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Thread: Starter Requests

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    Quote Originally Posted by ReneeScarted View Post
    I'd like to have an Eevee, please
    Who's that Pokemon?

    It's your very own Eevee!

    Here is your Eevee's UltraDex page, where you can view the Level Up moves that your Pokemon gets automatically, and what additional moves (TMs, HMs, Breeding Moves, etc.) you can purchase with in-game currency! We have no 4-move limit here in URPG, so these Level Ups can all be used in battles and contests!

    Along with your awesome Eevee, you get:
    • a coupon that lets you get a Pokemon for free from the Pokemart's selection, which can be found (and also redeemed!) here
    • a coupon for one EM (Extra Move), redeemable at the Pokemart! This is can be redeemed for any TM, or can be redeemed for any Breeding Move, Move Tutor, or Special Move on one of your Pokemon!
    • $10,000 in URPG currency. This can be spent in many places, and is our main currency.
    • 5,000 Contest Credits. Abbreviated as CC, this is our special currency earned in Contests, which can be spent here at the Berry Store!
    • 5 Rare Candies that can be used to give your Pokemon experience. To see how much your Pokemon need to evolve, check their UltraDex page! To learn how you can earn experience in other ways, see "How do I evolve my Pokemon?" on the Getting Started page. This page will also get you started here!

    Here are some more important links that you might find helpful:

    • Trainer Stats board, which you'll need to post in to begin your journey! Keep track of your currency, items, Pokemon, you name it! here!
    • The URPG InfoHub is the centralized database for everything URPG! Click the menu at the top left to navigate by section. General will contain most of what you need to know starting off!

    Thanks so much for joining, and feel free to contact me or any other staff member if you have any questions!

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    Hi, may I please get Oshawott as my starter?

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    Of course you may!


    This friendly little Oshawott has been eagerly awaiting an exciting foster home, and practicing hard for battles!

    As part of our new Trainer package, the following is yours as well:
    •5000 contest credits!
    •A voucher for any Pokémon from the Poké Mart, to get your partner a friend!
    •A voucher for any Extra Move from the Poké Mart, so your Oshawott can get a leg up on learning all those techniques!
    •5 Rare Candies!

    Here are some links, to help you get started: — The Trainers' Stats subforum — the URPG InfoHub, and your Oshawott's page in it

    Welcome to Trainerdom! May you have success and fun~


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