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Thread: Pokemon Claims

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    Pokemon Claims

    Whenever a Trainer finishes their RP and claims the Pokemon they want to keep, the Ranger must post here stating what Pokemon the Trainer claimed. Remember, Trainers can claim different numbers of Pokemon depending on the type of run. No one has to approve this thread; it's just to keep track of the Pokemon Trainers claim.

    Please use the following form when posting:

    Type of Run:
    Pokemon Claimed:
    Items Retained:
    Photograph Value:
    EXP Earned (If applicable):
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    Ranger: Me, myself, and I.
    Trainer: @Dragon Master Mike;
    Location: The Woods
    Pokemon Claimed: Hasty Male Pineco
    Items Retained: Park Ball x2, Energy Powder x1, Lava Cookie x1, Pokedoll x1
    Picture Value (If applicable): Nope.

    Also, this was for the mini event run, but there's not a claiming thread there, so this'll have to do. :)


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