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Thread: URPG General Chat/Questions/Suggestions

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    URPG General Chat/Questions/Suggestions

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    Got a question? Have any ideas? Maybe a suggestion? Want to make a quick announcement? Come here, post what's on your mind, and we'll answer, discuss and chat about it. If it's a question, make sure it hasn't been mentioned in the Rules before posting.

    If you have a question you want to discuss with a URPG in private, feel free to PM or IM any of us. Here is a list of URPG Leaders (URPG Info Hub).

    Additionally, we have a general chat on Discord. You can post here if you want an invite.
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    In celebration of the opening of the new branch, as well as me managing to make a handy Excel spreadsheet for it, I'm going to hopefully host a Free For All (FFA) Saturday, possibly around 5 PM my time (GMT-5). For those of you who don't know what a Free For All is, it's a special type of battle between at least 6 people (usually a fair amount more, upwards of 30 on rare occasion) where each person sends one Pokémon. Placing and money is earned based on how long you last relative to the other participants, with the first three KO'd earning $1,000 and each one after incrementing by $500.

    I am planning on using a special rule that allows use of any move your Pokémon can legally learn, as dictated by the Ultra Dex. I may also allow temporarily evolving the Pokémon you send (to revert back when the FFA is done), depending if there are a good amount of people who still have nothing fully evolved. I will attempt to do this in a way that you can participate if you are on either AIM or Skype (being on both doesn't let you enter twice), however, I am NOT going to try and do it in a way that will work for those who don't have at least one of the two.

    If you have questions, feel free to ask me or anyone else who's been in URPG for a while. Join [URPG Chat] on AIM (ask a staff member to add you or post here/in the AIM/Skype list thread also in this subforum) and/or our Skype chat (ask anyone in it or post in either aforementioned thread).
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    I expect every member who sees this post to sign up for this tournament : Battle Factory 2014 !

    New Members can gain free entry for obtaining a total of 4 Pokemon (starter included).

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    Alongside the Battle Factory (which you should all totally enter) URPG now also has two ranked ladders, for general competitive and random battling.

    URPG Ranked Ladders

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    Ash is planning on hosting a FFA soon, so sign on Skype or AIM to join!

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    Hey, can I have an invite to the URPG blast chat please? My AIM is Daughter of Mew, just like my username (I'm too awkward to ask someone personally lol)

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    is skype ok ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daughter of Mew View Post
    Hey, can I have an invite to the URPG blast chat please? My AIM is Daughter of Mew, just like my username (I'm too awkward to ask someone personally lol)
    Added, yay

    Quote Originally Posted by Zekrom25 View Post
    is skype ok ?
    Yep, we can add you to the Skype chat. Post your username and we can add you.
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    I'm not sure what I'm looking for considering my Skype name (I'm a nub) but I think it's the same as my username here - Popshakes. My name on it is "Brittany (Popshakes)" if that also helps. :3

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