. As close as your imagination exists a magical place, where wondrous creatures with incredible powers help make dreams come true. It's the world of Pokemon!!"

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    Act 23: A Show in Silver (part 3)

    The orchestra started an ominous melody. "While Kiiro was only occupied with happy thoughts, the king, the queen, and the princesses Homura and Sora were choking with rage." Brenna explained from her nook. "They had all assembled in the queen's apartment."

    The lights came up on a beautiful set of a royal apartment. "This is too horrible...why did you send for this Kiiro, who has such dazzling jewels and makes herself admired and sought after by all these kings and princes?" the blue clad Pikachu complained as the Raichus and the Pikachus playing the royal family arrived. "Was it to humiliate us, my father, that you called us to the court at this time?"

    "I swear to you, my beautiful darlings, that it was by the order of the fairy Hikari I was compelled to write for her to come." the male Raichu replied. "Besides, I did not know that she was so beautiful and that--!"

    "So beautiful! Where do you find her so beautiful?" the red clad Pikachu snapped. "She is indeed ugly and coarse. It is her magnificent attire alone which makes her admired. Why have you not given to us your most superb jewels and your richest robes? We have the air of farm girls by the side of this proud princess."

    "Where could I possibly have found jewels as magnificent as hers?" the male Raichu protested. "I have none which would compare with them. It is her godmother, the fairy Hikari, who lent her these jewels."

    "Why, then, did you summon a fairy to be the godmother of Kiiro, when you gave to us only queens for our godmothers?" the blue clad Pikachu complained.

    "It was not your father who called her--the fairy Hikari herself, by her own choice, appeared to us and told us that she would be Kiiro's godmother." the female Raichu explained.

    "It is not worthwhile to spend time complaining and arguing--what's done is done." the male Raichu sighed. "It is better to find some means of getting rid of Kiiro and preventing Prince Mamoru from seeing her again."

    "Nothing more easy than that." the female Raichu sneered. "I will have her deprived tomorrow of her rare jewels and her beautiful robes. I will order my servants to grab her and carry her back to the farm which she shall never leave again."

    The Pikachus and the Raichus did not expect the Dedenne to appear in the scene with a flash! "If you dare touch Kiiro, if you do not keep her at the palace, if she is not present at all the parties, you will feel the terrible effects of my anger." she warned.

    She scolded "You unworthy king and you heartless queen, you will be changed into Froagies and you, odious daughters and sisters, will become Sevipers. Are you still worthy to harm Kiiro now?"

    With that, she vanished, leaving the Raichus and Pikachus gawking in awe and fear as the lights went down.


    The orchestra's song turned happier as the lights came up on the small room where Lita lay, "asleep". A soft knock startled her. "Who is it?" she asked as she climbed from the bed.

    "I come to bring you breakfast." an offstage voice replied.

    "Come in." Lita replied, prompting a Minccino to arrive with a plate of prop food.

    "Here you are--just leave the plate outside when you finish." the Minccino smiled as she set the plate of prop food on a small table. "Do you need assistance getting dressed?"

    "No thank you--I can dress myself." Lita replied.

    "Very well." the Minccino replied with a little bow before departing.

    Lita noticed a new note on the trunk, so she took it. "Here are your things, Kiiro. Dress yourself as you were yesterday, in the clothing you brought from the farm." she read as the lights went down.

    "When she saw her own reflection in the mirror she was amazed." Brenna narrated from her nook. "She was dressed in the richest riding suit of sky blue velvet and pearl buttons as large as walnuts, at least. Her stockings were bordered with a wreath of pearls; her headdress was a cap of sky blue velvet with a long plume of dazzling white, which floated down to her waist and was attached by a single pearl of unparalleled beauty and splendor. The boots were also of blue velvet embroidered in gold, diamonds, and pearls. Her bracelets and necklace also were of pearls, so large and so pure that a single one would have paid for the palace, and then some."

    Cheers came up with the lights revealed Lita in the costume Brenna described. "Come--their Majesties await." the Riolu page smiled as he met Lita in the room.

    "Kiiro, do not mount any other Ponyta than the one Prince Mamoru will present you." the Dedenne whispered from offstage.

    Lita just smiled as she followed the Riolu offstage. "Thanks, Hikari..."


    The lights came up on the ballroom again, spurring extras to balk and crowd around Lita. "The page conducted her, as the day before, into the royal salon, where her appearance produced a greater effect than before. Her fine, sweet countenance, her splendid figure, her magnificent dress, allured all eyes and captivated all hearts." Brenna narrated.

    "Prince Mamoru of Violight!" a herald announced as the Luxio met Lita at center stage.

    "Good morning, princess." the Luxio smiled with a bow. "Permission to be your companion during the midday hunt?"

    "It will be a great pleasure to me." Lita smiled. "Permission heartily granted."

    "It seems to me, that I am your brother, so great is the love I feel for you." the Luxio smiled. "Allow me to remain by your side and to defend you against all enemies."

    "It will be an honor and a pleasure for me to be protected by a king so worthy of the name he bears." Lita smiled as the orchestra started an interlude

    The lights came up on a stable set, where an Emolga page met Lita and the Luxio. A Ponyta puppet "danced" at stage right, despite being "restrained" by a few extras.

    The Luxio noticed Lita's unease. "Bring another Ponyta for the princess."

    The king and the queen gave orders that the princess should ride no other Ponyta than this one." the Emolga protested.

    "Dear princess, wait there." the Luxio assured Lita, "I will bring you a Ponyta worthy of you myself, but I beg you not to mount this dangerous Pokemon."

    "I will await your return." Lita smiled as the Luxio exited over an interlude.

    "Instead of traveling to the royal hunting grounds with everyone else, Prince Mamoru and Kiiro explored the beautiful shady walks of the forest, talking of their childhoods and many other things." Brenna narrated as the lights came up on the set of a sunny forest clearing. Lita and the Luxio sat together in a circle of rocks, with two elegantly decorated Ponyta puppets near stage right.

    "But if the king your father has not allowed you to reside in his palace, how is it that he has given you such beautiful jewels, worthy of a fairy or deity?" the Luxio asked.

    "It is to my good godmother Hikari that I owe them." Lita replied. My parents were always jealous of me, and so they sent me away to live on a farm. "I thank Hikari for teaching me everything a good lady must know, and all that I value."

    The Luxio nodded. "Well, my parents joined Arceus in heaven when I was seven years old. The fairy Hikari also taught me all I know. She sent me here to the festival, telling me that I would find my future queen there."

    He went on over a romantic theme "I believe, dear Kiiro, that you are the charming and beautiful lady Hikari foretold all those years ago. Will you ask, princess, to join your life with mine and authorize me to request your hand of your parents?"

    "Before answering, milord, I must obtain permission from Hikari." Lita replied. "But you may be sure that I will be very happy to spend my life with you."

    "Aw"s filled the theater as Lita and the Luxio embraced...

    To Be Continued...
    Everyone has a dream that fills their heart. A journey they must take. A destiny to fulfill. As close as your imagination exists a magical place, where wondrous creatures with incredible powers help make dreams come true. It's the world of Pokemon!!"

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    Act 24: A Show in Silver (part 4)

    "The day flew by for Kiiro and Mamoru, and they returned to the palace to get ready for dinner." Brenna narrated over an interlude. Kiiro entered her humble chamber and got ready for the evening, but when she saw herself in the mirror, she could not suppress a cry of admiration."

    "Oh!" Lita's voice came from the dark stage.

    "Her robe was of velvet, and was so fine and light, and brilliant it looked as if it had been woven from Beautifly wings." Brenna went on. "It was studded with diamonds that glittered like the stars. The hem of this robe, the corsage and the waist were trimmed with diamond fringe which sparkled like a thousand silver suns. Her hair was partly covered with a net of diamonds from which a tassel of immense diamonds fell to her shoulders. Every diamond was as large as an Aspear, and was worth a kingdom, at least. Her necklace and bracelets were so immense and so brilliant that you could not look at them for very long without being blinded."

    "Wow"s and cheers filled the theater as the lights came up on Lita in the costume Brenna described. "Thank you, Hikari." Lita whispered as she followed the Riolu offstage.

    The lights came up on the royal ballroom set again, where the Luxio waited for Lita. "Good evening, Kiiro." he smiled.

    He noticed the Raichus and the Pikachus looking jealously at Lita. "I can't imagine why your family would shun you like this." he sighed. "No matter--I will be here to protect you from whatever evil they may be plotting."

    "I don't understand this either..." Lita replied. "What have I done to offend them to the point of wanting to destroy me?"

    "You have done nothing to deserve death, Kiiro." the Luxio replied. "When will you permit me to ask your hand of your father? In my kingdom everyone will love you, and I will love you more than all the rest."

    "Tomorrow, dear prince, I will send you the reply of my godmother when I ask her tonight." Lita replied.

    The lights went down over a tense interlude. "At last, they were called to dinner. Mamoru placed himself at Kiiro's side and they conversed through every course." Brenna narrated.

    The lights came up on the royal dining room set, where the cast was finishing up a pretend dessert course. "Now, let the dancing commence!" the male Raichu smiled.

    The orchestra's harpist started an elegant melody as the red clad Pikachu and the blue clad Pikachu danced along. They bowed to the applauding cast members and the audience, then eyed Lita. "Now,'s your turn." the red clad Pikachu sneered.

    Lita nervously backed away. "What's the matter, do you have two left feet?" the blue Pikachu mockingly asked.

    "N-no...I have not practiced anything..." Lita stammered.

    "Kiiro! I order you to dance!" the female Raichu roared. "Don't give us any of this practice stuff!"

    The Luxio hurried to Lita's side. "I will be your partner, dear Kiiro. If you do not know a single step, let me do it for you alone."

    "Thank you, milord. I recognize and am grateful for your courtesy." Lita smiled with feigned nervousness.

    The audience watched as the Luxio and Lita proceeded to dance to, appropriately enough, "The Fairy's Waltz". When the harp's last note died, their applause drowned out the applause of the cast onstage! "I'm sick of people taking bows for my talent!" the red clad Pikachu grumbled.

    "What does she have that we don't?" the blue-clad Pikachu agreed.

    "Remember the threats and power of the fairy Hikari! Tomorrow shall be the last day." the female Raichu whispered, which seemed to calm the two Pikachus.

    The other cast members crowded around the Luxio and Lita, all begging to see them dance again. "All right everyone, calm down." the Luxio smiled. "We will gladly dance again for you."

    He then called to the orchestra's harpist "'The Riverside Waltz', please."

    The audience watched in amazement as Lita and the Luxio danced again, applauding along with the cast as the song ended. "The applause and enthusiasm for Kiiro and Prince Mamoru was so overpowering that they took shelter in the garden." Brenna narrated as the lights went down.

    The lights came up on a royal garden set, where Lita and the Luxio pantomimed a conversation as they walked. "They walked side by side for the rest of the evening, and talked happily about their plans for the future, if the fairy Hikari would permit them to unite their lives. Kiiro's diamonds sparkled with such brilliancy that the alleys where they walked and the little groves where they seated themselves, seemed illuminated by a thousand stars."

    She intoned "At last, it was time to part."

    "Tomorrow! Tomorrow I hope to say, yours eternally." Lita called to the Luxio as she exited and the lights went down.

    They came up on the small room, where Lita was in nightclothes, lying in a modest bed. "Hikari, tomorrow I must give a definite answer to Prince Mamoru." she mused. "What should I say, dear godmother? I will obey your command, no matter how painful it may be."

    The harpist started Hikari's motif as the Dedenne materialized before Lita. "Say yes, my dear Kiiro, to Prince Mamoru. I myself foretold this marriage. It was to allow you to get to know Prince Mamoru that I forced your father to invite you here."

    Lita smiled as the Dedenne disappeared in a flash of light and a giggle. "Thank you, Hikari...."

    To Be Continued...
    Everyone has a dream that fills their heart. A journey they must take. A destiny to fulfill. As close as your imagination exists a magical place, where wondrous creatures with incredible powers help make dreams come true. It's the world of Pokemon!!"

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    Act 25: A Show in Silver (part 5)

    The orchestra started an ominous theme as the lights came up on the set of the royal apartments. "How is she earning the attention we so rightfully deserve?" the blue-clad Pikachu complained.

    "I don't know--I wasn't the one that summoned the fairy here!" the male Raichu shot back.

    "Everyone, please!" the female Raichu interjected. "I have an idea...remember the big race tomorrow?"

    "Yeah...let's have Kiiro ride the wildest Ponyta we can find!" the red clad Pikachu suggested.

    The male Raichu nodded "Prince Mamoru will have no Ponyta to exchange this time..."

    "Boo"s filled the air as the lights came up on the simple room. A knock startled Lita awake. "Permission to serve lunch?" a female voice asked.

    "Lunch?" Lita gasped. "Oh Arceus, it is nearly noon! I'd better not keep Prince Mamoru waiting!"

    "After eating the simple meal, Kiiro quickly got dressed." Brenna narrated as the lights went down , hiding Lita changing into another costume. "She was dressed in pale yellow riding togs, embroidered in the front and at the hem with rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. Her hat was of white velvet, ornamented with plumes of a thousand colors, taken from the plumage of the rarest bird Pokemon and attached by a sapphire larger than an egg. On her neck was a chain of sapphires, at the end of which was a watch, the face of which was opal, the back a carved sapphire and the glass diamond. This watch was always going, never was more than a minute fast or slow, and never required winding."

    More cheers filled the air as the lights came up on the ballroom set, where Lita met the Luxio in the costume Brenna described. "Well, dear princess, what did Hikari say to you?" the Luxio asked.

    "That which my heart desired, milord." Lita replied. "I give my life to you as you have dedicated yours to me."

    "Thank you! Thank you, a thousand times over, Kiiro!" the Luxio smiled as he joyfully hugged Lita. "When may I ask your hand of the king your father?"

    "At the close of the races, milord." Lita replied

    "Permit me to add to my first petition that in addition being married to you this very day, I cannot bear to see you subjected to the tyranny of your family and I wish to take you to my kingdom as soon as possible." the Luxio requested.

    "Accept, Kiiro--Mamoru truly loves you, and wishes to see you safe." Lita heard the Dedenne say from offstage.

    The Dedenne than appeared before the Luxio. "Press the marriage, milord, and speak to the king without delay. Kiiro's life is in danger, and I'm not sure if I will be able to reach her if something evil befalls her."

    The Luxio froze as the Dedenne disappeared. "K-kiiro, did you hear that?"

    "Every word." Lita replied. "Hikari gave us a warning we must not ignore." She let that hang as the lights went down.

    The lights came up on the set of a fantasy racetrack. The Luxio noticed a "dancing" Ponyta puppet, and held Lita close. "You will not ride this Pokemon, princess. See how wild it is?"

    He made a grand gesture to an ornately decorated shining Ponyta puppet. "Here is your mount."

    "Allow Kiiro to mount this Ponyta; she is a present from me." the Dedenne told the Luxio from offstage. "Follow her wherever she takes Kiiro--she must be safe in your kingdom before the day is done."

    The orchestra started an exciting melody as the lights went down, and the puppeteers brought to life what Brenna described. "A few moments later, Ponytas ridden by veiled Pikachus advanced in front of Kiiro. One of them shoved Kiiro so hard, she would have been sent flying if it were a mortal Ponyta. The veiled Pikachu was thrown upon the rocks, where she remained immovable while Kiiro, who had recognized Homura, tried to stop her own Ponyta. The other rider shoved against Kiiro, was sent flying like the first and the veiled woman was also thrown upon the rock, which seemed meant to receive her all along."

    "Go, flee quickly!" the Dedenne warned from a spotlight, seemingly alongside the two Ponyta puppets. "The king is pursuing you with a great company to kill you both. The sun will set in a few hours. I barely have time to rescue you from this danger so give my Ponytas the reins; Mamoru, abandon Tsubasa."

    "Right!" The Luxio replied as he jumped onto the shining Ponyta puppet with Lita.

    The audience held their breaths as the orchestra played. But after five heart-pounding minutes, cheers went up as the lights revealed a beautiful fantasy kingdom set. "After six long and grueling hours, they arrived at the gates of Prince Mamoru's kingdom, Violight." Brenna narrated as a crowd of extras welcomed Lita and the Luxio. "The whole palace was lit up in millions of sparkling lights, and all the courtiers were waiting at the entrance in their most magnificent costumes to welcome the princess and the prince. Prince Mamoru and Kiiro were amazed, not knowing what to make of this unexpected reception."

    The Luxio gasped when he saw the Dedenne. "Hikari!"

    "Welcome home." the Dedenne smiled. "Prince Mamoru, come with me; all is prepared for the wedding. Show Kiiro to her room that she may change, while I explain to you why things have happened as they have."

    "Right away!" the Luxio smiled before escorting Lita offstage.

    The orchestra started a soft victory theme as the lights came up on the Luxio and the Dedenne in an elegant royal suite. "The hatred of the king and queen against Kiiro had become so intense that they had blindly resolved to defy my warning and get rid of Kiiro." the Dedenne explained. "Seeing that their cunning arrangements in the race had not succeeded after I substituted my Ponytas for those which would have killed Kiiro, they resorted to violence."

    "What?" the Luxio gasped.

    "The king employed a band of thieves, who swore to him in blind obedience; they pursued your steps with vengeance in their hearts and as the king knew your love for Kiiro and foresaw that you would defend her to the end, he resolved to sacrifice you too to his hatred." the Dedenne went on. "Homura and Sora, ignorant of this last project of the father, attempted to kill Kiiro, as you have seen, by ramming their mounts against Kiiro's mount. I have punished them as they deserved--they have had their faces so crushed and wounded by the stones that they have become frightful to look at. I have aroused them from unconsciousness, and cured their wounds but left the hideous scars behind. I have deprived them of all their rich clothing, dressed them like peasants, and married them off to two brutal good-for-nothings whom I told to beat and mistreat them until their wicked hearts are changed—something I believe will never take place."

    "A fitting punishment..." the Luxio muttered.

    "As for the king and queen, I have transformed them into Pokemon of burden, and given them to wicked and cruel masters who will make them suffer all their brutality to Kiiro many times over." the Dedenne explained. "I have but one piece of advice to give you, milord; you are not to utter a word of the punishment I have inflicted to Kiiro. She is so good and tender-hearted that her happiness would be affected by it, but I cannot and will not take pity upon wicked people whose hearts are so vicious and unrepentant."

    "Thank you, Hikari--I promise I will not utter a word of your judgement to Kiiro." the Luxio smiled. "She will not be troubled by her evil family any more."

    "Now then, let us meet your lovely bride." the Dedenne agreed.

    Wild cheers went up when they saw Lita in a magnificent costume. "Kiiro was dressed in dazzling golden velvet, embroidered with garlands of flowers and birds, in stones of many colors, of admirable beauty; the jewels which formed the birds were so disposed as to produce, at every motion of Kiiro, a singing more melodious than the sweetest music. A crown of flowers made of gems still more beautiful and rare than those on her robe sat on her head. Her neck and arms were covered with rubies more brilliant than the sun."

    She went on over the orchestra's victorious theme "Prince Mamoru presented his hand to Kiiro, and Hikari went on before them. They walked towards the shrine, which was brilliantly illuminated and here they received their wedding vows, with Arceus, and all of Violight as their witnesses."

    "Aw"s filled the air as Lita and the Luxio kissed on a magnificent shrine set, to cheers from the extras. "At the height of the wedding festivities, Prince Mamoru presented the new queen to his court." Brenna concluded as the curtains closed on the happy scene. "Everybody found her as charming and good as the prince, and they vowed to love her as they loved him. They all lived happily ever after in the greatest happiness and love."

    The theater exploded in applause as the lights came up for the curtain call...

    To Be Continued...
    Everyone has a dream that fills their heart. A journey they must take. A destiny to fulfill. As close as your imagination exists a magical place, where wondrous creatures with incredible powers help make dreams come true. It's the world of Pokemon!!"

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