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Thread: VIDEO: How to Farm Max Mushrooms

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    VIDEO: How to Farm Max Mushrooms

    Need some tips for your Isle of Armor adventure?
    If you are like me then you are surely trying to find a way to grind Max Mushrooms in the Isle of Armor. After all, having a team that can all Gigantamax but can’t because I caught them in my original Galar travels is costly. I mean, it would be cool to see all their Gigantamax forms in battle at one time or another.
    The problem is that I need to gather a lot of Max Mushrooms. Though, how can I do that quick? Good thing that AustinJohnPlays has a video going over how to farm Max Mushrooms. It will take some time but John will give you some tips in how to farm up some Max Mushrooms for your Pokemon. Plus some other information!
    So enjoy this video and watch some more videos made by AustinJohnPlays by clicking here.

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